Browns officially shut down Fujita, Wright


The Browns, whose season is as a practical matter over, have officially ended the season for two members of the team.

It was announced today that linebacker Scott Fujita and cornerback Eric Wright have officially been placed on injured reserve.

Fujita had missed five straight games after starting the first nine of his first season with the Browns.

The Browns filled the roster spots by promoting nose tackle Travis Ivey from the practice squad and signing linebacker Steve Octavian.

8 responses to “Browns officially shut down Fujita, Wright

  1. wow, things sure went downhill for Scott Fujita since he left the Saints. Well at least he got paid more and got to win against the Saints.

  2. I think Holmgren will indeed look at the whole body of work, and keep Mangini for at least one more year. The progress that has been made is remarkable. The Browns are not a pushover anymore and they play good hard entertaining football. They are disciplined and fun to watch.

    There are definitely flaws in Mangini’s game, but give them a chance to show themselves as critical or not.

    And yes…Daboll needs to go.


  3. For some reason the browns keep taking Ex Saints players and the same thing keeps happening, they get put on IR (or they kill a guy). Maybe you guys should stay clear of our guys from now on. That being said give us back Fujita bc our linebackers make me wanna punch myself in the face and Danny Clark doesn’t quite tell the oreo joke right.

  4. Fujita’s injury has been a huge part of the Browns defensive problems, especially on third downs, over the past few games. Whether he was actually making plays himself or not, he was making the defensive calls, & getting the front seven lined up properly to get the D off the field. Without him in the lineup, they’ve struggled to force three-&-outs.

  5. It’s going to be tough for Mangini to stay, it’s just the nature of the business…

    I think he or is it Holmgren that found a potential franchise QB…it was Savage that drafted Joe Thomas. I’ll give Alex Mack and Matt Roth to Mangini, and Massaquoi is decent, but not worthy of a 2nd round pick??? – but look at David Veikune, Brian Robiskie?? Uh Oh.

    Peyton Hillis, TJ Ward, Sheldon Brown, Gocong, and Joe Hayden are all Tom Heckert.

    I like Mangini as a coach – but his talent evaluation is poor. Now, in this economy, would Lerner be willing to pay a football CZAR and a bign name coach like Gruden??? I don’t know…

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