Colts defense still scrambling for players

Climbing back into first place hasn’t solved the Colts’ injury problems.

Wide receiver Austin Collie’s status for the rest of the season is up in the air, and the team is dangerously thin at safety again.  Safeties Mike Newton (neck) Al Afalava (ankle) were both hurt on the same kickoff on Sunday against the Jaguars.

The team played the second half with only two safeties.  The team has already lost six safeties for the season and will likely some one or two more this week.

The Colts’ rush defense is coming off their most impressive performance of the year, holding the Jaguars to 67 rushing yards on 23 attempts.  They will have to be even better this week in Oakland.

The Raiders are in the top two in the league in rushing yards, average per-carry, and touchdowns.

5 responses to “Colts defense still scrambling for players

  1. We’ll see what’s left of them after a heavy dose of McFadden and Bush.

    Win or lose, the Raiders will leave a trail of destruction.

    They always do.

  2. McFadden is a BEAST but a “trail of destruction” doesn’t mean crap if you’re not putting up the W. Despite all of our injuries, we’re back in first. I think we can overcome and get it done, once again.

    GO COLTS! Two down. Six to go!

  3. leftysmoke:

    I’ll leave predictions for others but I’m telling you, the Colts better be ready for a real physical battle.

    God only knows how much longer the injury report will be after this game, you’ll see.

  4. lets remember raider fans that we kept mdj shut down until the very end and the only chance we have in this one is a full dose of dmc and bush with reese for a change up!!! I hope hue does not get cute with the play calling this sunday!!! I pray for a oakland upset and a that would be an awesome birthday present!!!
    an aside:
    If I hear another word about tebow i am going to puke!!! His td run made the top 10 BSPN plays which was made possible by a uncalled hold!!! I guess ford’s td and reeses were ordinary plays?

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