NBC is stuck with PFT for several more years

As Bob Costas mentioned during last night’s postgame show, NBC and PFT have struck a new long-term deal that extends and expands the relationship that launched on July 1, 2009.

The deal includes a continuation of PFT’s presence on NBCSports.com and on the new but extremely popular NBC Sports Talk iPad app, the ongoing involvement of my radio face and evening-wear toupee on Football Night in America, and a new weekday show that will stream on NBCSports.com as of January 4.

Mike McCarthy of USA Today already has written up the details of ProFootballTalk Live, and he did such a good job with it that we’ll defer to his explanation.  It will essentially be a football show about nothing, except football.

The half-hour endeavor will begin Monday through Friday at 12:00 p.m. ET, and it will be available for viewing at any other time of the day thereafter.

We’ll have a daily guest and we’ll take calls from time to time.  There may even be a periodic Rosenthal sighting.

And here’s the part where I quote myself from the press release.

“NBC Sports has welcomed PFT into the family, even though we may at times behave like the uncle who poured himself too much eggnog,” Florio said.  “We have received continuous support and promotion; more importantly, we have developed many strong relationships, at virtually every level of the organization. 30 Rock is a special place, and Dick Ebersol and Sam Flood have assembled a team of special people.  Rick Cordella and Kevin Monaghan, once again, were instrumental in working out the details that extends this great partnership between NBC and PFT, and we hope it will last for many years to come . . . with or without the eggnog.”

We hope you’ll join us as of January 4, and we thank you for helping PFT become what it now is.  PFT will continue to be what it always has been, and we hope it will continue to get even better.

23 responses to “NBC is stuck with PFT for several more years

  1. Wow! When did you develop such a silver tongue and a propensity to place your nose where NBC passes wind?! I know you both hate ESPN, giving yo a common enemy. Still, they must have put a lot of money on the table for you to say such nice things about them. I don’t think you’ve ever said anything so nice about Rosenthal…

  2. Now that you are a bigshot under contract with NBC again will you kindly ask them to bring back Parenthood for another season please??

  3. Hopefully now that you have a long term gig (gag) with NBC you and the rest of the PFT staff will take the time to not only learn about NFL football, but you will kill the constant conspiracy theories posted here!

    Maybe you can get them to actually bring back Costas to the pregame show, then hire knowledgeable people (in other words, dump Dan Patrick and Harrison) for their pregame show as well, might actually make it watchable!

  4. If Costas is making mention of this it must have been a slow news day.

    All kidding aside, this is good news. Glad to see hard work still pays off in this country.

  5. So we always see the terms of NFL player contracts and get to dissect those for our entertainment, how about the terms of PFT’s deal with NBC? Of course, I’m sure transparency only applies to the League for you all, not to yourselves.

  6. Congrats! Besides a few choice adult sites, yours is the only one I visit everyday. Thanks for being my rock 😉

  7. Out of that half hour are you going to be required by NBC to provide the obligatory 10 minutes of yukking it up or do you actually get the whole time to talk about football ?

  8. Congratulations, Mike. You have taken a nice little thing, and not ony brought it to the “big time”, you’ve made it BETTER in doing so and established yourself in a nice place in the pro football world in the process.

    Not bad for a hack hillbilly lawyer, huh? You must scratch your head sometimes and wonder how it all went so right. Keep up the good work!

  9. I just dont like all the PFT video – Theres enough of that type of content out there –

    I just want a football site i can READ (at work)

  10. Congratulations on taking a dream and running with it to this level of success. It’s a blessing made possible by a lot of loyal readers. From what I’ve read some of them have been with you for years. Hope you appreciate how fortunate you are to have this zany bunch of followers and never take them for granted. Think they liked you because you were one of the guys. So always remember the wise words of Han Solo: Don’t get c*cky.

  11. Whatever you do, please NEVER, EVER, EVER allow Keith Olberman to have a role in any of us. Not enough bad things can happen to that pompous piece of crap or to MSNBC. It amazes me to this day that NBC hasn’t rolled MSNBC into CNBC and used MSNBC as an all sports network.

  12. Until we get our hands on the contract and look over the details, we will defer judgement on whether we feel this is the best contract you could have gotten from NBC.

    Things such as LTBE and ULTBE have to be figured in first.

  13. Gag me, the media on media lovefest when you scratch each other’s back makes me ill. Then in a few years (or soo ner) when one or the other goes the other way and we hear about all the back stabbing or hate for each other, then we’ll refer back to when it was all so good between you and them. Sorry, media on media is just lame because inevitably whiners like Dan Patrick about ESPN which is his claim to fame oh-by-the-way, goes the way of all other BS.

  14. From the USA today article:
    “Since then, traffic at the football web site is up 450% while traffic at NBCSports.com is up 115%.”

    And I’m pretty sure I’ve contributed a large part to the 450% increase!

    Great site, keep up the good work.

  15. mark0226 says:
    Dec 20, 2010 2:13 PM
    Who cares about the max-iPad? Write an app

    I said the same thing Mark, but my post was deleted. What the hell was so offensive about that? The only thing offensive is the iPhone on the AT&T network. Android users are growing faster, lovemy Droid X!

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