Jeff Fisher won’t talk about Vince Young’s presence at Sunday’s game


The good news for Titans coach Jeff Fisher is that his team finally won another game, after losing six in a row.

The bad news?  The game featured a cameo appearance from a prodigal son.  (Fisher possibly would be inclined to add “of a bitch” to that one.)

Quarterback Vince Young, who has been on injured reserve since tearing a tendon in his thumb against the Redskins and burning his bridge with Fisher after the game, showed up for a portion of Sunday’s visit from the Texans.  Fisher didn’t want to discuss the situation on Monday.

“Look this deal is y’all’s deal, this is not our deal,” Fisher said, per Terry McCormick of  “We had an issue in the locker room after the Washington Redskin game. He had surgery; he went on IR.  I have not spoken with him, he is on IR and we’ll address it when the season is over, period.  Whatever is going on is not an issue, I’m focused on the football team, the guys who are playing and we’ll address the future of this franchise and the quarterback position when the season is over.”

Fisher declined to speculate regarding Young’s motivation for appearing on the sideline during the third quarter and a portion of the fourth.  “Talk to him; find out what he was doing,” Fisher said. “I saw injured reserve players that were at the game, I knew they were at the game because I saw them in the locker room before the game and I said hello to them.  I don’t know who all was there and who wasn’t there, but I did see a few of them.  Beyond that, I don’t know what his intentions were and why he came for just a quarter.  I can’t speak for that or him.”

The fact that Young was at the game but didn’t seek out Fisher suggests that the two men remain on course for a collision come January.  And we continue to believe that the guy who’ll be gone is the longest-tenured coach in the NFL.

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  1. Al Davis saya NFL coaches have about a ten year shelf life and he said it after fring John Madden. And Madden agrees with him. So it’s probably for the best if JF leaves Tenn after this season regardless of VY

  2. If Fisher’s gone, it will have more to do with the fact that he’ll have only had six winning seasons in seventeen years at the helm of that team. His willingness to continually undercut the quarterback who gives him the best chance to win any game will just be another straw on an already-broken back.

  3. Agreed. But what impact do you think this year will have on Fisher’s marketability? Other players have been accusing his team of dirty play. The Titans made a good start, then faded in the stretch. He and his QB are quarreling like Ralph and Alice. And Young’s “cameo” seemed like a slap in the face to the coach’s authority. Does he need to put some distance between himself and the Titans before he’s considered a frontrunner for another position?

  4. He was there because Bud Adams invited him.

    Why should VY bother to talk to a guy who not only will be fired, but deserves to be fired, after taking a blow torch and a gas can to back-to-back seasons with losing streaks of 6 games or longer?

  5. Once Fish leaves the Titans, the ‘distance’ between the two is infinite. He’ll quickly move on to probably better pay and perhaps a better situation. He can’t do any worse, owner-wise, than Bud Adams, who is in advanced-stage dementia I’ll warrant. For proof of that look no further than his unwavering support of no-brain not-a-leader-of-men Vince Young, who was a poor franchise-Quarterback choice from the start, given his Wonderlic score; especially when compared to Cutler, who is now seemingly the best pick of the 2006 draft ‘Big Three’ QB draft.

    And we could’ve had Cutler, if Bud Adams hadn’t wanted to screw Houston one more time.

  6. “Look this deal is y’all’s deal, this is not our deal,” Fisher said”

    y’all’s deal?

    Fisher is from CA, when did he start speaking like a low IQ redneck?

  7. satanphoenix says: Dec 20, 2010 11:11 PM

    Al Davis saya NFL coaches have about a ten year shelf life and he said it after fring John Madden. And Madden agrees with him. So it’s probably for the best if JF leaves Tenn after this season regardless of VY
    John Madden retired in 1977, due to health issues.

    He wasn’t fired.

  8. In all likelihood Young was there because someone is trying to get through to his thick skull about how act like an adult. And it took awhile to get him to show up there.

    But the coach is taking the correct approach. Nothing at all wrong with any of his statements. No need to give the media any more fodder for this story.

    And the truth is, Vince Young isn’t all that.

  9. I don’t think Fisher is going to have to worry about “the future of this franchise” for very much longer.

  10. to borisbulldog:

    Using a colloquialism does not make you a dumb redneck. However your post may perhaps give insight to your IQ and certainly your lack of class.

  11. If only Cutler had gone to Texas, or lived in Houston.
    Bud Adams is everything the Oilers fans warned Tennessee he would be.
    VY, while great in college, is just not willing to do the work required to be a NFL QB.
    Maybe he should go to jail, it sure helped adjust MV’s attitude. He is playing like an angry pit bull living on borrowed time, with a deep desire….and it shows on the field. He probably deserves the (gulp) MVP award. Woof! Woof!

  12. Regardless of whether or not he leaves The Titans this offseason or next, Fisher will jave the last laugh as he’ll be HC of the team of his choosing ang TN will still be stuck with the Bud/VY love affair scenario which I can only imagine precludes a good majority of outside HC candidates who just wont want to step into this mess. The more Bud sticks it to Houston the more he sticks it to Nashville..

  13. Just worry about beating the Chiefs on Sunday and knocking them out of 1st place so you can end the season on a high note of an otherwise train wreck of a year.

  14. What does it matter if there are all these supposed teams lining up to hire Jeff Fisher?

    Jeff Fisher is a younger version of Chan Gailey, but with an ego.

    Put a talent like Young in the hands of someone that supports him and teaches him properly and watch what happens. Look what good coaching has done for cast off talents Mike Vick (Reid) and Jay Cutler (Martz).

    There are more former head coaches that are either coordinators or out of coaching that are better head coaches than Fisher than there are available QBs better than Young in the NFL right now.

    Think about that. The NFL is is *now* league. You put Young, Britt, Johnson on the field and that is easily a top 10 NFL offense.

  15. @borisbulldog …

    Nothing better demonstrates ignorance than bigotry, whether it’s against a race, religion, or region. You’ve demonstrated both your bigotry and your ignorance, you small-minded little man. And the Crimson Tide are doing just fine. Why wouldn’t they be, with 13 trophies in their trophy case?

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