Steelers-Panthers Monday injury report

The Steelers and Panthers will do battle Thursday night in a game that has plenty of implications for both clubs.  Pittsburgh has clinched a playoff spot, but can lock up the AFC North as well as the conference’s No. 2 seed with a win over Carolina followed by a Week Sixteen Browns win over Baltimore.

The Panthers hurt their chances of securing the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft with a Week Fifteen win over the Cardinals.  John Fox’s team can improve its chances in the Andrew Luck derby with a loss to Pittsburgh.

Both teams issued an injury report on Monday.  Notably for the Steelers, safety Troy Polamalu returned to practice on a limited basis. Polamalu did not play in Sunday’s loss to the Jets, but appears to be targeting Thursday night to make his return.

Tight end Heath Miller has missed the last two games with a concussion. He is not on the Week Sixteen injury report and should be available against the Panthers.  Defensive end Aaron Smith, still recovering from triceps surgery, was the only Steeler to miss practice.

For the Panthers, key defensive end Tyler Brayton missed practice with a hip injury. Nickel back/punt returner Captain Munnerlyn sat out Monday for “personal” reasons.  Starting fullback Tony Fiammetta (ankle) also did not participate.

Starting guard Mackenzy Bernadeau (knee) was limited. So too were starting right tackle Garry Williams (knee) and cornerback Chris Gamble (ankle).

14 responses to “Steelers-Panthers Monday injury report

  1. And in the end………The Stillers will play one more game than a 2-12 team,one and done Stillers.and who the hell was the genius who put this game on NFL network?…Seriously, they lose to the Jests who haven’t scored a TD in like 12 quarters, at home….The area code 412 emergency receptioniasts, will be silent this week, and overloaded after the first round………….guaranteed

  2. Thank God! As important as Troy is to the lineup, I think Heath’s absence played a greater role in our loss to the Jets because of Spaeth’s inability to handle the passes at the end of the game. Just glad to hear Troy is practicing again. Would like to seem him back in the lineup for the Browns game. It’s more important that we win out and get that first-round bye so everyone can rest than it is for Troy to get an extended break. Want to see him on the field as soon as he can go.

  3. bodybaggame said: “And in the end………The Stillers will play one more game than a 2-12 team,one and done Stillers”

    People say this every year they make it to the playoffs. In fact, it was said quite a bit the year they won their sixth Super Bowl.

    But I’m not making any predictions, mine would be as meaningless as yours. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  4. Troy, as much as I love you man, PLEASE just take another week and heal up. If we can’t beat as inept an offense as Carolina’s without you, then we aren’t going anywhere as is.

    Better to be 100% going into the postseason then possibly be gone for the year in a game we should win 100% of the time.

  5. Why risk reinjuring Troy against Carolina? The defense will shut down the run game and there is little threat from a passing game missing Steve Smith.

    The biggest threat to a victory is looking past any team. Ask Tom Brady how good are the Browns.

  6. I keep telling you all that the Steelers cry cry cry about the people that can’t play because they are hurt then they play.. DRAMA QUEENS

    You got our attention lol

  7. Since the Steelers have clinched a playoff spot, they might want to sit Troy Polamalu for the game or perhaps both remaining games.


  8. Hey connie73 – as usual, just STFU and crawl back into your haters hole.

    Now, on topic. Polamalu needs to rest. Agree that if we can’t beat the Panthers without him in the game, we’re in for a quick post season demise. Heath is critical as well. No need to rush back if we need both of you in week 17 against a much tougher opponent …

  9. I jus wish ziggy hood wud have more of an impact so we wudnt be banking on aaron smith coming back but GO STEELERS!!

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