Report: Troy Smith to start for 49ers

It took a day longer than expected, but a rat in the 49ers building has revealed the identity of this week’s starting quarterback.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that Mike Singletary will go back to Troy Smith, just two weeks after benching him for Alex Smith.  At the time of Troy Smith’s benching, Alex Smith’s mastery of the playbook was given as the primary reason he got the call.

The 49ers went 1-1 in Alex Smith’s second turn of duty, with one fantastic performance and one terrible one against the Chargers.  (Which is exactly what would have happened if Troy Smith started those games.  The 49ers haven’t beaten a winning team all season, but they are playing well enough lately to beat NFC West squads and other bottom feeders.)

We don’t know what the right move is.  But we do know the 49ers seem to change their direction every week, whether they are in the off-season or regular season.

Offensive coordinator Mike Johnson said both Smiths are getting reps with the first team this week.  It looks like Singletary is getting distracted with creating mystery with his quarterback decision instead of just preparing his team the best way to win.

If Troy Smith is starting after missing two weeks of action, he should get all the practice time possible to prepare.

16 responses to “Report: Troy Smith to start for 49ers

  1. Maybe the thinking is Troy Smith beat the Rams once, so he can do it again?

    Then again, this is Mike Singletary calling the shots so there probably wasn’t much thinking involved.

  2. It’s sad, but I honestly expect the Niners to make the playoffs this year. Seattle has no shot in Tampa, meaning the Niners just need to beat St Louis and Arizona and they will be in. They are a talented team but awful coaching and complete lack of stability and infrastructure has caused them to lose games.

  3. They have been on the phone with the old Browns guys for tips on how to handle a QB controversy when a starter is not available

  4. I’m hoping they alternate snaps, that way Singletary won’t have to make a decision and stick with it.

    What a waste of time. They both suck equally. Oh, I know, how about no quarterback and just do direct snaps to the running back. Or two quarterbacks at the same time. Honestly I’m not sure at this point anything the 9ers would do this season would surprise me.

  5. I never understood why Singletary went back to Alex Smith in the first place. He was 1-6 as a starter this year at the time. Troy Smith was 3-2. It seems pretty clear who should be starting. Not that anything Singletary does makes a whole lot of sense.

  6. Get rid of Singletary, he is an absolute joke as a head coach. Granted both Alex and Troy Smith are nothing special at QB, but c’mon, pick one and stick with the guy. This constant QB shuffling hurts the continuity of the team.

    Mike changes QB’s faster than my sister used to go through boyfriends. What a debacle!

  7. I don’t think that either Smith is going to lead the team to the promised land, but they might as well see what Troy Smith is capable of. Alex Smith completes a hell of a lot more of his passes, though. Maybe he’ll be Shanahan’s new project next year.

  8. I agree 49erman. Well with the first part. Not sure about your sister. And I totally disagree with the article saying Alex played terrible last week. He got no help. Bad play calls. Dropped passes. His INT was a force towards the end of the game on a long 4th down. Not saying he played great, but c’mon, stick to one guy.

  9. Troy Smith would be the logic choice if looking to the future. Alex Smith has been with the 49ers for 5 years. Can there be anything else to learn about his play? Coaches aside, the 49ers will have to be making some decisions at the quarterback position next year.

    What if Troy Smith takes the 49ers to the playoffs?

  10. as a 49ers fan, … I HOPE THE RAMS WIN, which will put the 49ers out of playoff contention in the NFC West, & will force the Yorks to FIRE the HC, … it’s not the losses that gall me, it’s this team getting their asses kicked, at Seattle, at KC, at GB, at SD, getting SHUTOUT at HOME against TB, they aren’t even competitive in these games, gave Carolina their first win, … by any measure Singletary is a failure, & 5-11 would put that into perspective better than 7-9, winning the NFC West, making the playoffs & getting another ass kicking in the playoffs.

  11. Let me start off by saying I’m a Rams fan living in the Bay Area so I HAVE TO watch every single Niner game).

    Now, my point. Troy Smith went 66 for 126 (52%) 4 touchdowns versus 3 interceptions, for 1,023 yards (about 200 yards a game). Alex Smith has completed 179 of 298 (60%) for 1,974 yards (215 ypg) with 12 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Troy Smith’s passes were simply uncatchable balls that weren’t caught, Alex Smith on the other hand DOES throw some bad passes, but I’d say a third of his incomplete passes are passes that are perfectly throw and simply DROPPED. Statistically, both QBs have a difference of 1 in QB rating (Alex has a 79.2 and Troy has an 80.2). Alex Smith SHOULD be starting for this team for the simple fact that he CAN succeed (he did when he had a real O-Coordinator in Norv Turner) in the NFL while Troy Smith will NEVER be a QB capable of leading a team to the promised land.

  12. troy doesnt know their offense or any offense for that matter.

    i do expect the niners to win out, however.

  13. plzz plzz plzzz lose this game! throw in Alex smith! we need to lose this game darn it! I don’t want to make the playoffs and get blown out vs the wild card team and pick 21st on the draft.. we lose that game we pick in the top 10 and have way better chances to trade down to get a qb.. don’t know if we would be able to get Luck but shoot, mallet would do!

    I rather see us make the playoffs in years to come than make it this year and continue sucking in years to come. plain and simple!

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