Tom Coughlin sticks with Matt Dodge

Giants coach Tom Coughlin says Matt Dodge is still his punter, a day after Dodge’s failure to follow Coughlin’s instruction to kick the ball out of bounds led to DeSean Jackson’s game-winning touchdown on the final play of the Eagles’ victory.

“I told him to get his dauber up. We’ve got to move on,” Coughlin said. “That’s over, you can’t do anything about it. You’ve got to figure out how to do the things I ask you to do. He’s no more to blame than me or anybody else.”

It’s interesting that Coughlin says Dodge is “no more to blame than me” while also subtly reminding everyone that kicking the ball to Jackson was an example of Dodge showing that he needs “to figure out how to do the things I ask.” Coughlin wants us all to know that kicking to Jackson was Dodge’s doing, not Coughlin’s.

As for Dodge, he just seems to be relieved to have a job.

“I came in and my locker was still here,” Dodge said. “So that was good.”

22 responses to “Tom Coughlin sticks with Matt Dodge

  1. Doge is being made the goat in this situation. If the Giants were a good team, the Eagles wouldn’t have made up those 21 points to tie the game to begin with. It’s like blaming your field goal holder for losing the game. Nobody does that.

    Oh, wait…

  2. I dont understand, dont they just usually remove the contents of the locker and the name plate? Why would he think they would remove the whole locker?

  3. TC us normally a good coach why he does not get rid of Dodge is beyond me

    As a life long fan if you want dodge then maybe next year we can love with out both of you

    Dodge cost us the game just like the not having the hands team on when needed

    This loss can be blamed on the D and the Coaches
    Your O scored 31 points that should be enough to win any game

  4. Sure, that punter made a serious mistake when he mis-directed his punt.
    But, then TEN OTHER GUYS made equal mistakes by not tackling DeSean Jackson.
    “You’ve got to figure out how to do the things I ask you to do. ” …like tackling the god-damned kick returner.

  5. @bigbluefan1…..damnit reread your posts before you submit them! You sound like an idiot….wait a minute…what am I saying.

    You are an idiot.

  6. TC is a good coach and he is dealing with a young player who has a future. You do not get rid of a player who has made a mistake. You coach them up they will respect you for it and make them better.

    Remember, Jackson ran through the whole team! It would be unfair to make Dodge the fall guy! Yes, it would have been better not to kick to him. However this is a team game and you play for and with each other.

    Win as a team, Lose as a Team

    I have a lot of respect for TC

    No I am not a Giants fan, but I can recognize men who do the right thing!

  7. I don’t care if you used a draft pick on a punter or not(never a good idea, look at the history…and the ‘Skins did it!). CUT the guy. You don’t do what I ask and it costs us the game…and you are a punter that isn’t really that good….GONE. Set a freaking example.

  8. Yeah, it’s the Punters fault. Hang him. He lost the game for the Giants. That Giants D played lights out in the 4th quarter, they were tremendous. And that punt coverage team was air tight. Oh, wait…

    bigbluefan1, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

  9. I think if TC fired him it would look like an act of desperation. The thing they need to do now is keep their heads and move on without going into (or seeming to go into) panic mode.
    If he fired him then he wouldnt be able to say “That happened yesterday…this is today”.
    I’m an Eagles fan and I’ve talked to a lot of other fans today and we all agree on one thing…we really don’t want to meet the Giants again in the playoffs. If we do, we will beat you…but I’d rather not.
    Its like Buddy Ryan use to say “The Giants know we are going to beat them…they just don’t know how”

  10. Nudge It’s interesting Nudge Nudge. More monkeys flinging poo. Follow the party line. Hint i-ties are Roosevelt democrats. The storyline should be the collapse of the Giants defense. But instead we having poo slinging with a direct link from the Nothing for Broadcast Network.

  11. coughlin the oldester has lost it. he put cruz on ir for no reason. he refuses to dress #2 pick joseph. the o-line had its best performances the last few weeks with ohara hurt and diehl at guard. yesterday oout at least half the year he uses ohara as center moves seubert to guard gets rid of the better tackle beatty and uses diehl as tackle. note- diehl alone drew that flag on giants last possession that preceded the punt after the foul made getting the first down near impossible.

  12. The punter was aiming for the sidelines…he just hurried (trying to not get it blocked in FG range) after a high snap & shanked the kick. If you want him cut, then the same logic applies to Eli. I am sure the coach has told him to not throw a pick at least once. The punter didn’t lose that game and neither did the ST. The defense folded in the 4th quarter. You have to almost try to give up that many points in 8 minutes. The offense could have prevented the fiasco with a first down or two. Blaming the kicker is a knee-jerk reaction by those too stupid to think for themselves. It was a team loss

  13. If Parcells was still on our sideline, it would’ve been a win. Now there was a man who knew how to work the clock…..TC knows his stuff but Tuna was, is and always will be the man!!

    I’d say to Coughlin; ‘Mr. Coughlin you’re good, but you’re no Bill Parcells’!

  14. Yes, it is a knee jerk reaction to want to get rid of Dodge. I am a die hard NYG fan who has watched every one of their games this year. The fact is that Dodge has been awful all year. He has a hard time catching the ball, has had punts blocked because he can’t catch. He is feast or famine. He will kick a great one inside the 20, then kick 3 straight line drives directly to the returner. Or he will outkick coverage but not out of bounds, giving up big returns.

    There is more to being a good punter than having a strong leg. Dodge is 9th in Avg, but 30th in Net Avg, 30th in Fair Catches and 29th inside the 20. That does not even add up to a marginal punter. I am fairly certain that all of the punters behind him in those categories have already lost their jobs.

    I hate to say it, but it crossed my mind that Dodge would kick it straight to Jackson right before it happened. I was sitting there chanting “kick it out of bounds”. But nooooo! I would take 48 year old Sean Landeta over Dodge any day…I never thought I would miss a punter this bad.

  15. Sure punting to Jackson was not a good idea. However, Tom, blame your D and your offense for not putting the Eagles away. It should have never come down to special teams.

  16. Matt Dodge was never the problem – the reality is Coughlin is presiding over yet another Giants collapse. He got his miracle in 2007; he won’t get another.

    And BTW – who out there at the time Dodge punted REALLY thought the Eagles would score a walk-off punt-return touchdown?

  17. You know what pisses me off? I’ll tell you, not knowing what the frick “dauber” means! Dammit, I hate you Coughlin.

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