Colts shut down Austin Collie

Colts receiver Austin Collie has had to leave each of the last three games he’s played because of concussions, and the team isn’t going to risk it happening a fourth time.

Collie will be placed on injured reserve, Colts owner Jim Irsay announced on Twitter. Irsay praised Collie as “a tough and talented football player.”

In Sunday’s game against the Jaguars, Collie took a hard hit to the head and stayed on the ground for a couple minutes before getting up and walking off. Six weeks earlier he had been stretchered off the field after taking a hard hit against the Eagles, and the first time he tried to come back he couldn’t make it out of the game against the Patriots before concussion symptoms returned.

Irsay also announced that the Colts have signed veteran safety Ken Hamlin.

28 responses to “Colts shut down Austin Collie

  1. He’s a great player – here’s hoping a full off season will sort out the problems and he’ll resume a healthy career, and life.

  2. I hate the Colts, but I hope the dude’s OK. Last thing you want is for him to end up like Merrill Hoge or Al Toon.

  3. I can’t imagine how dangerous this team would be if they weren’t just crushed with injuries. As is, they are going to win their division and host a playoff game. Big ups to them, because I ain’t too impressed with their head coach.

    Is it irony that the much maligned shut down they did in the regular season last year was to avoid key injuries and this year they have a plethora of them? I think Peyton Manning could make me a viable NFL receiver.

  4. Glad to see the right thing being done here….hope he has a full recovery & is good to go next year….kid showed up every time he was on the field….

  5. Thats sad when a Young Talented dude like Collie who was just Blossoming as a elite NFL player is pretty much done for his career when it was just starting. Then there’s scum bags like T.O., Randy Moss, Stallworth that still exist. Go figure.

  6. I HATE the Colts, but I hope this kid ends up ok. Its so sad to see a “no name” player like him start to work his way into being a good NFL WR and then get all these head injuries. I wish him the best

  7. Collie’s a good receiver and an even better guy. I hope he’s healthy next season but more importantly I hope he’s healthy for his wife and newborn son.

    Some things are bigger than football.

  8. Great move. The Colts are much better with him in the lineup, but its just not worth the risk. 1 more big hit and he could be finished. His career might be over, its pretty sad…

  9. It is hard to imagine anyone disliking a sports team more than I dislike the Colts, but I hate to see this happen to the kid. I’m glad the Colts are doing the right thing, and not because of any competitive advantage that could result for my team. The kid is obviously very talented and I hope we have to worry about him as a receiver for a long time. At the end of the day, NFL football is just entertainment – I don’t want to see anyone permanently damaged.

  10. Oh and very classy move on Indy’s part! It’s going to take a miracle to win in the postseason this year anyway with all of these injuries. No need to risk ending the career of a guy who’s going to be a HUGE asset in the future.

  11. It should have been done BEFORE it happened again. Indy put winning ahead of his safety, and look what happened. No excuses. Something like that could cripple him the rest of his life. No Super Bowl is worth that.

  12. Pure class. That’s why I’ll always be a Colts fan. Even with a depleted roster, we’re still in contention. Colts on the decline? Yeah right. If we had just Clark and Collie, I doubt we would have lost a game, kind of like last year…. Bunch of chumps in here.


    Two down. Six to go!

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