The Week 15 hot seat

As the season gets closer to completion, the seat gets hotter and hotter for coaches throughout the league.

This week, we once again look at the coaches on the hottest of the hot seats.

One coach that didn’t make the top five will be rocketing to the top of the list if he fails to win Sunday in one of the coldest of the cold-weather stadiums.

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17 responses to “The Week 15 hot seat

  1. Giants lose in Green Bay and Coughlin is done. YES, NFL Owner Mara laughed it off, so did Jones about Phillips, Bowlen about McDaniels and Wilf regarding Childress and within days the trio fired each of them.

  2. I would have to say that John Fox and Marvin Lewis are definitely goners.

    If Tom Coughlin and Jack Del Rio fail to lead their teams to the playoffs, I could definitely see them being gone too.

    Eric Mangini has done little to change the culture in Cleveland and I sure as heck know that Mike Holmgren isn’t going to tolerate those kinds of seasons.

    Throw in Gary Kubiak, Jeff Fisher, Mike Singletary and possibly Jim Schwartz (sp) and well, it’s going to be one very active season on the head coaching front in the NFL.

  3. And somewhere, I am sure the agents for John Gruden and Bill Cowher are smiling like the Cheshire Cat 🙂

  4. Let’s admit it, the entire organization (Browns)was crap, and is under going a total rebuild. This last year was the first step in building a solid foundation for the franchise. You have to be realistic, it’s going to take several more years.

    Last year’s draft finally brought us some NFL quality players. It will take several more drafts like that. Until Big Mike has all of the pieces in place, Mangenius does just enough to earn “another year.” Besides, with the turnover of coaches we’ve had, what RESPECTABLE coach would want to come here? We’ll see what happens in 2-3 more years.

    I’d like to see Delhomme look in the mirror and realize it’s over. He would make a very good QB coach though.

  5. It would seem logical for Miami to hire Bill Cowher. This is not to disparage Tony Sparano but only to look at the situation with Parcells gone from the organization. Cowher is in my humble opinion the best available man for the job and has indicated his desire to work there. If that happens Cleveland would be a good place for Tony. Holmgren should get rid of the thief Mangini. The boy has no respect from anyone in the league except for the lying weasels in NY who hired him to pull an info heist in Foxboro on his way out the door.

  6. coleton1 says:
    Dec 21, 2010 4:49 PM
    I have to think that Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat should The Packers lose at home to the Giants.
    Packer fans can only hope. I’ve given up on this season. I hope they lose out, fire McCarthy as well as the OC and special teams coach, promote Dom Capers to head coach, Kevin Green to defensive coordinator, and find an offensive coordinator who has a clue. should be plenty of options. I’d even be interested to give current running backs coach Edgar Bennet a whirl at OC. He seems like he has a bright future as a coach in the league.

  7. Stop putting Marvin Lewis on your list, dummy.

    Seriously, how can you be in a “hot seat” when you’ve already given your 2-week notice? (Literally, in this case.)

    Marvin Lewis won’t be back next year of his own choice. If you’re dumb enough to think Mike Brown would replace him with 2 games to go, then you need to stop reporting on anything Bengals related.

  8. #
    mystereo says: Dec 21, 2010 6:35 PM

    Speaking on behalf of all Chargers fans, Norv Turner should be at the top of this list. The guy is a complete and total failure as head coach.

    Yeah, them being no 2 overall v. the Run, and no 1 in offense is a total failure, and so is consecutive playoff runs and an AFC Championship appearance. You can risk back to late 90s mediocrity if you want to. Turner isnt going ANYWHERE.

  9. Mangini has taken a mediocre lineup of Browns, and worked and drilled and honed them to be….

    … a mediocre team.

    That’s pretty much the hallmark of a mediocre coach. A good coach makes mediocre guys good. That guy ain’t Mangini and I think Holmgren knows it.

  10. tatum064

    those rankings giants are the #1 defense. did you see that eagles game? giants lead the league in takeaways? after this sunday they can show everyone those stats but they still arent even in the playoffs. AND NEITHER ARE THE CHARGERS WITH THOSE GREAT STATS.

    chargers and giants are 2 outstanding teams with TERRIBLE COACHES!

  11. that has more to do with AJ not wanting a challenge for control…

    i think frazier isnt safe at all in minnehaha. schwartz is safe for now.

    hell carroll should be thinking about quitting.

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