Chiefs enter NFL’s blackout watch list

The Kansas City Chiefs unexpectedly have won nine of 14 games.  They’re a perfect 6-0 at home.  And if they can finish the job by winning the last two games of the year at Arrowhead Stadium, they’ll win the AFC West.

And so Sunday’s game against the Titans is the toughest ticket in town, right?

Um.  No.

Team COO Mark Donovan said in an appearance on WHB radio Wednesday that the Chiefs appear on the list of games that could be blacked out this weekend, via Joel Thorman of

We don’t know how many non-premium tickets remain, but the franchise that wears red and white had better be hoping that a guy who wears red and white will be buying up the bulk of the unsold tickets for placement in stockings throughout the greater Kansas City area.

With the Bucs, Raiders, Bengals, Bills, and Cardinals also playing at home on Sunday, there could be more than a few cities in which the locals will be getting a day-after-Christmas lump of coal in the form of a TV blackout.

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  1. I don’t get it, How does KC have a winning team but yet can not sell tickets? many teams such as the packers and eagles have a decade long waiting list just to get season tickets. single game tickets for any game in the entire season are sold out within minutes…

  2. The NFL is only going to see more of this if they keep pushing the regular season further into January. The NFL doesn’t care about the fans in the stands, they only care about the television ratings.The season used to be over the week before Christmas, and season ticket holders only had to endure one cold game per season. Now half the games in a place like Foxboro are cold and at night.

  3. You can cross off the Cards-Cowboys off the list. Dallas has way too many fans who will buy tickets if its not a sellout already.

  4. This is a bit surprising. No Chiefs fan here but when I was stationed out in KS I had the chance to go to a couple of the games there. One being against my Pats team, the other against the Raidahs.

    Very passionated fan base there even when the team is terrible. Now that they are on a bit of a rise it’s a bit surprising that any non premium seats are still open.

    Best damn tailgaters in the land as well, I have no problem conceding that to KC. Good drink and good eats before the game.

  5. See times are rough if KC can’t sell out a home game, they have one of the most loyal fa base next to Green Bay.

    So it’s not about teams in CA or FL not having a loyal fan base, it’s the economy. Yes, I am a Charger fan and I am a season ticket holder.

  6. When the economy hit us HARD in Jacksonville in 2009, our fans became the “worst in the NFL”…..yet now that other teams are facing blackouts, “it’s the economy.” LMAO.

    Go down there to Raymond James where they haven’t sold out a game all year, and are putting an estimated 38-40 k in the building.

    GO JAGS!

  7. Give me a break, where are the diehard fans this town likes to brag about? 6-0 @ home and chance to go to the playoffs, and there is a chance of a blackout. I am sick of hearing about the economy. I am a season ticket holder and will be there Sunday. This “town” has had nothing but losing to look forward from both franchises here for quite some time. I can’t believe the pessimism. GO CHIEFS!!!

  8. “Go down there to Raymond James where they haven’t sold out a game all year, and are putting an estimated 38-40 k in the building.”

    bar none…the WORST sports town in the U.S…13k at a Rays playoff clinching game in September this year, haven’t sold out 1 Bucs home game, pathetic.

  9. Yeah what is this crap about the “economy effecting ticket sales?? No one gave the Jags the benefit of that excuse last year. How about we pack all of these teams up and move them west???


  10. It’s WAY past time to change or eliminate the NFL blackout rule. It is totally counterproductive. If you are trying to sell out an event, you want more exposure in the media, not less. Marketing 101.
    How are you going to generate any excitement and fan interest in your team if they aren’t on TV ??….Stupid owners

  11. Take a deep breath people…it’s been a looong time since anyone in KC had a REASON to go to agame after Christmas, they just got out of the habit. Don’t worry it will sell out.

    @ zoxitic – or maybe those six franchises can just tarp the upperdeck like the Jags do.

  12. “See times are rough if KC can’t sell out a home game, they have one of the most loyal fa base next to Green Bay.”

    Um, you better add the Steelers and Cowboys in there with Green Bay, considering few franchises travel as well as they do…

  13. @jjackwagon

    Well when those small market teams have a stadium that seats 84,000 like Jax then they can put tarps up as well. Nice try, but next time try a little harder.

  14. Good Lord – why is it so hard to believe that the tickets are moving slower for this game? It’s the day after Christmas, and it’s supposed to be 20 degrees.

  15. It is the economy stupid.

    Just wait until the league has to buy one of the franchises, and then contract teams. It is coming. No way tickets and the like can keep being sold for outrageous prices and these clowns can be paid higher and higher. Bubble bursting in progress.

  16. KC has the best fans in football, YEAH RIGHT!!! They’ll lose this week vs. Tennessee, as will SD vs. Cincy. The Raiders will knock off the beat up ColTs on Sunday which will then set up an AFC West title game on Jan. 2nd in Narrowhead Stadium where the Raiders will prevail. No help from the 12th Man KC, too bad. FYI, the Cardinals play on Saturday evening not on Sunday.

  17. @JSpicoli
    You’re the problem with the world. You’ve never been to Jax. No nothing about Jags organization. No know of ticket prices, but feel free to comment on things you know nothing of. Take the tarps and ticket prices and show them up your a**.

    Jags Apologist

  18. johnabis says: Dec 22, 2010 12:52 PM

    I don’t get it, How does KC have a winning team but yet can not sell tickets?

    Let’s see. A blue collar fan base in a mostly blue collar town. Mix in a major family oriented holiday taking place the same weekend along with tickets prices that far exceed their value, and you can easily see why sales would be rather slow.

  19. Man Jaguars fan showed up this year! In FORCE!

    I’m loving the hate though! 🙂 Keep it coming.

    Us against the world!

    Section 132 / Jags season ticket holder (11 yrs).


  20. Did the beat down in San Diego temper fans’ enthusiasm for this team? Even if they survive (and they won’t) and make it to the post-season, this flawed team will get crushed in the playoffs. Perhaps fans are wise to take a wait and see attitude before freezing their backsides off in the 20 degree weather this weekend.

  21. @ Jags apologists et al

    Your stadium seats 84,000 because it was built to host college games…that’s right, your team is soooooooo important to the city it has to play in a college stadium. Can’t even get it’s own venue. Sad really. Enjoy watching the playoffs sans Jags.

    Week 7 42-20 Chiefs.

  22. @jjackwagon

    “it has to play in a college stadium”. What are you talking about? That just proves how idiotic you are. Once again stick to your team whoever that is and let us worry about ours. You’re laughable.

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