Report: Chargers want to franchise Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson dominated last Thursday night’s game against the 49ers, catching five passes for 112 yards and three touchdowns. It comes at an unsurprising time, then, that the Chargers have grown increasingly interested in retaining their contract-year receiver into the 2011 season.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Bolts are considering placing the franchise tag on Jackson this offseason. Acee reports that there is “almost no chance” of Jackson receiving the long-term contract he desires, at least from San Diego. The team is reportedly still wary of Jackson’s history of DUIs, and the hefty financial risk that would accompany a commitment to a player at risk of lengthy suspension should he again violate the league’s conduct policy.

Acee’s report contains plenty of caution, though. There’s no guarantee that a franchise tag will be available without a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, and no one knows what a franchise tag would look like if there is one.

Another risk of franchise tagging Jackson would be the possibility that he refuses to accept the one-year tender. Jackson and his representatives showed in 2010 that they are not afraid to prolong a holdout deep into a season.

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  1. 10 million reasons to sign him. if there is a cba…chargers need to sign him and make him happy..Just think about what kind of year rivers would have had if he had vincent…he would have shattered marino’s record.

    Who’s to say we will have football next year.

  2. Wow. That is a move of unadulterated spite. A.J Smith is saying, “Alright wise ass. You want to help tank our season, and then come in and put up huge numbers for a few games to get what you want? Too bad I have the control.”

    That sucks for Jackson, but it will ultimately make The Lord of No Rings run into another Eli Manning…

  3. VJ is one of the very best receivers in the league and should be signed to a long-term contract. Over the past two years, I believe he led the league in YPA for receivers averaging more than 40 catches, widely considered the most important stat for wide-outs.

    I’m sure he’s learned from the off-field incidents and will never get another DUI ever, but if the Chargers are concerned about it why not include penalty clauses in his contract if he breaks the rules? If he gets suspended they won’t have to pay him right? Is the risk that much different than someone going on injured reserve? Notice how VJ never has hamstring injuries unlike every other receiver on the team.

    Lastly, what is wrong with this site that it continuously posts pictures from 2006 or earlier? Don’t you have a more recent pic of VJ? He is much more handsome than that. 🙂

  4. boltschick says: Dec 20, 2010 9:04 PM

    I’m sure he’s learned from the off-field incidents and will never get another DUI ever
    I’m just curious, what on earth could make you “sure he’s learned from the off-field incidents and will never get another DUI ever”?

  5. ttommytom says:
    Dec 20, 2010 8:43 PM
    Chargers are CHEAP.
    Yea, DBAG, and if it was YOUR money that was paying $10 mil/yr with 2 dui’s, off field issues, and a QB who was leading the league in passing before you came back, yea, I’m sure you’d do it. Put up or shut up. Like the other dbag touchdownroddywhite, uh, how many GM’s out there today DO HAVE RINGS?????C’mon big mouth, let’s hear it. Right, sit and blog dbags, all you wannabees who think you have all the answers. Stupid, just plain stupid.

  6. Wow. Thats a complete dick move by AJ. Vincent has shown time and time again that he’s worthy of a contract. Don’t be an ass to try and prove a point. All thats gonna do is get you fired if you don’t win the Super Bowl yet again.

  7. Yeah, I see another Randy Moss or T.O. in the making. How can no one else see this coming?

    – Gets in trouble with the law
    – Makes himself the center of attention
    – Plays when he wants to (like Sunday) and doesn’t when he doesn’t (that alleged “injury” after the FIRST SERIES of the first game he was back.

    The Chargers don’t NEED Jackson. With a healthy Gates and Floyd, I am sure they can find a more than suitable replacement. All he’ll end up being is another cancer in that organization that really doesn’t need anymore bad karma.

  8. Chargers are cheap and petty. Let the man go. He only has like 3 or 4 good years left in the NFL. Let him get his retirement money.

  9. As the great Dante once said, “Once a turd, always a turd.” I’m willing to bet as soon as Jackson gets his contract, he’ll go out and do something stupid. Just give him a contract that allows you to cut him with no strings attached the minute he does something stupid.

  10. dannymac17 says:Dec 20, 2010 9:54 PM You guys do realize that the only reason why this guy is relevant, is cause of Philip Rivers.
    He makes everyone look like a probowler.
    Ding, ding, ding! Most accurate comment on here.

    If VJ spent his first five years in a place like Buffalo, Oakland, Cleveland, Kansas City, Miami, St. Louis, etc… The world would never know his name.

    Phillip Rivers has spent 4 years making no-namers look like probowlers.

    I’m a huge Charger fan, and I hate our ownership, so I’m not just being a homer when I say that VJ is a piece of garbage, and the only thing better than throwing out this piece of garbage, would be to franchise him and hope that he sits another year while his bills pile up around him.

    It’s not OK to drink and drive, and its not OK to get arrested on the morning of a playoff game. You want big bucks? Act like a big boy. Gates got his because he’s not a punk.

  11. The Franchise tag for a WR is going to be $10+Mil. But their reasons for not wanting to sign him the garaunteed money??? I guess with the franchise tag they can get another team’s draft picks.

  12. The DUI excuse is laughable. Players with shady off field histories get contracts all the time in this league.

    Watch how much Mike Vick’s past history with off-field problems affects his ability to get a contract.

    AJ Smith is a mean spirited, vindictive person. He fired a coach after a 14-2 regular season. There are dozens of stories out there about how he is one of the least popular executives in the league.

    He doesn’t like Vincent Jackson and he will use every tool in his power to make VJ as miserable as possible because, well, he’s a tool.

  13. The franchise tag is a good thing and hopefully will be retained, lest the league desires its own LeBron/Cleveland fiasco down the road.
    The franchise tag however should pay a person like he is a franchise player – say the average of the top 5 salaries regardless of position.

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