Donovan McNabb’s agent takes aim at Kyle Shanahan

We’ve heard a lot of media folks ask the question in recent days: Why doesn’t Donovan McNabb defend himself more publicly?

Let’s ignore the fact that most players are skewered when they speak out against coaches.  McNabb is so favored publicly in large part because he avoids these situations.  Let’s instead focus on McNabb’s agent Fletcher Smith, who decided to stick up for McNabb in a statement released widely Thursday.

“While Donovan’s feelings about Washington remain the same, the Shanahans — both Mike and more specifically Kyle — have made this an extremely difficult relationship to maintain,” the lengthy statement began.   “Their comments have been beyond disrespectful and unprecedented for a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback such as Donovan.”

The meat of the statement takes aim at “leaked reports” that McNabb couldn’t grasp Shanahan’s offense.

“I believe there is tension between Donovan and Kyle that’s rooted in the fact that Donovan has suggested modifications to Kyle’s offense based on intricacies Donovan has learned in his NFL career,” Smith writes.  “For example, Donovan has asked all year that the team run more screen passes to help manage the pass rush more effectively. Ironically, Kyle decided to employ Donovan’s suggestions after he unceremoniously benched him on Sunday.

“After Donovan quickly led the Redskins down the field and scored what appeared to be the game saving drive against Tampa Bay, Kyle was quoted as saying ‘He’ll [McNabb] never take another snap for me again.’  Remember that statement came after Donovan led the Redskins on one of their best drives of the entire season.”

In theory, the statement is intended to help clear McNabb’s name.  The purpose really seems to be an attempt to take down Kyle Shanahan.

We’re not sure it really matters who’s “right.”  Both Shanahans and McNabb have been among the NFL’s biggest losers in 2010, and the relationship’s ugly end isn’t helping matters.

58 responses to “Donovan McNabb’s agent takes aim at Kyle Shanahan

  1. It doesn’t seem to make much sense for Donovan to say he wants to stay in Washington and it makes even less sense for his agent to say this if it is true that Donovan wants to stay. So here’s my theory. I think that Daniel Snyder has talked to McNabb or his agent personally and told them that Shannahan will not be back. I’m guessing that McNabb will be back under a different coach. If that’s the case then McNabb’s agent saying this stuff doesn’t hurt anything at all.

  2. Hey Dono, looks like that Raider job may have been a better move….Rat Shanahan and Rat Jr are morons…….classic case of not playing to your personell’s strength. Dono can still read defense and still gun the rock…needs some protection and maybe Dono might know something bout tameing the pass rush….a screen or a draw might once in a while just work….

  3. hobartbaker says:
    Dec 23, 2010 4:11 PM
    Hey, at least it ain’t Marv Harrison’s agent taking aim at Shanahan
    That was funny.

    It’s a bad fit. Doesn’t mean either of them “suck”. Just part ways already.

  4. mean13 says: Dec 23, 2010 4:18 PM

    Whine, whine, whine. McNabb is a wash-up has-been turd.


    WTF has Kyle Shanahan done?! Who’s been to more playoffs..Kyle or Donovan McNabb?

    thats what I thought.

  5. Poor McDouche!!! Always a victim. Go away McDouche, ur play is terrible and u have always been overrated. Im so sick of this poor me BS he always pulls. Play good and u wouldn’t get benched.

  6. Boy, how it stings old Fletch that he got clowned in that contract negotiation and then called out by the GM for lying about its value!

    Here is how this went down:

    DM: Fletch, no one feels sorry for me.

    FS: How about I take a shot at Shanahan for you, since your mom is too bust wrapping presents to fight your battles right now?

    DM: But won’t they call me meanie? How can I still say I’m classy if you do that?

    FS: Well, when I come out and say all the things you tell me to say against Kyle Shanahan, then you can come out and tell the press you asked me to stop saying those means things?

    DM: Just like with mama a few years ago in Philly?

    FS: JUST like that, Donovan!

    DM: You so smart! I still haven’t seen that $82M check you said I was getting a few months ago, did you ask the mailman why he hasn’t sent it?

    FS: Uh…yeah, I asked him and he said he has it on his desk. He’s just too busy delivering all those letters to and from Santa.

    DM: But it is coming, right? You said ‘any day’ and that was a few weeks ago.

    FS: You’re breaking up. I’ll call you back. [Hangs Up]

  7. “It doesn’t seem to make much sense for Donovan to say he wants to stay in Washington and it makes even less sense for his agent to say this if it is true that Donovan wants to stay. ”

    His current contract will pay him far more than anyone else in the NFL will ever pay him. Buy a lot.

    He gets cut, he gets his $3.5M and that’s it.

    He stays, he makes a ton of cash as a backup QB.

    You do the math. What would your ideal scenario be if it was you:

    1) $3.5M

    2) $10M

    Not so hard when you look at the money.

  8. So I guess since he’s Mike Shannahan’s son that qualify’s him to be O.C. for an NFL franchise..Kind of like Marty Shots son Brian…These kids have to earn there welps. Obviously the problem is Kyle Shannahan and his lack of knowing how to call plays in the NFL..Did Kyle Shannahan play NFL ball? Did he play college ball? Serious questions, does anybody know?

  9. Is the premise of the article that McNabb had NO influence / approval of his agent issuing a press release about himself?

    These words are McNabb’s words, delivered by someone else. As usual. Because Donovan is a coward who has always feared confrontation.

    I am just surprised he didn’t let his mommy handle it this time.

  10. I really thought Shannahan and McNabb would turn the Skins around. It’s starting to appear more obvious that the Shannahan of today is nothing like that of yesteryear.

  11. Wait a minute – They play professional football in Washington DC?

    I did not know that.

    And they hired a soup commercial spokesman to be their quarterback?


  12. smootysmoot says: Dec 23, 2010 4:30 PM

    Poor McDouche!!! Always a victim. Go away McDouche, ur play is terrible and u have always been overrated. Im so sick of this poor me BS he always pulls. Play good and u wouldn’t get benched.

    When did McNabb say “poor me”? He said he felt disrespected not “my feelings are hurt”. He can’t helps if people come to his defense. Again, when did he say he was a victim? Please enlighten us.

  13. Scorpiodsu…

    Do you really believe that an agent would issue a public statement regarding his client’s thoughts and feelings about his employers without his client’s expressed consent to do so?

    Are you kidding me? Ask anyone you know in PR / legal field if they’d do that with one of their clients.


  14. @andyprough

    Seriously????? That is so lame. How did u ever come p with something as genius as that? Maybe, u copied that from at least a thousand diff posts thats been on here before. Think up some new and original material. Ur NOT funny!!!

  15. Quite frankly, in a Quiz Show kind of way, it’s an insult to McNabb to say he didn’t have knowledge of / input into this statement.

    This man was a communications major at perhaps the best communications school in America. And he is no dummy.

    Give the man some credit.

  16. There is definitely tension between Kyle Shanahan and McNabb. Their body language alone speaks volumes. Whenever someone questions Kyle about McNabb, he gets this look of total disgust and gives a somewhat flippant response. The Skins should just end this by cutting McNabb and finding a young QB that will worship the ground the Shanahans walk on, The McNabb trade was like forcing a square peg in a round hole and a complete disaster!!

    Taking shots at each other in the media is petty. The Shanahans and McNabb need to man up and quit acting like little b##ches! I thought this was football, not another episode of “As the Redskins Crumble”! They’re all so pathetic!!

  17. I can’t understand what the intended result was supposed to be. If Shanahan didn’t like McNabb from the beginning, why did the trade go through? It seems like this was ‘destined to fail’…another Haynesworth. I just don’t get what was expected. And as an Eagles fan, I was never too thrilled with McNabb anyway and didn’t mind getting rid of him. But to do publicly to him what Shanahan is doing is not professional and almost cruel. I mean Shanahan is on an offensive tirade and as far as we can tell, McNabb never gave him any reason to do that. So what the heck is Shanahan trying to gain by being such a total jerk?

  18. Shanny has been NOTHING since John Elway and Shanny had nothing to do with Elway, he picked him up with the job.

    You can see the type person Shanny is by looking into his eyes, he is spiteful and holds grudges without ever letting them go. If he was any good at what he did put up with it. He was nothing in Denver and always looked for the fall guy. As for his son?, what has he done.

    They have turned Washington into a bigger JOKE then they already were. Let this be a lesson for the owners thinking of running out and bringing in a big name wash out.

  19. Memo to McNabb’s agent:

    When a client stinks up the field the way Donovan has, he is likely to be “unceremoniously” benched. The NFL is a business and it makes exactly ZERO difference what Donovan did earlier in his career (Pro Bowl awards, etc). What has he done lately? Nothing good to speak of, and that’s been par for the course with him in recent years. That’s why Philly was so willing to deal him to a division rival. Your client sucks, and there are few starting QB’s in the NFL that he would be an upgrade over in 2010.

    What’s with these diva QB’s who think they are owed unconditional starting jobs and “respect” because of what they did in their glory days years ago ?

  20. Pay me McNabb’s salary and you can “disrespect “me all you want. I can’t believe the way people cry about McNabb being disrespected. If your going to play pro football you better put your big boy pants on.

  21. Shanahan’s decisions all season have mystified me. Clearly the Redskin’s organization is playing against itself, since Shanahan has been trying to undermine McNabb before the Redskins decided to sign him that cherry deal. In response Shanahan has essentially forfeited the team’s future in this little squabble with McNabb, giving up the upper hand in any trade deal and making the McNabb contract hang like a noose around the Redskins neck. If his intention was to go in and cripple the Redskins organization for the next few seasons then he’s a genius. Otherwise…

    Kyle Shanahan has done very little to prove that he’s a worthwhile coordinator. Before the Redskins he was offensive coordinator for that offensive juggernaut the Texans. He might think that his offense is complicated, but opposing defenses have been able to

    Gotta love football fans though. If McNabb doesn’t complain, then he’s a coward. If he does complain, then he’s a whiner. You can talk all you want about how overrated McNabb is, but nowhere does it make sense to bench a QB who’s worst season rating in the last ten years is better then your backup’s best season rating.

  22. Shanny thinks he can hand-tailor his own vision of a great team, but he’s also rightfully concerned about cut players coming back to play against his team and beating them in the same season.

    so what does he do? he doesn’t actually cut anyone, he just stalls them by benching or suspending them (i.e. Haynesworth & Mcnabb).

    this all at the expense of lifelong, ardent fans who’ve places so much financial & emotional investment in this “team”.

  23. Hell, you would think PFT after all these years would have read McChokes leadership handbook. You know, the one he quotes from every year during training camp, while the local media rolls their eyes, and the national media says, “Wow, he’s so classy and such a leader”. It’s right there in chapter 7, let Mommy or Daddy, or as a last resort, Fletcher whine for you, so you don’t come across as the petulant child and less of a leader. As with everything with McChoke, it’s contrived, and he knows exactly what is going on. Amazing, that of the thousands of NFL players who have been benched over the years, only McChoke was disrespected. The rest of them weren’t doing their job, but not donnie-boy, he was disrespected.

  24. @scorpiodsu

    He doesn’t have to come out and say poor me to know he is always playing the poor me role. He has sucked all year. He did this in Philly too. It is never his fault for any of this, it is always someone else. R u gonna be one of those people who really thinks that he was more disrespected by what Shanahan has done to him? Remember, his ex Coach traded him within the Division because he knew McDouche was finished and was not worried about him. That to me is more disrespectful than what Shanahan has done. The Redskins Org owes this guy nothing. Just because McNabb says he wants to be back is not his true feelings. Why won’t he just be honest. Don’t tell me he is not feeling sorry for himself.

  25. @scorpiodsu

    Also, look at the people who have come to his defense. His Agent, Michael Wilbon and others who have no clue what they r talking about.

  26. That’s not new news that he couldn’t grasp it. It’s why he has so much trouble with the 2 minute offense. I heard from someone in the League (it was 3rd hand in full disclosure) that McNabb can’t keep two plays in his head at once. And let’s not forget that he tried to take back to back timeouts(can’t do that) when they had NO timeouts left (can’t do that either). AND he dind’t know the overtime rules in Philly. SO the guy isn’t very smart, but had superior physical gifts which are on the decline quickly. Makes him average at best.

  27. The Skins are crap and their fans are a bunch of whining turds. The whole place should be flushed. Fat Albert and crybaby McNappy should be driven out of the NFL. One is worse than the other.

  28. First mcnabb has played poorly this year. Next for those that say rat jr can’t call plays or what has he done in this league he was the oc in houston and last I checked the time he was there he was turning matt Shaub into Dan Marino. So let’s not act like rat jr doesn’t know what he’s doing they have a system they thought based on mcnabb’s skill set he would be good running. But he still throws balls at the feet of receivers and has just been generally inaccurate. So they benches him. He will have plenty of options next year so will the skins.

  29. So tired of hearing about McNabb and his six pro bowl appearances. He only earned one as a starter and most were injury replacements.

    2001 reserve
    2002 injury replacement
    2003 injury replacement
    2004 reserve
    2005 starter
    2006 none
    2007 none
    2008 none
    2009 none
    2010 injury replacement

    Can you spell FRAUD.

  30. As an Eagles fan, I truly hope the Redskins cut McNabb in the offseason so he can catch on somewhere else and have some success.

    I also hope the Redskins hang on to the Shanahans for a few more years; I really enjoy watching them ruin that team even more than it already was!

  31. Rex Grossman came in and threw 4 TD passes and the offense performed better than it had the entire season. McNabb is not a victim, he’s a lousy QB at this stage of his career. Shanahan made the move because McNabb is playing poorly. This lack of respect BS is a joke. His agent is mad because he sees the big pay day going down the tubes. The Skins wouldn’t get anything for McNabb with that contract so benching him doesn’t make it any worse.

  32. @bronco1st

    How many chromosomes are you missing?

    And to the people that say Shanahan hasnt done anythingwithout Elway. What did Elway do without Shanahan. Just like people say Gruden took Dungys team. Its the dumbest thing.

  33. Shanny is getting bashed left and right but it looks to me like he is/will be sending the underachieving players or drama divas(McNabb, Haynesworth, Thomas) out of town. Its about time the Skins took on a new persona and got back to employing young hungry if unproven players. D.C. has been a retirement home for guys getting their last fat payday instead of a place guys go to win. Shanny, maybe with a heavy hand but so what, looks to be trying to fix this along with Allen. Regardless Skins are another 2 or 3 years away from anything so its kind of early to be claiming Shanny is a failure.

  34. McNabb will be the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in 2011. Count on it. And don’t be surprised if he has a Randall Cunningham like resurrection of his career while he’s at it.

  35. Didn’t read all this crap. Agents are now speaking for or seriously advising players what to do now in the name of the almightly buck.

    Of course his agent wants to create a ‘ Don’t blaime my client blaim the coaches’ and “yes he is very valuable commodity for your team if you wish to acquire him after the season”.

    Its total BS. If he had the numbers and won the games we wouldn’t be here now. If he went 8 – O to start the season we wouldn’t be on this blog.
    He would be loved, playing and in the hunt.

    Its all about his lack of production and not coaching. This guy is not a rookie so don’t blaim it on coaching.

  36. kindasporty says: Dec 23, 2010 4:23 PM

    It doesn’t seem to make much sense for Donovan to say he wants to stay in Washington and it makes even less sense for his agent to say this if it is true that Donovan wants to stay. So here’s my theory. I think that Daniel Snyder has talked to McNabb or his agent personally and told them that Shannahan will not be back. I’m guessing that McNabb will be back under a different coach. If that’s the case then McNabb’s agent saying this stuff doesn’t hurt anything at all.


    Bingo, at least somebody gets it. Snyder fired Schottenheimer for less when the veterans of that time didn’t take to him. The franchise is in a much worse state now…all of his players hate him except his pets like Grossman).

    Yeah, Snyder pushed through the McNabb deal and signed Haynesworth to that huge deal just so he could eat that money for Mike Shanahan, that same guy who has won one playoff game without Elway….you people are hillarious sometimes.

    So who do you go with, a QB who was in the playoffs 3 of the last 4 years or the coach who hasn’t been to the playoffs in 5 years now (in one of the weakest divisions in the AFC West during that time mind you).

    What a dilemma for the ultimate players’ owner…what will he do?

    Maybe he’ll one up Al Davis and do his “firing for cause” on Power Point instead of the overhead projector, lol.

  37. @freasno500
    YES!!!!! I SEE the trend, it’s obvious Shanahan is a member of the aryan nation, and is a racist…Or ir could be that both McNabb and fat albert are overpaid underachievers, and he doesn’t have time for their drama….But I’m sure, such a persacuted person as yourself, dealin with all those hardships……can relate to NFL players who have made over 100 million dollars a peice…….Jackass, enough with the trend BS, the only trend is the idiot owner employs them, if either was any good, why would a coach care…..Man, this crap, yes CRAP gets old

  38. Anyone who thinks Snyder is going to can Shanahan after just one season is clueless. Shanahan is the big name coach that Snyder adores. There is no way he is going to get rid of his coach for a washed-up QB and a fat bum DT. If he does, then this organizaion is in worse shape than I thought.

  39. I’m trying to find more creative ways to express my distaste for Shanahan. So I wrote – or re-wrote a theme song for Shanny. It’s called “Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs.” This is the story of Shanahan’s post-Elway career.

    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    (sung to the tune of “We Didn’t Start The Fire”)

    John Elway, Brian Chamberlain
    Terrell Davis and Tony Lynn
    The Broncos of the late ninetees
    Got two Super Bowl victories

    Since then when I was in my prime
    I’ve missed the playoffs seven times
    My teams have wound up in a bind
    But I am still a mastermind!

    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    I’ve got an awesome scheme that didn’t help my team, no no
    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    I have a proven system that did not assist them, no

    In ninety-nine, John Elway quit
    Playoffs came, we weren’t in it
    The next year we made the Wild Card
    The Ravens beat us down real hard

    In ’01 we went eight and eight
    The team was bad but I’m still great
    In ’02 we won one game more
    But the playoffs still were not in store!

    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    Because the quarterbacking has been really lacking, yeah
    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    No need to be in fear, team will improve next year, oh yeah

    In ’03 we made the sixth seed
    Lost Wild Card, never had the lead
    The next year, sixth seed spot again
    We came, we played but did not win

    In ’05, they got my system right
    They finally won a playoff fight
    First playoff victory in six years
    But then the Steelers came and kicked our rears

    In ’06, seven and ’08
    The team just did not do all that great
    When postseason time came due
    We watched on TV just like you

    Now I’m in DC and am in charge
    Our win total is not that large
    But don’t question me or make a fuss
    Don’t you know I am a gen-i-us?

    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    Recent stats are low but I’ve got rings from twelve years ago
    Team Didn’t Make The Playoffs
    But I still get paid, you see, ’cause Elway played for me

  40. Yeah. It’s Kyle Shanahan’s fault he didn’t dumb down his offense for McNabb the way Andy Reid did. The audacity of him thinking a NFL starting QB should be able to make multiple reads and throw the ball down field.

  41. sterilizecromartie says:
    Dec 23, 2010 10:37 PM
    Anyone who thinks Snyder is going to can Shanahan after just one season is clueless. Shanahan is the big name coach that Snyder adores. There is no way he is going to get rid of his coach for a washed-up QB and a fat bum DT. If he does, then this organizaion is in worse shape than I thought.

    I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do or that it will end well. I don’t really think Snyder is a guy who makes too many rational decisions and there are a few other big name coaches out there for the taking also.

  42. Grossman did more in one game than McNab did all season. Me thinks that the Shanahans have proven their point, and what Andy Reid knew all along – McNab is not the answer.

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