Ray Lewis on Peyton Hillis: “A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while”

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The numbers say the Ravens defense is still very good this year, but there have been more than a few moments where they haven’t looked as great as previous seasons.

One of the initial signs things weren’t quite the same came in Week 3, when Browns running back Peyton Hillis steamrolled over the Ravens for 144 yards and a touchdown.  Ray Lewis said that won’t happen again this week.

“A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while,” Lewis said according to the team’s website. “We understand the two big runs we gave up against them. . . . “[As] our team’s leader, it won’t happen again. I hope [the Browns] understand that.”

Hillis is coming off one of his worst games of the year against the Bengals and missed practice Wednesday.  He was seen limping around the Browns facility, but is expected to play.

Lewis didn’t seem to want to give credit to Hillis for his big game the first time around.

“My son could have run through the holes that we gave him in Baltimore. We just don’t do that,” Lewis said.

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  1. nepatriots128154,

    When the Ravens lose, it’s never because the other team is plays better or just beat them that day. It’s always the schedule is too cold, Thursday games aren’t fair, or the refs made a terrible call.

    The Ravens are the whiniest team in the NFL.

  2. What is with all the griping in the AFC North. Especially this b!tch-a$$ Ravens squad. Suggs now Ray Ray. When is John Harbaugh going to make his annual “way out of left field” comment? Not to mention the Steelers and there fans whining every two seconds. Honestly! Throw in T.O. and Ocho and what was once football’s most physical division, has been reduced to a gridiron version of The View. Too bad Joe Flacco is already on Sesame Street.

  3. From Suggs to Ray Ray to even Bart Scott as recently as last year, the Ravens are certainly not the epitome of class.

    That stated, Ray Lewis is a great player. Lewis will be a Hall of Famer and he should be.

    Terrell Suggs is a good player.

    And Bart Scott is a below average player – now toiling for the Jets. Scott gets pancaked a lot and has his head on a swivel more than any LB in the league. And he’s really mouthy.

    Credit where credit is due – but damn, the Ravens are just about as ghetto as it gets.

  4. The expression is “even a blind squirrel finds a nut”.
    He should stick to things he knows, like hitting people on the field and stabbing them off it.

  5. Alright, I’m no Clowns fan but I’d love to see Hillis run over Lewis multiple times on Sunday.

    Don’t forget your knife, Ray-Ray. Don’t forget your knife…

  6. Let’s just play the game. I’ll venture to say Hillis will be limping a lot worse after the game…IF he plays at all.

    He’ll be a marked man.

    The ghetto is a bad place to have a bad wheel.

  7. It’s all making sense now – names are destiny

    Jets – known for crashing horribly
    Patriots – known for winning battles
    Colts – known for being small and fast
    Steelers – ask a seahawks fan about theft 😉
    Chargers – known for getting themselves in a hole early
    Ravens – known for making noise and nothing else

  8. “A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while”


    Judging by how Hillis embarrassed them in the first meeting, I think Ray was comparing his defensive unit to the blind cat.

  9. this isn’t the same Ravens defense that won the Super Bowl almost 10 years ago … they’ve been giving up yards & points in the bunches, & looked gassed in the Monday Night game against the Texans … somebody needs to clue Ray Ray in, Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like an all-pro against them, for crying out loud … IF you’re going to talk trash, it would help if you can back it up, instead of playing like crap

  10. Wait..isn’t Ray-Ray’s kid actually a HS RB??? He’s dissing his own kid.
    Meanwhile, I have yet to hear Hillis ever whine or complain about others’ roles when he has a bad day.
    I think the only NFL fans in the world who can stomach the Cravens and their majority of d-bag players are their own fans. Colts fans hate them, Steelers fans hate them. Patriots fans hate them…on and on and on.

  11. “My son could have run through the holes that we gave him in Baltimore.” Lewis said.


    I’m confused…Peyton Hillis is Ray’s son?

  12. I’m a Steeler fan, but I’m surprised that he made that remark. He’s toned down the rhetoric after Rex Ryan left and speaks pretty knowledgibly about the game.

    That being said, 144 yds rushing anf 7 pass receptions is an exceptional effort against any top rated defense. So where’s the beef about being disrespected?

  13. Peyton Hillis on Ray Lewis -“and the White Rhino can run your tired punk whiney a** over any time he wants too” (better bring your famous shank with you brotha if you wanna take him down one on one), this big cat aint blind and he will find plenty of meals in the endzone this week. Go Browns!l

  14. Since Ray Lewis is an idiot, I’ll correct the obvious first… the expression, Ray, is: “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.” You truly are stupid Lewis.

    And also obvious is that Ray Lewis is just a racist who thinks he’s better solely because he’s black.

    Really, why isn’t he in prison for murder? Man, the NFL must be proud!

  15. @beckzhere,
    So what, so did Arian Foster, Peyton Hillis act one, etc…etc…etc…Ryan Fitzwhatever and Shaub threw for close to 400, Kyle Orton threw for over 300, oh yeah, and there was the dude from Carolina who I can’t remember his name…and you know what they all have in common? Yup, they’re all part of the “10” in the 10-4. Individual stats don’t mean jack – he can run all day long just like Forrest – we care about scoreboard at this time if the year –

  16. “From Suggs to Ray Ray to even Bart Scott as recently as last year, the Ravens are certainly not the epitome of class.”

    @paulieorkid why do you feel the need to comment about a team you clearly know very little about???? bart didnt play for the ravens last year.

    and if the “Ravens are just about as ghetto as it gets” let me know of some of the crimes these players have committed in the last few years and lets compare that to some other teams…try me.

  17. Hillis will not sniff 60
    are you kidding me?It is easily the toughest division in football
    @Patriots Fans:
    Who’s that Lady…Who’s that Lady
    Its Tom Brady
    You got a lot of nerve criticizing ANYONE for whining – between the Patsies and the Red Sox they are easiest the biggest whining teams and fans in all of sports.

  18. Guess Ray didn’t like being Hillis’s bitch first time around.

    Had Hillis gone to the U–he’d be the best according to Ray.

  19. The saying is, “a blind squirrel stumbles upon an acorn every once in awhile.”

    Another quote is, “a passenger in a limo stabbing every once in awhile gets away with the murder of a fellow passenger.”


    A braindead linebacker can screw up any saying all of the time.

  20. Big Duh, even Ray Lewis can have an epiphany!

    What do the Browns have on offense other than Hillis, Joe Thomas, and a rookie QB? By now even the Bungles had the Browns figured out. The true test will be if & when they get some other weapons for “The Kid” to throw to.

    Ray, be really glad the Billionaire Boys Club (better known as the NFL) invested in a human sports event for their jollies instead of racing horses or dogs. What would you have done???

  21. Ray.. how exactly was that guy holding the knife when you let someone get murdered right in front of you? And you couldn’t have stopped it? No. I don’t have to let it go.

  22. There you go Ray, put out there. If they got a problem with it, man up and prove him wrong, it’s that simple. The rest of you just keeping crying.

  23. Well, Hillis is having a better year than Ray Rice, so I guess Rice must be a “blind cat” too.

    1500+ total yards and 13 TD’s, Ray. Get over it.

  24. bigdaddyraven says:
    Dec 23, 2010 6:37 AM
    There you go Ray, put out there. If they got a problem with it, man up and prove him wrong, it’s that simple. The rest of you just keeping crying.
    People don’t play to prove Ray Lewis or Terrell Suggs wrong. Hillis doesn’t need any validation from Lewis and Tom Brady certainly needs none from Suggs.

  25. Ray Lewis is a complete joke. 1st ballot and great player, but the things that come out of his mouth are comical. So much trash talk in Baltimore. Whats with the mink coats and stripper like dances before games?

  26. Where the hell is the racism in Ray Lewis’ statements? Half a dozen people injected “Racist” into their comments here, and I fail to see why….He didn’t say “Even a Honkie Cat finds a meal once in a while”, did he? Did he say “That white punk ass from Cleveland”? “Cracker better not think he gonna do that again”? What???
    I’d love to see Hillis blow the old man up a few times this week, but there was no racism in those comments, or did I miss it?
    Of course, if Mangina has a brain, he’ll play fake to Hillis all day long, Lewis and the Baltimore D will be so hellbent on stopping him they’ll leave the TE or slot WR open underneath all day……….

  27. Lewis basically said the same thing last year when Cedric Benson broke the Ravens’ streak of holding running backs to fewer than 100 yards. And Benson went out in round 2 and topped 100 yards again.

    If Hillis does it again, the Ravens’ will shut up. Or blame it on someone else. It could go either way.

  28. Dumb azz Lewis. Just STFU. Always crying about something. You cannot even get an age old expression correct. The term Baltimoron has its roots in idiotic comments like yours.
    I hope that boy hillis flattens your trifelin no account azz. Meanwhile go put your make up on mr wannabe “warrior”. Then not only will you sound like a Baltimoron but you will look like one too.

  29. Ravens “D” has been struggling all year, needing the offense to pick up the slack. Now as far as Hillis being a blind cat, i beg to differ. He’s been a beast all year and deserves a pro bowl spot.

  30. Ray sure loves to talk, except when you put him in front of a jury at a murder trial, then all of a sudden he has nothing to say.



    Accessory to Murder.

  31. Ray,

    Please remember this: the Cleveland Browns made those “holes” that Hillis was running through. And they weren’t “holes” until Peyton Hillis, or Lawrence Vickers knocked either you or Suggs on your asses.

    You failed your employer. You didn’t earn your money.

    You got beat.

    Got that, Ray?


  32. Why is everyone jumping all over Lewis? He’s right. Even though he got the quote wrong, every once in a while a blind squirrel DOES find a nut as evidenced by his ONE ring in his 15 years in the league.

    He also is 3-11 versus the 2 best QBs of this generation (Manning and Brady). At least Lewis is smart enough to talk tough going into a Browns game unlike his teammate Terrell Sucks.

  33. Lewis understands the 2 big runs. Does he understand that if he took away Rice’s 83 yard TD in the playoff game against the Pats last year that the Ravens AVERAGED 2.9 yards per carry on all the other runs while Flacco threw for 50 yards?

    The point is is that it doesn’t matter. Those runs happened and they counted.

  34. @ blackqbwhiterb who says:

    Where the hell is the racism in Ray Lewis’ statements? Half a dozen people injected “Racist” into their comments here, and I fail to see why….
    Its because they’re racists themselves. Lets face it, there are whole lot of bitter, nasty white men who hate black folks and this forum gives them a chance to state what’s on their minds and in their hearts—in a cowardly way of course. All racists are punk as cowards.

    yeah, Leiws should be criticized for having one ring in his fifteen years. because its soooo easy to play fifteen years in the NFL.

  35. Ray sounds pretty angry and is a pretty scary human being. With that said, should I start Hillis in my fantasy championship this week?

  36. I respect Ray Lewis as a player, he is one of the best defensive players of his generation. But he needs to learn how to shut his mouth.

    Between him and Suggs it gives off the impression that the team has no class at all.

  37. Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs talk better than they play. The Ravens D is average this year and they both need to STFU. They’re just pissed cause they’re not relavent this year and no one’s talking about them.

  38. It’d be poetic justice if a hobbled Hillis left Lewis blind as this supposed cat.

    Tell me why am I seeing this guy on commercials again?

    All time great MLB, but geez, it’s not 2000, man.

  39. Its trash talk, they all do it! Hillis is no saint, so please stop the BS! There was nothing racist about what Ray said. Go back to some of his past statements regarding other players. Ray loves to compete and is very good at what he does. He will be a hall of fame selection easily. Hillis should be a pro bowl selection easily. Both players are good, but let’s be honest ray is better. Besides the guy that I am playing for my leagues fantasy championship is starting Hillis. So you can see why I want Hillis to fail this week….LMAO

  40. I have to give Ray-Ray credit. He’s probably the second best football player/murderer ever, right behind The Juice. Quit runnin your mouth and just play football! Or stab somebody.

  41. Because you know that is what he meant. Good thing ol’ Ray Ray didn’t turn states evidence because he knows he wouldn’t be here today.

  42. “Naw, the game is over”….Ray, get your azz out there…that FG was good, you’re gonna lose in OT….bwahahahaha.

  43. the knife and murder comments never get old…Really, it was ten friggin years ago. everytime anything about Ray Ray is posted its knife this murder that. Some of you doush bag bloggers need to get a life.

    and the Ravens are no more classless then any other team in the league. check the police blotter, every team has its good guys and some who are just stupid and make stupid decisions

  44. The funny thing about Peyton Hillis is that I can’t imagine him ever opening his big fat mouth, spewing excuses, edicts and warnings and generally just looking like a fool who is past his prime and is angry about it. Thank God he has a little more class than that.

  45. Nothing classier than a 10-4 team that *still* feels the need to make excuses about a game they won several weeks after the fact. Ray Lewis would probably be bored out of his thick skull if he didn’t have something to complain about every week.

  46. Lewis will be in the HOF but he is a thug and an idiot!! I jope Hillis runs for 150 and runs over the Ravens. I’m tired of listening to them.

  47. What do you do when your team has guys that say stupid things? I will call him out.

    Ray, shut up! Hillis punched the D in the face last time around. And in case you haven’t noticed, has done it to quite a few since then. At least we won that game.

    Ray…play…win, and then talk.

    By the way, all of you who keep bringing up the stabbing thing…really? That is the best you have? In 10 years, you can’t come up with something a little more recent? It is easier to point to him losing speed and not being who he once was as a player. Or that no other team showed interest when he was a free agent. At least those would be accurate statements.

  48. nepatriots128154,

    When the Ravens lose, it’s never because the other team is plays better or just beat them that day. It’s always the schedule is too cold, Thursday games aren’t fair, or the refs made a terrible call.

    The Ravens are the whiniest team in

    this is so true, dont forget the other line their qb loves to use “i feel we really didnt lose this game, more like gave it away” lol

  49. Wow, what a meathead. He ran all over you and you say he was lucky???? I guess you can say that Ray Rice was lucky against other teams as well. What a classless douche!!

  50. for all you morons that know nothing of ray lewis… his past… or ANYTHING about his court case… Ray Lewis takes it personally when ANYONE runs for over 100 yds against the Ravens… he was just making a statement that “it won’t happen again”… to me that’s a compliment to Hillis… the man is a great back and he even said so later on AFTER this comment was made

  51. i think its goes, “even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes.” We’ll find out tomorrow, my money is on the Ravens to win the game, whatever Hillis does. Go Ravens

  52. Hahahaha, I love all you Brownies fans always whining and complaining. Well Ray, you spoke the truth. Peyton Hillis? 35 yards…. oh…

    Ravens = playoff berth

    Brownies = just another losing season

    Baltimore 20. Cleveland 10.

    What is that… six wins in a row? Three years and counting…

    To the playoffs baby… feels good to be a Ravens fan!!!!

    damn… sorry cleveland…

  53. Lewis is HOF with a tinge of racist thrown in.

    Why do I say ‘racist’? For the simple reason that we white folks lost the monopoly on racism long ago

    Or didn’t you get the memo?

    Suggs is a bit mouthy, with a touch of amusingly moronic

    Flecco is ok

    They are unquestionably a tough team and the Patriots have beaten them 6 out of the last 7 times they played them, including in ot this year after trailing by 10 in the 4th quarter

    I would like to see the Browns beat them but don’t really think they will.

    One more thing – interesting to see them talking trash at the Browns

  54. Lewis should have just said what Brady said…The Browns and Hillis sure talk a lot for being 0-6 against us.

    Then again, Ray prefers to make his statements before a win, rather than Brady who does his trash talking after a win.

  55. Still a stupid thing to say, but thank you Ray (and team) for backing up the talk. No room to run all day for Hillis.

    Post game quotes from Ngata and Suggs (believe it or not) were complimentary of Hillis.

    Time to finish off Bengals. Although, without their Diva duo at WR the Bengals showed life yesterday.

  56. Lewis is finished! He trails along and make hits after his teammates have already slowed ball carrier. Anybody that watched the Houston game saw what he has left. Tired Old Man!!!!

  57. I would pay to see Peyton Hillis fight Ray Lewis, but we all know how that would go. Lewis would sneak a knife in and stab him. Then he would grow 8 heads on his shoulder pads and walk around with old spice swagger…

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