Bengals place Owens on injured reserve; Lewis doesn’t address PFT report

One day after receiver Terrell Owens underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee, the Bengals officially ended Owens’ season by placing him on injured reserve.

The injury allowed Owens’ time in Cincinnati to end without much drama.  Florio reported on Sunday that the team considered deactivating T.O. for the final three games of the season, likely based on his attitude and performance in practice and games.

Coach Marvin Lewis was asked about the report Tuesday.

“I don’t need to address it,” Lewis said.   “Have I ever addressed anything in here from ProFootballTalk? I don’t even know where it is.”

(Take a right at, and it’s the last place on your left.)

You’ll notice that Lewis didn’t deny the report, which he surely would have if the story was without merit.  Peter King reported Sunday night that Owens would definitely not be back in Cincinnati next year.

Lewis almost certainly won’t be with the team either in 2011.  Perhaps he can use some of his free time to consult with Carson Palmer about Palmer’s favorite spot to stay on top of all the stories from around the NFL.

24 responses to “Bengals place Owens on injured reserve; Lewis doesn’t address PFT report

  1. Greg, you sound a little bitter he took a shot at pft…. News flash. If Marvin wanted to come back Mike would welcome him with open arms. Is there a such thing as “almost certain”.

  2. Basically, this is the Bengals surrendering the year…… again.

    The whole Batman and Robin think proved to be more of a Joker or Riddler, leaving Catwoman Lewis prowling the sidelines looking for answers… AGAIN. The Penguin could be heard leaving the stadium…. wha wha wha wha … what happened to the Dynamic Duo???

    Back to the Batcave Bengals fans. Alfred is mixing up the hot cocoa for another long off season.

  3. Noodle Arm is a BIG BABY. . . .

    Soon he will be able to cry all alone. . . .

    The BUNGLES are a mess and T.O. was their lone bright spot. . . .

  4. Geez, too bad Lewis doesn’t know where PFT is …… if he did, he might realize his job is in jeopardy. Poor bastard likely doesn’t have a clue what’s coming (unless of course Palmer chooses to clue him in!)

  5. Well there goes another team “Little T” can cross off his 2011 list!
    Maybe he can pull a Randy Moss and be ineffective on 3 teams in 1 season!

    I almost want a lockout next season just so it will be another year that “Lil T” goes without a championship…and father time keeps marching on!!

    Best of Luck “Little T”, the league won’t miss you one iota!

  6. The Shawshank Redemption – Cincinatti Bengal style

    Andy Dufresne [Marvin Lewis]: I’m done. Everything stops. Get someone else to [coach] your [crappy draft picks and thug free agents].

    Warden [Mike Brown]: [icy] Nothing stops. Nothing… or you will do the hardest time there is. No more protection from the [drunken bloggers]. I’ll pull you out of that one-bunk Hilton and cast you down to [ProFootballTalk] with the [PFT] Sodomites. You’ll think you’ve been f*** by a train!

    Andy Dufresne [Marvin Lewis]: But, I don’t even know where PFT is… [starts crying]

    Warden [Mike Brown]: [to GM] Give him another [3-year extension] to think about it.

    [Marvin begins crying and screaming inconsolably].

    Later, Andy [Marvin] is all alone: “I was in the path of the tornado… I just didn’t expect the storm would last as long as it has.”

  7. Marvin Lewis is an idiot. This coming from a Bengals fan. He can’t even handle the soft Cincinnati media. Could you imagine Marv being the head coach of a New York team or something? He would fold under the pressure.

  8. @ andyprough –

    Brilliant. Hilarious. Loved it. Does TO play the role of Tommy and get gunned down by captain of the guards Hadley (played by special guest star Jeff Garcia)? If so, an Oscar is forthcoming.

  9. @andyprough

    Nice rewrite. One problem.

    “Warden [Mike Brown]: [to GM] Give him another [3-year extension] to think about it. ”

    You’re making the incorrect assumption that the Bengals have a GM.

    They don’t.

    Mike Brown assumes those duties.

    Honestly though, Marvin Lewis can’t wait for this season to end. All this stupid talk about “Hurr Durr he won’t find a job next year..” from pundits.

    Next year?

    He just wasted almost a decade with the Bungles. You all know as well as I do that he takes at least one to two years off.

  10. @moochzilla

    He took the worst team in the NFL to the playoffs twice in 5 years.

    Imagine what he could have done with a half-decent team. Seriously, hate the Bungles all you want, but don’t be so stupid.

  11. Honestly Lewis seems like a pretty decent guy, he got roped into coaching a team with a questionable dedication to winning ownership / management and enough players who were self-centered buffoons that he couldn’t consistently win. If TO and ochocinco weren’t on the team, I wouldn’t despise them nearly as much (I also couldn’t stand Houshmanzadeh when he was there). Palmer was a decent QB but now has fallen and can’t get up. If I was Lewis I’d take time off too. He’ll work again in the NFL.

  12. myspaceyourface says: Dec 21, 2010 11:07 AM

    Noodle Arm is a BIG BABY. . . .

    Soon he will be able to cry all alone. . . .

    The BUNGLES are a mess and T.O. was their lone bright spot. . . .

    Uhm, first of all, everyone here knows that “myspaceyourface” is Terrell Owens. He is not at practice, and he is writing on here as many players do. Notice the capitalization of “BIG BABY”. Uhm, who would do that but windbag T.O. T.O., you are mid 30’s man and still making up nicknames for yourself and the other mentally challenged wideout on the other side. Too funny. Good luck. I hope your therapist can help next year after you “retire”.

    BIG BABY. Riiiiggghhhhtttt. How about another winning team, a playoff team reduced to rubble by TO. Yea……

  13. @Poodawg..

    I hope your not a Browns fan calling the Bengals the worst team in the NFL..

    Just sayin’

  14. He rolled his eyes, then said in a mocking tone:

    “ProFootballTalk?…ENOUGH SAID.”

    Owens didn’t even practice the week before the Browns game because he was nursing his knee injury, and he’d been limited the week before, too.

    I think it’s safe to say the story is bogus, just like most PFT “inside source” stories. Terry Bradshaw died of a heart attack. Remember?

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