Vikings believe all ticket holders will get in to Monday’s game, if they can get to it

In what could perhaps be described as a Festivus miracle, there’s a chance that all ticket holders to Monday night’s Bears-Vikings game scheduled for the Metrodome will be able to attend the game at TCF Bank Stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

V.P. of sales and marketing Steve LaCroix said that, between the number of tickets returned and the standing-room tickets added, the 13,000-person gap in capacity is closing.

“We don’t have the exact number,” LaCroix said, per Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (via SportsBusiness Daily).  “But we’re very confident that if you come down to the game Monday night that you’re going to get in.  We think we’re going to have a smooth process to get you in.”

Another potential concern arises from the general-admission approach to seating.  “I used the term yesterday Minnesota Nice,” LaCroix said.  “Lets put that in play here.  Not everyone wants to go to the same spot.  Some people prefer end zone down low, some people prefer 50, some may want to go up to the second deck and have a seat there from a viewing angle.  We hope that some of the personal preferences kind of filter some of that out and just that common sense prevails.”

One area in which common sense may not prevail is traffic.  “I expect it to be very bad over there,” Minneapolis city traffic engineer Don Sobania told Randy Furst of the Star-Tribune regarding the streets in the vicinity of the venue.  “If you don’t have any business in the area, stay away. . . .  If I was going to [the Monday night game], I would get a very early start and have a full tank of gas.”

Good or bad, it’s going to be memorable.  And if it’s memorable in a good way, who knows?  Maybe the next NFL stadium in Minnesota will avoid the risk of a roof collapse by ditching the roof altogether.

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  1. Saw it snowing pretty good already in Minnesota via NFL Live. That should hinder traffic even more. This game is going to be known as the “TCF game” for a long time to come. I expect the Benny Hill themesong to be playing at some point during tonight’s game.

  2. Memorable because of the weather is a stretch, particularly before any play.

    The Eagles 7 minute dismantling of the Giants qualifies as memorable. What’s been even more memorable is the sour puss on every NYG fan today.

  3. Let it snow…Let it snow…Let it snow!!!!
    Vikes are leaving town anyway.
    1/ No Coach
    2/ No Brett
    3/ No Stadium

    Hey Ziggy: You might as well let the cat out of the bag!!!

  4. i wouldn’t walk across the street to see this game unless i was holding season tickets i had to burn.
    the games on the tube, if i have a job, i don’t feel like getting home at 3am battling traffic getting out, the weather is going to suck, and speaking of suck… it’s the Vikings.
    Next question?

  5. Just try to avoid crossing any bridges on your drive to the game. With the way things fall apart in the state of Minnesota (including the football team), I wouldn’t take any chances.

  6. Traffic is gridlocked all around the stadium from the timely snow and people aren’t going to all get their before the game starts – that much is apparent.

    What will be interesting is how they plan to handle their statement that the college students will get in free if there are any remaining seats sometime after the game starts. They better be REAL careful on how they handle that, because there are going to be LOTS of people getting to the game late from this traffic (not to mention parking), and those that have tickets had better get a seat.

    In any case, it’s going to be a memorable one, and regardless of how this season turned out for the Vikes, this game should be fun!

  7. I have not gotten this excited about a Vikings game in some time. The reason why I first fell in love with the Vikes was their rugged personna. I am also very interested to see Webb in action. I hope that Favre is relegated to a back up tonight. As a matter of fact, Favre is the perfect back up qb. He should consider playing as back up next year.

  8. And if there’s NOT a next NFL stadium in Minnesota?

    The one in LA will hardly ever have snow collapse its roof.

    (please note, no apostrophe in the possesive form of it, my small contribution to making this a slighly less idiotic country)

  9. “Not everyone wants to go to the same spot. Some people prefer end zone down low, some people prefer 50, some may want to go up to the second deck and have a seat there from a viewing angle” one prefers to sit in the nosebleed seats way up in the endzone.

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