Rex tells players he’s “embarrassed” by videos


Jets coach Rex Ryan won’t talk publicly about a series of YouTube videos featuring his wife, her feet, and in at least one of them the apparent voice of Rex himself.

The party line?  It’s a “personal matter.”  Rex used that phrase in comments to both the Chicago and New York media on Wednesday.  The team’s initial statement included those words, and a statement from G.M. Mike Tannenbaum reiterated the position.

“Woody and I have met with Rex,” Tannenbaum said.  “This is a personal matter, and he has our full support.”  (Then again, coach Eric Mangini had the full support of Johnson, not long before Mangini didn’t.)

The league has adopted the same strategy, calling it a “personal matter.”

Though no one has officially confirmed or denied that the videos contain images of Ryan’s wife and/or the sounds of Ryan’s voice (which in our view counts as a confirmation), cornerback Darrelle Revis has spilled the beans.

“He basically came in there and said, ‘You guys might know about the situation; some of you guys might not know,'” Revis said, per Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “‘You’ll find out later on today.  Right now, I feel embarrassed, but it’s something personal with me.'”

In other words, it’s them.  And though we believe that these matters are indeed personal, the Ryans waived any claim to privacy by uploading the segments to the most public video website in the world.

Moreover, we continue to believe that this isn’t about privacy but about respect and consideration for Ryan’s current and future employers.  Ryan had a chance to protect the organization from embarrassment, and he deliberately chose not to do so by making those videos public.

Here’s the real question.  Would the Jets have hired him if they knew about the videos?

And then there’s this question.  Did the Ravens not hire him in 2008 because they knew about the videos?

Finally, the lesson to be learned by every pro sports team is that a wide net needs to be cast when looking into the background of a potential head coach.  Language should be added to each coaching contract seeking a specific disclosure that the coach has not engaged in various, specific categories of potentially embarrassing behavior — with the threat of a for-cause termination that would cut off any future salary obligations if the team later learns that the coach lied.

In this case, our guess is that the issue never came up.  Given the significance of the head-coaching position to billion-dollar football teams, it should have come up — and it surely will come up in the future.

153 responses to “Rex tells players he’s “embarrassed” by videos

  1. This is Hilarious…Rex the freak, if they are private, and embarrassing, why the hell put them on YouTube? Idiot…Hey Rex, The devil wears prada….LMAO

  2. Finally, the point is…

    Who gives a damn? Does his team show up and play?
    Does he usually develop a good defensive game plan?

    I’m not a Jets fan, and actually hate anything from New York but give the guy a break.
    These guys are real people too.

    Would you be shocked to also find out that he had sex with his wife to give birth to his kids? Or did you assume they just magically appeared.

  3. As much as this Pats fan would love to have fun at the expense of Rex – this country had a President who got caught getting a beaner from an intern in THE OVAL OFFICE. They say that Ronald Reagan didn’t feel comfortable taking his jacket off in the Oval Office, he was in such awe of the place. But after that news broke, Clinton’s approval ratings actually WENT UP! So it’s hard to get worked up about Rex and his wife. What’s a little kink between a man, his wife, and their millions of wacko internet fans?

  4. .
    its a non story. just like the PERSONAL favre pics to look at me sterger…….

    adults do wut they do in their personal lives……

    this aint sharia law here so stop trying to act like it is.

  5. It was love at first sight when he first took off his footie pajamas.

    “OMFG, they’re HUGE!”.

  6. I feel bad for him. One of the truly personal matters that don’t belong in anything but tabloids and hack journalist sites…

  7. This just in……. We are hearing that former Patriots videographer Matt Walsh may be in possession of a secretly taped “walkthrough” by Rex Ryan’s wife. It’s Footgate!

    Seriously Rex, if you think this story should be treated as a personal matter, then you really do not understand the premise behind YouTube. Dumb move dude!

  8. Rex was hoping she’d develop a fetish for foul mouthed fat guys, but things don’t always turn out the way you plan in marriage.

  9. I’d like to respect Rexy’s privacy but if he uploaded those videos to a “private” site like Youtube then it’s kindof tough to feel too bad for him.

    Not a wise move. Why not upload some video of the Jets practice sesssions while you’re at it?

  10. Embarrassed is the right word. He didn’t break any laws. He didn’t hurt anybody. He’s not even cheating on his wife. It’s embarrassing but that’s it. If that’s the worst thing he’s ever done he should apply for sainthood.

  11. moolah954 says:
    Dec 22, 2010 6:15 PM


    If people can drag Belichick through the mud for his personal life, the same can be done to the Foot Fairy.

  12. Unless he was using the Jets name or video equipment, this is a non-story.

    Your contention that any employee of a football team, no matter how high-profile, has to have a completely sanitized past is absurd.

    Rex appears to be handling things appropriately, and if it doesn’t impact his coaching abilities or the team, it’s a dead issue.

  13. She wed him for “better or worse”. The left foot smells worse, but the right is a bit better.

  14. The real story is their profile desires on Nipple torture? Can you imagine “swinging” with a pig like that?

  15. excuse me miss, are you ok? car trouble or anything? no, don’t put your feet back, they are very pretty.
    Every player/fan of opposing teams should have fun with this one.
    Who’s the first to make two giant posters of feet to show at the stadium?

  16. I’m sorry but why would the Jets feel threatened because a husband and wife engaged in some role playing involving a pair of feet? I know it is the Christmas holidays but if this is a big story then we need a Brett Favre smoking gun pic reveal because if a pair of feet is going to bring down the coaching career of Rex Ryan then we have fallen.

  17. It’s refreshing to see a man who loves his wife after 25 years of marriage and is still with her.

    As opposed to Bill Belicheck, the home recker, who was doing that guy’s wife back in New Jersey. You know, the one who mentioned him by name in the divorce.

    Dean Wormer

  18. The irony is, most fans, including a great many who don’t like Rex or the Jets, view this as a non-story. Folks find it funny, no doubt, but even the usual brutal deadspin crowd is pretty sedate on it.

    The people trying (desperately) to make hay on this are the reporters and pseudo-reporters (bloggers).

    I’m not sure how this embarrasses the organization, and if it remains “news” for more than a week, it’ll only be specifically at the efforts of media types continuing to push it.

  19. WTF?
    This is just so stupid that the word stupid doesn’t do it justice.
    A private matter all over the internet?
    I guess it’s better then something involving children or animals.


  21. How does this even affect the jets? Are people going to sell their season tickets or PSLs? Are Michelle Ryan Jersey sales going to plummett? Is the league going to add a loss to the jets record or take away draft picks? Its not like he’s having the black Olympics (which was infinitely more offensive and twice as funny). Quit trying to make a story out of nothing, like Brett favored wishing luck to his NFL brethren. Don’t look now, Justin tuck said Vicky should be the MVP. He must have him on his fantasy team and he probably single handedly tanked the game. Probably called Andy and Howie and told them wgaj to do, too. Cut him now.

  22. The wife became interested in Rex after overhearing another woman say that he was, “shod like a freaking stallion!”.

  23. How does this even affect the jets? Are people going to sell their season tickets or PSLs? Are Michelle Ryan Jersey sales going to plummett? Is the league going to add a loss to the jets record or take away draft picks? Its not like he’s having the black Olympics (which was infinitely more offensive and twice as funny). Quit trying to make a story out of nothing, like Brett favored wishing luck to his NFL brethren. Don’t look now, Justin tuck said Vicky should be the MVP. He must have him on his fantasy team and he probably single handedly tanked the game. Probably called Andy and Howie and told them what to do, too. Cut him now.

  24. please jets…fire this fool. the nfl was doing fine before he got here and will be fine without him. for those of us who actually respect the game and its history, this guy is no good.

    lombardi, landry, stram, grant, knoll, levy….ryan???? uh, no.

  25. Rex Ryan: The Chuck Wepner of Football. I knew it last year when he didn’t even know he was still in the running for a playoff spot. How comepletely stupid is that? Rex probably has a closet the size of most warehouses. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

  26. It might not be too long til Woody Johnson (ironic!) finds a napkin in his inbox that says the following:

    I hereby resign as HC of the NYJ


  27. How is this even a freaking story, and why the hell are you harping about researching something like this.

    You and your damn over blowing the dumbest of things.

    Who cares Rex has a foot fettish?

    Who cares Rex gets freaky on the internets.

    Last time I checked is a billion dollar industry for a reason.

    So a skeleton came out of the closet. It is not detrimental to his coaching career in the slightest bit.

    And this is coming from someone who doesn’t like the guy.

    Stop being such a retard on the matter.

  28. Who cares? The man has a foot fetish and I’m sure so do thousands of others. If the Jets are embarassed by it, I’m sure they’ll handle it. If they don’t care, which it seems they don’t, then leave it alone.

    If the videos intrigue you for whatever reason, watch them. If they’re not your thing, move on. There’s plenty of weird crap on the internet for you to focus on.

  29. Seeing the look of surprise and dismay on his wife’s face on their wedding night, Rex said, “You know what they say babe, ‘…big feet…………………….BIG MOUTH!”.

  30. Really? This is nothing compared to whoever it was in the Lions front office that got a DWI and blew how high again? Like .20 or something? This isn’t ethically or criminally wrong in any means of the word. If this is considered “conduct detrimental”, every NFL “suit” with a DUI, drug conviction, etc should be fired, immediately.

    The only downside that I see to this is that if the Jets owner decides to “break his foot off” in Rex’s arse, it might not have the desired effect(for the owner anyway).

  31. Rex, you are an idiot and an embarrasment to the NFL and not just because of this. Shame on Woody Johnson for allowing Rex to turn his franchise into an out of control fraternity!!

  32. The NY newspapers will come up with some snappy headlines to sell some copies and then we can all move on. Please wake me when its over.

  33. The cluelessness of the “nonstory” crowd pains me. What a person’s sexual preferences are is a nonstory. When a person makes those preferences extremely public, it evinces a level of indiscretion that is simply unacceptable when you work in the public sphere. Ask yourself, what if Bill Belichick had a BDSM fetish (who knows, it’s possible). Would you condone him filming and publishing nonpornographic videos of himself documenting that fetish? Of course you wouldn’t. He is entitled to do absolutely whatever he wants, but as a public figure he is expected to keep certain matters private

  34. #
    moolah954 says: Dec 22, 2010 6:15 PM


    As a Patriot fan I think it’s a great story.

    How would BB respond to this – “I don’t know about that, I’m just trying to get my team for the Buffalo game.”

  35. Clearly the “personal matter” comments means it is Rex and his wife in the videos. However, it does not mean that they uploaded the videos to youtube. It’s probably poor judgment to film the videos in the first place (even if it is a personal nature) but it would be extremely poor judgment if they uploaded the videos themselves. I’m not claiming Rex is a logical person by any means but it would be surprising, even for Rex, to think someone of his status would upload personal videos such as these to one of the most popular websites in the world.

  36. In other words, it’s them. And though we believe that these matters are indeed personal, the Ryans waived any claim to privacy by uploading the segments to the most public video website in the world.

    Am I missing something here? Just because we believe it’s the Ryan’s in the videos, does that mean they uploaded the videos to the “most public site in the world”?

    Isn’t it possible that they shared the videos with someone they trusted and that person did it?

    If they admitted to posting the videos to the web, I missed it.

  37. So is the NFL investigative arm just going to set up a permanent office at the Jets headquarters? And how is a video intentionally posted on the net all of a sudden personal?

  38. This story will easily score the most comments ever.
    C’mon feel free to pile on. This isn’t Tony Dungy or anybody remotely respectable. It’s Rex Freakin’ Ryan and the sanctimonious Jet fans.

    LMFAO all the way from the Frozen Tundra.

  39. No, sorry to you apologists out there it most definitely is a story. You don’t like it, then don’t read about it. TMZ reports personal crap everyday, are those stories, do they affect the way someone ‘entertains’? No? But it sure does keep them in the media spotlight, which is EXACTLY what this does. What a doofus, sorry, don’t like to read about it, go to another website, this is PRO FOOTBALL TALK, not PRO FOOTBALL STATS about the game, only the game, nothing about players, coaches, etc. Media makes stories about how players do public works around the holiday’s, that’s a story, have to take the good with the bad. That’s the way the world is today, like stated, don’t like it, go away, don’t read it, we’ll get along just fine without you, thanks. Mikey hits this one out of the park, good job.

  40. I don’t really see how these videos make the organization look bad. In a league of girlfriend beatings, steroid abuse, and DUI’s, people shouldn’t get too worked up about a coach’s fully clothed wife having her husband video tape her feet. If they want to slap those videos on the interweb, they can deal with the personal embarresment. They’re not doing anything illegal, and though people think it’s a touch odd, it’s awfully tame.

  41. The high profile coach of the high profile Jersey/B’s:
    1 Films this.
    2 Posts it on YouTube.
    3 Is embarrassed?

    The Farce is strong with this one.

  42. Professional life: Rex coaches to avoid defeat.
    Private Life: Rex loves da feet!

    What kind of idiot posts a video who is in the public eye?

  43. 1. I’m a Patriots fan and season ticket holder.

    2. I do not care for Rex Ryan. At all.

    Now that that is out of the way, I have to say that I’m not sure what the editorial perspective is in this post. It seems as though it is being implied that Ryan has committed some kind of offense.

    Clearly, this is an embarrassing situation for Rex Ryan. While I’m not a ‘feet’ person, my opinion on stuff like this is that I am not going to judge people for whatever consenting adults choose to do to get their rocks off.

    I do understand that other people’s opinion may be more….conservative. That is Rex’s problem, I guess. But I see no reason why it is the Jets’ problem or the NFL’s problem. I don’t see why they should be concerned. Its not like he was involved in kiddie-porn. While it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it does not strike me as plainly offensive.

    Let us move on. This doesn’t have anything to do with football.

  44. I am sorry but i dont see the issue. He isnt doing anything wrong, isnt cheating on his wife and is proud to think highly of his wife.
    Sure the prudish segmant of our society who knows about 1 or 2 positions and still thinks that one “move” that was special 10 or 20 years ago is still hitting the mark with their spouse, they would feel uncomfortable. However they probably are the same folks complain about anything out of the most vanilla of subjects. This is particularly true when it comes to “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh sex”.

  45. “My wife has tiny tits but two inch nipples”
    Awesome Rex! Pass her on to us Pats fans!
    I’d have liked to get some of that action while the last Pats-Jets game played on t.v. in the background!
    What a dork! I love having him coach the Jets.

    Has everyone seen the swingers web site that they are on? Don’t miss it. It’s priceless.

  46. This will just make it that much sweeter when the Jets win it all, but admittedly not tuis season.

    And for the love of God, PLEASE stop reporting on this non-football story.

  47. apparently anything goes in this world. “hey dude….come violate my wife while i watch. yeah…THATS NORMAL (rolls eyes). wth is wrong with some of you people? to each his own…whatever.

  48. Who posted the videos, purpleguy? And personal and private are different words that mean different things.

  49. Well, it’s a good thing she has pretty feet cause the girl ain’t got no boobs.

    Honestly, I have no clue what would motivate them to publish something like that in such a public forum unless there was some sexual thrill in knowing other folks could see her feet?

    Please note I’m a boob guy so no, not speaking from experience. Just wondering about the mindset that would motivate someone to risk something like that.

    Must be some pretty damn hot feet.

  50. You just cannot get as much entertainment from an NFL team than the NY Jets have provided this season.

    How the hell are they 10-4 with all of the backround noise?

    Rex, we love ya, Summit loves ya, and Somerset County NJ loves ya. Merry Christmas and I hope you have another great playoff run this season.

  51. JETS… jets…

    Juvenile Erotic Tootsie Show…


    27 is right. if ryan wanted it kept quiet he shouldnt have filmed jack in the first place.

  52. A flat-out idiot.

    Those videos get people fired.

    But the shameless Jets just plow ahead.

    What a pathetic outfit.

  53. Not judging, but can somebody, anybody please tell me who and why someone gets off through an old lady exposing her feet? I just don’t get the allure of a grandma rubbing her paper skinned dogs together.

  54. deepbacksidedig says:
    Dec 22, 2010 7:02 PM
    F-E-E-T Feet! Feet! Feet!


    I cannot wait until a stadium rocks with that chant.

    Personal? Maybe.

    Wrong? No.

    Embarrassing? Probably.

    Freakin’ hilarious? Absolutely!

  55. Eight of the 53 players currently on the Jets, along with two team scouts and an assistant trainer, all were surprised that the woman turned out to be Rex’s wife.

  56. What about the postings? Again, he can do whatever he wants in his private life. But when you post things on the internet it’s not private anymore. How many of you “privacy” apologists were this forgiving to Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton? They’re just dirty sluts, right? (FTR-I think they’re dirty sluts too). Or were you forgiving of Belichick when details of his private life came out? (FTR- if he cheated on his wife he’s a scum for doing that). But if you’re going to blow this off, you’d better blow off everyones indiscretions.

  57. I think, out of sensitivity to this private issue, CBS should refrain from using the word “foot” or “ball” when covering the Jets for the rest of the season.

    Yes, it will be challenging for the broadcasters, but I think all viewers would appreciate it if CBS would refrain from evoking the images associated with those two words and Rex Ryan.

  58. realitypolice says: If they admitted to posting the videos to the web, I missed it.

    The “ihaveprettyfeet” youtube site where these originated and associated and other postings all indicate the same person who fits the description of Rex’s wife going back several years of postings

  59. It’s something every week with these guys. How is this not a distraction?

    If I were a player and my coach came in, alright imagine Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore show saying this, “Uh…my wife and I…uh..uh..we made some foot videos…and..uh..mmmm….uh…we put them on the internet. And Murray will handle all the questions.”

  60. Deadspin is the WikiLeaks of the sports world. Is this the future of the Internet, to destroy people’s reputations?

  61. @ citizenstrange

    He’s not really that much of a saint….I personally think people should be able to do whatever they want to do as long as no one gets hurt and they don’t flaunt it…….but those videos were put on a swingers site and Rex made a comment about how his wife lets other men do sexual things to her feet (man, that felt weird typing that). Anyone who shares his wife sexually (on purpose) is a creep in my opinion and hardly a saint…..but to each his own I guess…..this would be completely different if he wasn’t such a high profile figure, but he is….so the embarrassment is completely deserved and should have been expected.

  62. plikkkk says: He is entitled to do absolutely whatever he wants, but as a public figure he is expected to keep certain matters private.
    Says who? Uptight people like you?

    What makes you so special that you can make any matter public but Rex can not?

  63. and btw, good job PFT for calling this exactly what is. whether you condone ryan’s actions or not (in a PRIVATE context), him doing something like this, being in the public eye like he is, is both assinine and irresponsible. He is the face of an entire PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM. THAT is what is WRONG with what he and his wife did.

  64. In the spirit of the season, all I can say is “Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, Hoho ho, ho ho, hohoho ho, Woo hoo, Ha ha ha, Ho, ho……..omfg, hee hee hee, ha ha, Ho, ho ho…………”

  65. I heard Rexy plans to bury some size 7 pumps in the practice field end zone.
    How would you like to be Vernon Ghoulston learning about Rexy’s bi-curiosity after spending all training camp wondering where Vernon’s nuts were?

  66. Come on Flo, you act like they released a sex tape. Is there something in those videos you ain’t telling us? This is a non story, although I appreciate some good JETS thrashing. Yall crack me up.

  67. This isnt the 1st time Rex has been “embarrassed”….

    On their wedding night. Rex asked Michelle if she had and fetish he should be aware of. Michelles said I have a foot fetish. A happy Rex said so do I…..

    The smileing Rex took off his shoes and the rest of his clothes. Rex on his back put one of his feet into the air. Michelle took one look and burst into tears…..

    Rex dumbfounded (kind of like that WTF look he has on his face after another Jets 3 and out on O) said Honey whats wrong?? I thought you had a foot fetish. I have beautiful feet. Michelle said I do have a foot fetish…as in 12 inches. Your about 9 inches short of a touchdown……

  68. … and after finding out that Rex Ryan’s wife is a swinger Bill Belichick’s new top google search is Theresa Ryan. Oddly enough, after learning of the same story, Tom Brady’s is Rex Ryan.

  69. I’m a pats fan I saw the videos and my comment is “who cares”? Big deal… the guy has a hot wife …. he’s turned on by her… that’s normal. He should run with it and joke about it, not run from it. If I were him id do shoe insert commercials with the wife as a gag… people like rex ryan. I’d be more embarassed to be shottenheimer’s snotnose kid on a good day.

  70. I think the Jets and NFL fans are going to judge Rex Ryan on his performance as Head Coach. A point comes when you realize the lawyers want to rule us with an iron fist. The NFL would be missing out on a great head coach that generates a lot of interesting story lines if Rex hadn’t be hired as a head coach. I hope the lawyers don’t forbid only the most boring of people from ever being a head coach.

  71. what kind of world are we living in when the Patriot fans provide the most commonsense responses. its a non story and something for bloggers to continue overhyping in an effort to have someone notice them. For anyone comparing this to Farve’s idiocy, where is the comparison?

  72. I don’t really understand what the deal is. It’s not like it’s anything inappropriate and I don’t see how a video like that would get someone fired. I’m baffled as to why PFT’s making such a big stink out of it. It’s not like it’s racy or controversial. It’s an odd series of videos posted by a private individual on YouTube.

  73. While funny, it’s kinda overblown here…..

    Truth be told, Sounds like Rex is having more fun at home than 90% of all married guys.

    That said, even as a Jets fan, I would die laughing of somehow the Chicago game was filled with thousands of Feet. Dr Scholls or someone has to capitalize on this ASAP.

  74. Wife met Rex when she mentioned to a friend that she wanted to be introduced to a “foot club”.

    The friend thought she said “club foot”.

  75. I think this is funny, and not a real big issue, but the Jets better win out because I’m sure the NY Post can’t wait to use the “The Agony of De-Feet!” headline

  76. Jet offices have not yet closed for the holiday season, but Coach Ryan was unavailable for comment.

    According to the message, he was, “downtown shopping for a few cheap last minute stocking stuffers.”.

  77. What an awful story, a husband and wife who still have a fun and healthy relationship after years of marriage. This is an absolute outrage!

    Rock on Rex! At least your having fun, clearly the dorks at PFT don’t get much action!

  78. Certainly not your best work, Mike.
    Lets give the guy a break…the Jets and their coach have other, bigger and more severe problems to overcome. A little kink never hurt anybody.
    I love your work though!

  79. When news of the scandal broke, Ryan took refuge in his faith. He went straight upstairs, bowed his head, knelt, and in a low, reverent, voice, began to sing….

    “O, Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum….”

  80. …he should have been vetted by billion-dollar football teams owned by billionaires…does anyone think these billionaire owners are without stain? How did the Cleveland Browns begin; or how the Philadelphia Eagles were lost at an Atlantic City casino; or how the Rams and Colts changed hands and how the suspicious drowning of the Ram’s owner was rationalized. And then there was Rooney and the northside boys and the DeBartolo roots, spreading all the way from tiny Youngstown, Ohio, into the fantasy-land of SanFran via the 49ers. The foundation of the NFL, as we know it, began in the shadowy backrooms of skulduggery, and a little toe-tucking on the part of a winning coach is the least venial of those sins.

  81. This just in: Obama changes mind on repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, saying we really DON’T want to know.

  82. There’s no reason for him to lie. If that’s what him and his wife are into, they are consenting adults and that’s it. If they want to make a video, that’s their thing too. For a country that likes to call itself “free”, I’ve never seen so many puritanical prudes in my life. Other than the crazy Arabs, this country has more hangups about sex than any country on Earth. Look, I don’t get the fetish, but they do, and it’s their sex life. There’s no reason anyone’s job should be in jeopardy because some people are so childish as to think they can judge them.

  83. The people, who say it is “none of your business” really are missing a major point: There is a certain decorum that is usually required in business, and you don’t embarrass your employer. Even before he became a head coach, he was in a high-profile job, and you don’t go posting video and naked pictures of your wife on the Internet. That is a no-brainer.

  84. Lets not forget those poor feet caught up in all of this. They’re still trapped between gross rotundity and a hardwood floor.

  85. Ryan’s agent was fuming after hearing of his verbosity.

    “Rex has to learn to clam up before he really sticks his foot……uhhh….errrr………really says something he regrets in the future!”.

  86. It was all fun and games until the wife contracted a severe case of hoof and mouth. Now Rex may be off to the glue factory.

  87. I can understand someone having a foot fetish. Embarrassing but so are a lot of things. What I can not understand is why someone in his position (professional football coach) would EVER make those videos public via Youtube? Are you nuts?

    Rex continues to show an incredible knack for bad judgement, both on and off the field. He has no restraint, and apparently will do anything he wants whenever he wants, even if it is pretty obvious it may come back to bite him. This kind of immediate gratification personality is something you do NOT want in a coach. It tells me that if the Jets ever win anything it will be fairly immediate, with no plans toward the future. Meaning every team he manages will, at most, be one shot wonders.

  88. The part about Rex wanting to share his wife with another big fat sweaty guy. THAT is the part that grosses me out.
    The videos were kind of sweet.
    The swinger’s site profile was the nasty part. Read it before you say it’s all good, clean, wholesome, marital fun.

    Jets fans, here is my Christmas gift to you:
    The image of Rex and Rob Ryan rolling around sweaty and naked together trying to find their weenies, and then trying to find Rex’s wife with them.
    You are so welcome.
    You can open it before Christmas…

  89. bspurloc says:
    Dec 22, 2010 6:24 PM
    its a non story. just like the PERSONAL favre pics to look at me sterger…….

    While this is a non story, sexual harassment isn’t (should it be proven to be as such but in the meantime it needs to be investigated).

    I’m waiting for the Jet’s to leak pictures Belichick took of his wife walking barefoot on the beach and the claim he does the same thing.

    This is actually the first time someone from the Jets organization has manned up and not blamed their doings on someone else….

  90. Wow! A red-blooded American male who loves being married, and having sex with his WIFE!!! Take a picture, folks. This is a rare occurrence indeed!

  91. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, no harm done but one thought just crossed my mind.

    There is nothing that Rex won’t put in his mouth.

  92. Im a Pats fan!!!
    I HATE the Jets!!!
    I DONT like Rex Ryan!!

    This is a non-story! You media sharks are embarassing yourselves! You’re such juveniles!! So please, change the subject and deal with the Jets and their playoff hopes.

  93. (i) By posting things on the internet, he made it a story worthy of coverage. Its not like someone hacked his computer.

    (ii) Although worthy of coverage, speculating that this has cost him a job or should now cost him his job is silly. I can’t think of anyone in any industry that would lose their job over this. The sad thing for PFT is that its not even that slow a news day.

    (iii) The foot thing is benign, the “swinging” thing is gross but not illegal and his lack of discretion in posting them online only proves that he is an exhibitionist. Rex Ryan is an exhibitionist…… stop the presses.

    (iv) He didn’t commit adultery, everything was consensual , no laws were broken and nobody was hurt. The NFL hasn’t launched an investigation (and what they could investigate is beyond me). As someone pointed out, I doubt there is a movement of people

    (v) He stands in a locker room with guys like Cromarte who has so many illegitimate children he couldn’t name them on Hard Knocks: I doubt this will cause him to lose control of the locker room. Most of those guys are into stuff worse than Rex. This is particularly true given his individual style which seems premised on not taking himself too seriously. The fact that it was consentual and that he didn’t cheat on his wife keeps him in the top 25% of NFL players and coaches.

    (vi) He’s without question one of the best defensive minds in the league and his team is on the cusp of making the playoffs (again) after several years of abject failure. The fact that everyone is talking about him proves that he’s worth keeping around.

    (vii) This is this years equivalent of Andy Reid’s kids.

  94. pudgalvin says:
    Dec 22, 2010 7:17 PM

    “If they want to slap those videos on the interweb, they can deal with the personal embarresment. ”
    WTF is an “interweb?!?”

    Is that what Al Gore was really trying to invent?

  95. I’m sure Rex and the Jets will quickly put this behind them. They just have to put their best foot forward and…oops.

  96. howtodisappear – I just friggin spit out my coffee all over my desk when I read that. That was good.

  97. @ruggerbo

    The guy posted his wife’s naked pics (private parts) offering them to the better endowed men out there and you don’t think that’s an issue. Maybe he should just bring her into the locker room showers.

  98. So to rex being “defeated” is equivalent to castration?


    I haven’t had this much fun with the jets since coach Kotex aka Richie Kotite

  99. Funny stuff. If Rex does his next postgame presser with sock puppets I gonna cry foul. So when the Jets bow out for the season, will the New York Post have headlines like
    “Jets Hot Foot it Out of Here”
    This little piggie went wee wee wee. all the way home.”

  100. OMG, that was sooo shocking! NOT!
    I’m no Jets fan but come on! If I were Ryan, I’d just laugh it off and move on.

  101. rex ryan is a fat piece of trash the only reason why he is even a coach in the nfl is because the owner called belicheck to see what kind of guy he was and also the jets are nothing there quarterback could not hold tom bradys jock strap. and i think rex’s wife loves his money so she stays with him. and i think i could bang her anytime i wanted to

  102. Geez, he should be embarassed but that’s it. He obviously worships his wife (and her feet). Big deal. He shouldn’t have posted the videos. Not that big of a deal.

    I dislike the Jets and Rex, but for the love of God just end this stuff.

  103. This is a private matter including the filming of the events. So who wanted to embarass Mr. Reid and the Jets? And why has PFT lowered it’s standards to sensationalized tabloid news?

  104. I for one am glad to see that Rex and his wife let their freak flags fly. NONE of this is harmful or inappropriate in any way… in fact, I’m sure that 99% of all football fans never would have seen the videos or even heard about them if it wasn’t for leeches like you passing on someone else’s story to generate page views, Mike. So while you attempt to coat your “journalism” with a thick layer of personal judgment, nobody’s falling for it because this is obviously no big deal.

    I can’t imagine why an organization would let something like this prevent themselves from hiring him, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be associated with any organization that thinks like that. I judge my coworkers by their performance at work, and, just as I expect the same from them, keep my nose out of their personal lives.

  105. In all my years , this year I have watched less football than ever before.. Why? This is a common question from many of my friends, it’s not because my favorite team isn’t doing well, they never have.. I have to say that it’s because of the management of the NFL.. The management has become obsessed with image and money.. Part of what gave football that magic is that it was so unscripted… So unpredictable, it’s the ultimate reality tv show.
    This morning I awoke to see if i could catch some highlights, NFL.COM has removed all videos.. Unless you cough up 30 bucks of course.. I feel like it’s so controlled anymore and scripted and they only let you see what they want you to see… Daddy Godell spends his days spanking players or taking away their allowance for things that really have nothing to do with football.. Last time I checked my boss does not have the legal right to dock me, fine me or send me home from work because i got into a fight with somebody at a club or my neighbors called the cops over excessive noise after 10 pm..

    So as of today I am cancelling any accounts accosicated with the NFL, it will be hard but I’m sure I will make it.. I want football, i want hits and coaches going bezerk on the sidelines .. I miss the days.. When they guys managing the league where as tough as the players on the field.. Not some snobby executive or super rich owner.. You all know who I’m talking about.. The rich want to rig it to win and make money.. They dont care about you me or football.. Just the bottom line.. Just like BP

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