Report: Coughlin planned to dump Dodge, changed his mind

From our friend (who used to be our enemy) Howard Eskin in Philly comes an interesting tidbit regarding the immediate aftermath of the Miracle in the New Meadowlands.

Per Eskin, who hosts a daily show on WIP 610 and who serves as the radio sideline reporter for Eagles games, Giants coach Tom Coughlin ordered punter Matt Dodge out of the locker room after Sunday’s game.  Coughlin said that Dodge is “[n]o longer on this team.”

Eskin says that Giants players were under the clear impression that Dodge had been cut.

If so, Coughlin at some point changed his mind.

Dodge got an on-camera tongue-lashing from Coughlin after the rookie punter failed to kick the ball out of bounds on what would have been the last play of regulation, but that ended up being the last play of the game, thanks to Dodge and Eagles return man DeSean Jackson.

UPDATE:  Giants spokesman Pat Hanlon has disputed the report.  “I don’t know who this ‘reporter’ is,” Hanlon said, “but I do know this story is bogus.”

44 responses to “Report: Coughlin planned to dump Dodge, changed his mind

  1. He figured with his career in NY likely coming to an end, why be remembered as the jerk who fired a guy right before Christmas.

    It’s also likely that he realized you can’t blame the punter for the opposing team scoring 28 unanswered points in less than 8 minutes.

  2. Good thing Coughlin thought better of it. Otherwise, if he wanted to cut the player responsible for the loss, he’d have to cut all 53 players. Plus himself.

  3. Hate TC. talk about a whiner…….maybe he should dump that poor excuse of a defense that rolled over and well……….

  4. Poor kid. Everyone always says it’s so much easier being a punter than a kicker cus there’s less pressure on the line. With Dodge’s dropping of snaps and this latest mess up, he’s trying to put the pressure back into punting…

  5. the old fool changed his mind when he thought about it. firstly 21 points had been score the last 7 minutes that had nothing to do with dodge. secondly fans have been calling for dodge to be replaced from the preseason on – it was coughlin who insisted on him remaining their punter.

    coughlin the old phony who says publicly “we win or we lose as a team” then goes and singles out the kid in front pof 80,000 in the stadium and millions more on tv as if he alone cost them the game.

    after the week 17 game finishes mara should come down to the giants sidelines and fire coughlin on the spot on national tv.

  6. If true, Coughlin should get a tongue lashing from ownership.

    Dodge screwed up. But it’s not as though he intentionally tried to undermine the QB or the coach — like, say, a diva WR w/ a knee injury.

    Even Shanahan let Hunter Smith get dressed after the game and waited a couple days before cutting him.

    That said, Eskin is a pompous know it all who’s main job is passing along the Eagles’ spin on a daily basis.

    Like, for example, Brandon Graham would dominate as a pass-rushing DT because of is quickness.

  7. I actually feel a little bad for the guy. Don’t get me wrong, as an Eagles fan I’m thrilled he ended up punting it to Jackson. It’s just that people trying to make this guy the goat doesn’t make sense. It was a horrible punt, yes, but simply the last in a long line of mistakes by the Giants as a whole. Coughlin was supposedly worried enough about it to warn his return team to watch out for an onsides kick, but kept his hands team on the sidelines because he was more worried about a potential return. Really? In what world do the Giants have a great return game to begin with? Also, considering they were up by 14 at that point (over halfway through the 4th quarter) who cares about a big return? They didn’t need to score, they just needed to run some plays and take some time off of the clock. Under those circumstances, if you think an onsides kick is even possible, you put the hands team out there. Then there’s the defensive breakdown, featuring a shift to more of a prevent defense and sloppy play on the field. The offense also bogged down and proved unable to take too much time off the clock. Even on the punt itself, had the cover team simply stayed in their lanes, the odds of Jackson returning it for a TD would have been much lower. So, yes, the punt was bad, but no where near as bad as any number of other factors that opened the door for the Eagles to put together one of the most impressive comebacks in the history of the NFL.

  8. That crazy old coot is losing it man. How exactly did he “order” Dodge out of the locker room? Was Dodge dressed in his street clothes yet, did he make him stand out in the hall while he addressed the team? Or did they just say get dressed and get out? (That’s what she said…..)

  9. It was the Yets wallowing in despair the last couple of weeks and now it’s the Jints.

    And so it goes . . . .

  10. coughlin won a Sb 3 years ago and last i checked the giants can still go 11-5 this year and make the playoffs (they can go 10-6 and get to the playoffs too if they beat GB). man some of you nitwits havent got a clue. unless you are a fan of the steelers or the saints….STHU. thank you….morons.

  11. iteagle- you’re an idiot! Coughlin is anything but a whiner..He asked the punter to do one thing and he couldn’t do it so he got his ass chewed..Andy “Cheese Steak” Reid is the one who has been whining like a little biatch about his dog killing QB getting hit when he runs..Pray that the E Girls do not see the Giants in the playoffs…

  12. Coughlin’s a bully plain and simple. I’m sure Dodge was feeling dandy and believed he executed perfectly until Tom screamed otherwise. Nice way of saying to the public, “Not I the coach’s fault; damn player’s fault we lost.”

    Way to go Tommy.

  13. Woodymoss- If you’re boss very clearly told you to do something and instead you did the one thing he absolutely told you NOT to do, would you not get you’re ass chewed? I know I would and it would be deservedly so

  14. Eskin is a hack. Unless something occurs a meter left, right, north or south of Andy Reid’s ass (OK, that’s a lot of ground), I wouldn’t trust what he says. He used to have a following for his sports talk radio show but that’s drying up by the month.

  15. Coughlin is all big and bad when going after his rookie kicker. Don’t see him going after his doggie defense or his sloppy QB now do ya?? This is so weak.

  16. Coughlin COMPLETELY changed the o-line that to me looked the best I have seen it in a long long time. He put back OHara who obviously was not ready and outclassed from the word go, moved Seubert from center, moved Diehl back to left tackle where his penalty on that last Giants series may have cost the Giants the win and benched the tackle.

    It is no surprise the giants oline was completely overpowered in those closing minutes.

    if it aint broke dont fix it. this idiot coughlin had an oline meshing perfectly and changed 3 players of 5 in different positions.

    the man is a fool.

  17. (jd, its called “the city of brotherly loathe” for a reason.) Theyre so misguided and uninformed ya can’t make it up! The “old fool” they call TC only took his 6 seeded wild card team in 2007 on the road to beat Tampa, Dallas, then (frigid)Green Bay on the way to the Super Bowl to beat an undefeated excellent 18-0 New England team and win their 7th NFL title, or 3rd Super Bowl. And yes, I know the GMENNNN have 8 yrs on the Eagles, but your 3 NFL titles and O Super Bowls is still pathetic. Well, I’m sure not to the fans that were there in 1960! So what, they haven’t won a Super Bowl in 50 yrs.! It could be worse, they could have our “old fool” coaching! Hahaha…

  18. Kudos to TC for thinking it through. Dodge didn’t deliberately disobey Coughlin– the punter didn’t have secure enough of a hold on the ball to do an out of bound kick successfully, and he thought he might whiff if he tried.

    Dodge tried to salvage a bad snap. Why not threaten to sack everyone who missed on the TD return? The Giants’ coach overcame his distress over the loss, and the team will play lights out for him this week. Pity Green Bay,

  19. After the epic collapse leading up to the punt, I thought the headline said something about Coughlin ‘dodging a dump’ thrown at him. Never mind….

  20. @meattuperello

    “playoffs?playoffs? how bout just win another game”

    do you really think the giants can beat the packer team under flynn on sunday but under rodgers next week off how they played the patriots?

    giants will need help to make the playoffs if they lose in green bay.

    if giants lose in green bay later that night giants fans had better hope philly wins making next weeks green bay/chicago game a must win for chicago to beat out philly for the #2 seed and the bye. giants get in if they beat wash and green bay loses to chicago if this week giants lose.

    coughlin i would give a job in the organization even if they win the super bowl – this would be his last year here as coach if i had the power. but id let him finish the season.

  21. Had the Giants ran the ball and played smart…the punt wouldn’t have HAD to happen. Instead they threw the ball incomplete a few times stopping the clock…genius.

    If anyone deserves his ass chewed…it’s Coughlin.

  22. That locker room knows where the blame lies for this defeat.

    And it ain’t on the shoulders of any single man. When you lead 31-10 that late in the game, if anyone, and I mean anyone, makes a significant play, it’s game over.

    Win as a team, lose as a team. That was a team effort.

  23. HOWARD ESKIN……Are you kidding me? This dork doesn’t know his butt from a groundhog hole. Howard Eskin? Are you crazy?

  24. Lets see, a head coach and coaching staff trashes/blames the kicker for a loss when that same staff: (1) fails to set up a defense to force the Eagles to run time off the clock the last 8 minutes; (2) fails to run an offfense that runs time off the clock in the last 8 minutes; (3) not only fails to put its hands team out for the return coverage, but lines them up 15 yards (rather than 10) away; (4) fails to set up a decent punt coverage team or recognize that the snap was lousy, disrupting the punters set-up. Yeah, it’s all the punter’s fault. A head coach that leads properly reacts with at least a little class when a player screws up — particularly when they and others screwed up first.

  25. Howard Eskin is a tool.

    He is to reporting what the National Enquirer is to newspapers.

    Eskin has already been suspened from WIP for making up stories.

  26. demo3356, well lets see now. Eagles have beaten Giants 6 straight times and you call them the E-girls. Than they give the “E-girls” 4 touchdowns in 8 minutes. Seems like you have a big mouth, a very big mouth.

  27. The punter should have kicked out of bounds but that was one of MANY failed plays that led to the Gmen losing this game including the coach not having the hands team out there for the on side kick.Don’t try and make this kid the scape goat for that collapse ,it was a team effort.The kid should not have lost his job,i felt bad for him getting ripped on TV the way he did ,thats what they have locker rooms for

  28. Eskin is arguably the biggest homers in the media. I guarantee that he created this rumor with little confirmation, if any, from a real source. Eskin is a perfect example of what is wrong with the sports media today.

  29. The story has been offically denied by the Giants yet PFT persists with the headline. It isn’t just Howard Eskin who is a tool.

  30. Favre- I totally agree and nobody in the media is talking about that last Giants’ possession and why they would throw 3 times stopping the clock each time. Run run run and there may not be time on the clock REMAINING for a punt! Someone let me know, yes even you Philly fans if you can be somewhat normal responding. And YES I will agree that those 3 passes ARE ON TOM COUGHLIN.

  31. Howard Eskin thought the Eagles should have dumped Vick and signed Marc Bulger this summer. And this same Howard Eskin thought Freddie Mitchell was a “great” WR. If you want to maintain any credibility, please don’t site Eskin.

  32. “Don’t try and make this kid the scape goat for that collapse ,it was a team effort.”

    Regular NFL players don’t think much of kickers, and even less of punters. It doesn’t take much intelligence or ability to shank a punt with only 12 seconds on the clock – especially if you are TOLD to do it.

  33. smokehouse56 -who cares? The Giants beat the Eagles 9 straight times under Fassell..The bottom line is Eli and Tom Coughlin have a Lombardi trophy and All Reid has is convicts for Sons and a dog killing felon for a QB..Let me know when the Philthadelphia E Girls actually win something..

  34. I’m tired of Goughlin’s goofy facial expressions anyway. He always seems confused or like he didn’t hear something.
    I’d rather see the CHIN back coaching and him spitting and slobbering all over the refs and his own players.

  35. Eskin? The fur wearin’, orange gobblin, Burger King lookalike. Are you kidding me? I thought you had a great site and enjoyed entertaining your readers with theKING’s wit, sarcasm & creativity. (-) 25 credible points for the Eskin mention. You want Philly fans to be active here, he’s not the guy to reference!

  36. It’s good he didn’t dump him and use him as the team’s scapegoat. It’s not soley Dodge’s fault they lost.

    1. Punt team was jogging towards Jackson.

    2. Giant’s defense allowed tons of points in the 4th quarter.

    3. Poor play calling (incomplete passes) prior to the final punt.

    Coughlin should be dumped before Dodge.

  37. there is a saying if it rains it pours.. the punter was just the last straw on a series of gaffes and choke’s by the G Men.. he is not the reason they lost

  38. Glad to see the fine tradition of quoting lies continues here. Numerous REAL REPORTERS interviewed Dodge after the game at his locker. Dieon Grant and Tynes defended Dodge at the same locker. But facts are beyond the scope of poo flinging monkeys and their handlers at Nothing But Crap Network.

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