Ravens’ Sergio Kindle might not play in 2011

Sergio Kindle, the Baltimore Ravens second-round draft pick who has missed his entire rookie season after suffering a skull fracture in a fall at a friend’s home over the summer, might miss 2011 as well.

Kindle says doctors still haven’t cleared him for contact.

“The whole point of it is, they don’t know if I’ll be able to take a hit or something like that,” Kindle said, per Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “You know what I mean? Just because I’m not doing anything with contact right now.”

Kindle says he’s feeling good but disappointed that doctors haven’t told him he’s ready to play.

“Everything has gotten better and that’s why what he’s telling me is so disappointing,” Kindle said, “because as well as I’m doing, they don’t have a definite answer for me.”

And they may not have a definite answer any time soon.

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  1. Isn’t it a little presumptuous to start ruling him out for 2011 because his doctors have not cleared him for physical practice before the 2010 season has even ended, and a full 8 months before the 2011 season starts?

    You guys should add that line to every story about any player or team, because truthfully, you never know what might happen in 8 months.

    I think he’s more likely to miss the 2011 season due to the labor disagreement.

  2. This is the guy all the ‘draft gurus’ wanted the Patriots to pick – in the 1st round?

    Thank you, Bill.

  3. @bbb82 He can’t really be considered a bust if he never actually gets on the field. That’s like saying Len Bias was a bust because he never actually played for Boston. Plus Kindle’s expectations weren’t all that high anyway especially since he fell (no pun intended) during the draft.

  4. Skull fractures are nothing to fool around with. That said, how do you determine that a skull is healed enough to take a beating without re-breaking? He may never play again. If he does, the results could be, well, disastrous.

  5. #
    bbb82 says: Dec 22, 2010 3:12 PM

    How can you be a bust when you’ve never played and the reason why you never played had nothing to do with a football injury???? Dumb comment.

  6. profootballwalk says:
    Dec 22, 2010 3:42 PM
    This is the guy all the ‘draft gurus’ wanted the Patriots to pick – in the 1st round?

    Thank you, Bill.

    So now you’re giving Bill Bellichik credit for being able to see the future and knowing that Kindle was going to fall down a flight of stairs?

  7. Translation: he will not participate at all during the Ravens 2010 campaign. This website posted a whole lot of stuff about a certain New England QB’s knee operation gone awry and how he may not be ready for 2009 or that it may end his career.

    It think these men are athletes and as such can exhibit amazing recuperative abilities. I give you Wes Welker. Granted a skull fracture is a bit more grave than a blown out knee, but I wouldn’t take this to heart until March or April of 2011.

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