Brady tops Vick for Pro Bowl vote honors


With a late push down the stretch, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady blew past Eagles quarterback Mike Vick for the top spot in the Pro Bowl fan balloting.

When the dust settled, Brady emered with 1.877 million votes.  Vick finished in second place with 1.522 million.

In all, a record 98.59 million votes were cast at, via wireless phones, and at  Voting closed on Monday night.

The rest of the top 10 were Peyton Manning, (1.13 million), Philip Rivers (1.03 million), Drew Brees (971,000), Adrian Peterson (948,000), Aaron Rodgers (900,000), Arian Foster (710,000), Maurice Jones-Drew (707,000), Matt Ryan (704,000).

No defensive players or receivers finished in the top 10.

The top five rookies were Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (405,000), Rams quarterback Sam Bradford (305,000), Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey (246,000), Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (205,000), and Lions running back Jahvid Best (168,000).

38 responses to “Brady tops Vick for Pro Bowl vote honors

  1. I guess the Human Society and PETA did some last minute campaigning to derail Vick:)

    By the way, Peyton Manning has no business being in the Pro-Bowl this year.

  2. Congrats to Brady, Belichick, the coaching staff, the offense, and the entire team and organization.

    Job well done (so far!)

    As much as I hate to admit it, Mike Vick HAS become a much better – and completely mor dangerous – quarterback than he ever was before. Kudos to Andy Reid and the Eagles staff for finally geting it through Vick’s head how an NFL QB is SUPPOSED to perform.

    Vick is still a POS as a human being, however.

  3. With the emergence of fantasy sports, fans are getting smarter and smarter about deserving players. I think all sports should move to more fan based decision making when it comes to All-Star games.

  4. Suggs is upset with Tom and said he didn’t vote for him because he knew Tom wouldn’t vote for him. What would you bet Suggs filled the form out wrong??

  5. dont worry philly fans and animal haters… vick will be able to play. Brady will be busy that week.

  6. Let me clarify my previous post, although I’m sure many of you are already submitting angry replies.

    The similarity is in the fact that there was probably vote stuffing by many people that had an agenda outside of deciding who was most deserving. I am not claiming that Brady is a talentless, awkward cow.

  7. Roddy White should be on that list, even over Ryan. He has had the most outstanding season of any player on the Falcons.


    If you’re going to post on a football blog, at least know the team’s conferences. Vick and Brady will be on different squads.

  8. #
    hairpie says: Dec 22, 2010 2:05 PM

    dont worry philly fans and animal haters… vick will be able to play. Brady will be busy that week.

    Ummmm… Vick is NFC, and Brady is AFC. If Vick isn’t busy himself, he can play no matter what Brady is doing that week.

  9. The Pro Bowl is completely irrelevant other than giving these players even MORE money (because it’s built into their contracts).

    No one watches the game, it has no impact, if the Patriots get to the SB, none of their players will play (just like in the NFC), in short, it’s meaningless.

  10. hairpie says: Dec 22, 2010 2:05 PM

    dont worry philly fans and animal haters… vick will be able to play. Brady will be busy that week.

    Seeing as one is in the AFC and one is in the NFC, they’d both get to play anyway, genius.

  11. MVP – Most Valuable Passer (of passes 0-10 yards).

    How about MVP nods to his receivers who are responsible for 95% of his yardage totals due to their run after catch abilities?

  12. Good to see America doesn’t hate Philip Rivers anymore. Being the best QB in the league will do wonders for your image.

  13. Much respect for Vick for accomplishing what he has this season. A lot of players would take a big dive in ability spending 18 months out of the league. Especially at quarterback.

    The man paid his dues and has realized that he has to work for it. He has and he is playing on a much higher level than he was before he got into trouble.

  14. Is this article really relevant? Who really watches the entire game anyway? It’s like any other all star game 🙂 So Brady got more votes, so Vick finished second duhhhhhhh.

  15. Not a shocker, even with Vicks amazing play this year Vick still has millions that hate him out there because of the dog fighting and would never vote for him.

  16. This just proves that the Northeastern United States is full of a bunch of Obama voters who get unemployment, sit home on their computers, and dream of Tom Brady’s combine photo. Have some more government cheese you idiots.

  17. It is no surprise that Tom Brady deserves the Pro Bowl as the #1 player in the NFL. He proves through his class and professionalism that he continues to be one of the finest players EVER in the NFL, if not the best in the history of the game. That’s all I have to say about that!

  18. @tedvalentine

    You guys are so dumb that when you go to a mindreader you get charged half price.

    What @hairpie was saying is that Brady will be too busy with the Superbowl to play in the Pro Bowl which is the week BEFORE.

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