With two weeks left, eight playoff spots remain

After 15 weeks of the 2010 regular season, only four teams have clinched playoff berths:  the Patriots, Steelers, Bears, and Falcons.  None has secured a bye.  (Already, three teams that didn’t qualify in 2009 have won berths in 2010.)

With eight teams still to get in and all seeding issues to be resolved, let’s look at the possibilities for Week 16, as provided by the NFL.

First, the Patriots clinch the AFC East and the top seed in the conference with a win or a tie against the Bills, or with a Jets loss or a tie against the Bears.

Second, the Steelers clinch the AFC North and a first-round bye with a win over the Panthers and a Ravens loss at Cleveland.

Third, the Chiefs clinch the AFC West with a Chiefs win and a Chargers loss or tie or a Chiefs tie and a Chargers loss.

Fourth, the Ravens clinch a playoff berth with a win or a tie over the Browns or one of four other outcomes:  (1) Chiefs loss and Jaguars loss or tie; (3) Chiefs loss and Colts loss or tie; (3) Chargers loss or tie and Jaguars loss or tie; or (4) Chargers loss or tie and Colts loss or tie.

Fifth, the Jets clinch a playoff berth with a win or tie, or a Jaguars loss or tie, or a Colts loss or tie.

In the NFC, the Falcons clinch the South division and the top seed in the conference with a win or a tie against the Saints on Monday night.

Next, the Eagles capture the NFC East with a win or with a tie and a Giants loss or tie, or with a Giants loss at Green Bay.

The Eagles clinch at least a wild-card berth with a tie or a Bucs loss or tie.

The Bears secure a first-round bye with a win over the Jets, an Eagles loss against the Vikings, and a Giants loss or tie.

The Saints clinch a wild-card berth with a win or a tie against the Falcons or a Bucs loss or tie against the Seahawks.

The Giants are in with a win over the Packers.

It all means that at least two divisions won’t be decided until Week 17 — the AFC South and the NFC West.

30 responses to “With two weeks left, eight playoff spots remain

  1. Ha! I love it!

    Roger Goodell (who has it in for the Steelers) suspends Big Ben for 4 games. Steelers have spent the season racked with key injuries. And, they are still 10-4 and going to the play-offs!


  2. Meanwhile, Thomas Jones reaches 10,000 yards rushing and is nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, but all we hear about is McNabb gossip, Favre’s boo boos, Tom Brady’s womanly body, and Mike Vick wanting a dog again.

  3. Somehow I missed the part as to how the Vikings clinch a playoff spot…. could you elaborate on that for us?

  4. #
    tdk24 says: Dec 21, 2010 2:49 PM

    This post will look really silly in 2 weeks when the Raiders clinch the AFC West.


    Ah, but YOU look really silly right now! Raiders. LOL

  5. Why do the Eagles need a win AND a Giants loss or tie to clinch the NFC East? They should just need a win OR a Giants loss or tie. If Philly wins, the worst they can finish is 11-5, which is the best the Giants can finish since they currently sit at 9-5. If they finish tied, Philly has the head-to-head tiebreaker since they’ve beaten them twice.

    For the Giants to win the division Philly has to lose both remaining games and NY has to win both remaining games. Therefore, Philly needs a win OR a Giants loss or tie to clinch.

  6. Yes wikileaks, Goodell has it in for the Steelers because he suspended a rapist for 4 games and keeps sending fines to their retarded linebacker who JUST DOESN’T GET IT.

    I’m pretty sure that most teams have had to deal with injuries this year, and the majority of them have dealt with more than the Steelers have.

    Get over it.

  7. gambleonsports, not sure about extent of injuries on other teams of course, but I would doubt that the “majority” of teams have had to deal with major lengthy and/or season ending injuries to several starting OL and DL. A few may have, but not the “majority”. If you can name the majority of the teams and who was injured in major positions for so much of the season, then I would agree with your post.

    The Steelers OL has been riddles with injuries all year since training camp. If Ben had the OL that either Brady, Manning or even Vick has, he might be leading the league in passing and the Steelers wouldn’t have lost more than a couple games probably.


  8. aroundthebean, maybe you should take a gander at Tom Brady’s combine photo. Hillarious. He has the body of a teenage girl. Plus, his team is a bunch of cheaters and treats players like chit. But, at least he is not a serial rapist like Big Ben.

  9. Right. Ben might be leading the league in passing had his o-line been healthy all year, even though he wasn’t able to play for the first four games. Right.

    When I said that the majority of teams have dealt with more injuries than the Steeelers, I wasn’t talking specifically about OL or DL if you would have read my post correctly, just injuries in general. Just because you lost linemen doesn’t make those injuries anymore devastating than those of another position.

    Besides their two tackles they lost a couple DE’s for some time. But the DE position in the 3-4 doesn’t depend on skill so much as it depends on size and motor. It’s not difficult to patch up, as the Chargers have proven, using a bunch of late round draft picks and UDFA’s to fill their defensive front.

    I’m not trying to discredit the Steelers, they are a great team and have a chance to do well in the playoffs, but I’m tired of all the conspiracy theorists and people claiming the Steelers have overcome so much adversity this year.

  10. Hey, Around the bend – gypjet is obviously not into women. He has his eyes on Tom.

    Hey gypjet you must be a Panthers fan. Sorry you are such a hater. GROW UP FOOL

  11. Firstly, anyone with a user name such as “iluvwikileaks” is an obvious turd. Secondly, Ben RAPED a girl. Ben’s lawyer spent a day with her lawyer and SURPRISE! She refused to pursue the case and refused to talk to the press 2 days later. Rapenstein should be in jail.

  12. Ok Maybe I don’t understand tiebreakers but I do not understand how the Steelers have clinched a playoff birth. As far as I can tell if the Steelers lose thier last 2, The Ravens win 1, Jets win both and the Jaguars win both by a large margin than the Steelers would be out. I know this is less than likely to happen but I keep reading how the Steelers have clinched but I don’t see how. Maybe someone will respond to this and explain. The Rules for Tie Breakers goes

    1. Overall Record
    2. Head to Head
    3. Conference Record
    4. Record against same opponents
    5. Strength of vistory

    If the above situation plays out then the Steelers and Jaguars will be both be 10-6 overall, No Head to Head meeting, 8-4 conference record, Both have 4 wins against similar opponents and you can’t clinch strength of victory.

  13. pkrlvr says:
    Dec 21, 2010 5:42 PM
    Like usual, the Packers are forgotten!

    Not forgotten: They can’t CLINCH (the requirement to be listed) this week.

    That is the same reason Indy is not mentioned.

  14. peachypete says:
    Dec 21, 2010 3:21 PM
    Nevermind. It says with a win OR a tie and a Giants loss or tie. I should probably learn how to read before I go correcting other people.

    This is Philadelphia at its best!

  15. @ moolah954:

    its all about the NFC West


    The winner of the NFC west is guaranteed to have a record at or below .500. It’s a free win for whoever wins one of the 2 NFC wild-card spots. What a nightmare for the NFL. As for the other west division, the Raiders could be 6-0 in division and miss the playoffs. A PR disaster.

  16. @iluvwikileaks says:

    Are you retarded??

    Your QB raped a girl and got an initial 6 game suspension reduced to 4 because Goodell caved and has no backbone whatsoever. “Has it out for us”?? Wahhh wahhhh, get real, you guys ask for this all the time. Play within the rules on and off the field and you won’t have anything to whine about.

    P.S. Your team with Head & Shoulders is nothing. Goes to show what a playmaker safety can do.. I know, we have the best one ever in Bmore.

    Cheers, Douche Staley, and Go Panthers!

  17. The Ravens can’t win a big game, the O is still lacking an identity and the D is not what is used to be. Suggs in particular is overrated and soft.

  18. Sounds like jetscheat is just bitter at Suggs for not showing the proper amount of respect toward Prince Brady . As a Ravens fan, I can only hope the road to Dallas goes through Foxborough again.

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