Deadline passes with no word on Chiefs blackout

With a 9-5 record and a great shot at the playoffs and back-to-back home games to end the season, the Chiefs should easily sell out the renovated Arrowhead Stadium, right?

Um, define “easily.”

The 72-hour deadline for selling enough tickets to permit Sunday’s game against the Titans to be televised locally has come and gone.  Per Joel Thorman of, the Chiefs haven’t announced a blackout or a sellout.  Instead, they’ve said they’re working with the league to get the game on television.

A quick Google search revealed that no NFL blackouts have been reported or announced yet, even though the 72-hour window has closed for the afternoon games.  Our guess?  The league is giving teams on the “watch” list an unannounced extension, in the hopes that all those last-minute Santas out there will choose to buy Mrs. Claus two tickets to Sunday’s games.

Hey, it’s better than two tickets to Guys & Dolls.

UPDATE:  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us that the deadline wasn’t relaxed due to the holiday.

8 responses to “Deadline passes with no word on Chiefs blackout

  1. Finally Chief Blackout spoke.

    “It is with a heavy heart and a river of tears that I come before my proud people to say, this terrible day, ‘No T.V.’. For as far as a buffalo can roam in five days, to the north, and to the south. To the east and to the west. Be brave my friends and take this counsel. You still have your DVDs and video games. Use them wisely and well. Hey yehyeh, heyyy yeyy yeyyyyy!”.

  2. Can someone explain to me how they can’t sell out a Chiefs game? Isn’t KC one of the teams with a long list of season ticket wannabees? I can understand a place like Jacksonville or San Diego not selling out…everyone is at the beach. But KC?

  3. BREAKING NEWS…..Chiefs game will be televised and NOT blacked out! I’ll be there in person yelling, screaming and cheering my Chiefs on to VICTORY! GO CHIEFS!!!!

  4. lowleadman says:
    Dec 23, 2010 5:52 PM
    Can someone explain to me how they can’t sell out a Chiefs game?

    1) Small Population Market yet Very large stadium
    2) Terrible economy
    3) 25 degrees
    4) Day after Christmas

  5. I’m kind of surprised by this. There was a time a Chiefs ticket was the hottest in town.

    After winning 6 games in two years there’s still a lot fences to mend with the fanbase.

    If I still lived in KC I’d probably buy some tickets.

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