Elvis Dumervil was cited for assault in October


On Monday, the Broncos promptly cut linebacker Kevin Alexander after he was arrested for assault.  On Wednesday, word has emerged that another Broncos linebacker has found himself on the wrong side of an assault allegation.

But this one most likely won’t be cut.

Julie Hayden of FOX 31 reports that Elvis Dumervil was cited for assault and disturbing the peace on October 24.  The alleged victim was a parking attendant at Invesco Field, and the incident occurred as Dumervil was leaving the scene of his team’s 59-14 loss to the Raiders.

Dumervil is the fourth Broncos player to find himself on the wrong side of the law this year.

30 responses to “Elvis Dumervil was cited for assault in October

  1. Ah yes, who can forget that terrible Bronco’s 59-14 loss to the Broncos?!?!

    No wonder he was knocking out parking attendants…

  2. Assaulting a guy that works at the stadium is pretty low…although there was probably a smartass comment that started it. I can’t understand how these goons can’t control themselves.

  3. Now I know the locker room is probably divided after the season they have had, but the Broncos defeated themselves 59 – 14? Wow, that is impressive. Jesus walked on water and now Tebow can clone his teammates and have them play one another.

    Now was this assault performed by the “Real” Dumervil or the clone Dumervil… lol

  4. hobartbaker says:
    Dec 22, 2010 11:39 PM
    Tebow continues to do God’s work in the leper colony.


    As a Bronco’s fan, I find this to absolutely be the most funniest post regarding our beloved Tebow. I guess now that Joshie is gone the pent-up fustrations are finally releasing.

    GO BRONCO’S (do not pass go, go directly to jail)

    2011 the return of our Savior (barring a lock-out)

  5. souser says:
    Dec 22, 2010 11:40 PM
    Ah yes, who can forget that terrible Bronco’s 59-14 loss to the Broncos?!?!



    I agree, the Bronco’s beat themselves that day.

  6. If not Urban Meyer as HC, does anyone think Jeff Fischer will be HC in Denver next year??????????? These boys seem ready for some dirty livin”

    God help Bronco Nation (cue Timmy)

  7. FinFan68…..I did not know assult was legal if someone says something you do not like. I thought we had freedom of speech in the US.

  8. While Doom remains on the Physically Unable to Perform list as far as football is concerned, he was taken off the Physically Unable to Assault Civilians list prior to the event in question.

    Elvis may have a blue, blue, blue, Christmas.

  9. Just like Cedric Wilson & James Harrison. Wilson slaps around his woman & gets cut, Harrison beats up his woman & doesn’t get cut, that’s OK w/ the Pittsburgh organization, they give him a big contract.

  10. Freakin’ parking lot attendants! Probably couldn’t get his hoopty ride out to him fast enough.

  11. The ironic thing is that, rather than just being a wasted pick, the Tebow selection could wind up setting the franchise back 5 years.

    Reports I have heard out of Denver say that the organization has made it clear that any incoming coach has to buy in to Tim Tebow as the QB of the future for the Broncos.

    So unless Urban Meyer is willing to un-retire in a hurry, good luck finding a decent coach.

  12. As a Chiefs fan I just love it when another team in the AFC West starts to crumble. It just shows their really is a god when it is the donkey’s. I just hope it continues.

  13. But it’s the Raiders who always get arrested and in trouble, riiiiight?

    I mean, that is what I read here and hear from 99% of sports “Fans”. Doesn’t matter that no one can name one Raider from a police blotter, Who’d want to screw up a good false stereotype?

  14. The Raiders really are an interesting team nowadays.

    They don’t get into trouble OFF the field, but they’re bullies ON the field.

    Gotta love it.

  15. Pat:

    Your franchise is out of control!

    And the poster who referred to the news out of Denver making Tebow a part of the team’s future scares me as a fan.

    If you fired Josh for his coaching and personnel decissions, why on earth are you asking the new coach to retain a guy most people reqarded as an NFL bust?

    If this is true, and you are not willing to clean house, the future looks grim. As a season ticket holder, I am worried that our team will remain at the old AFL Broncos perforance levels, the bad old days, for some time.

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