Joseph Addai returns to practice for Colts

On the same day the Colts lost another key member of their offense for the season, the team saw their almost forgotten starting running back returned for a full practice for the first time in eight weeks.

Running back Joseph Addai has been battling nerve problems in his shoulder and neck since mid-October, and their running game has suffered because of it.  Backup Mike Hart also returned Wednesday for a limited practice; he’s battling an ankle injury.

The Colts are coming off perhaps their best game running the football of the season against Oakland.  Adding Addai to the mix, especially on passing downs, would provide the team a nice boost before a tough road date in Oakland this week.

11 responses to “Joseph Addai returns to practice for Colts

  1. This is a huge addition in terms of blitz pickup and pass catching out of the back field.

    But nobody wants to comment on something positive.

  2. Although I don’t blame Donnie, the run game has struggled without Addai. I think this is a huge boost for the Colts, as Addai and Brown are at their best when splitting the load. Also, as the guy above me said, Addai is a huge upgrade in terms of pass protection

  3. This is big for them. Losing Collie hurt, but to bring back a true running threat and good blocker makes the play action an easier sell and Manning far more dangerous.

    They aren’t losing the rest of the way and someone is going to have to face them in Indiana.

  4. back to back series? what does that mean? i don’t think we have to win a best of 3 series…

    great to have our starting RB back!! let’s go colts. only 6 games to go! keep the streak alive!

  5. Too little too late…The defense in Oakland will shut down any run game the Colts can muster!
    Collie is out and Reggie will have to content with the Raiders best CB!
    Meawhile, the Raiders one area of strength is thier running game. McFadden and Bush will have big games…It should be close but the Raiders pull it out by chewing up the clock with long drives in the 4th quarter…

  6. I blame Donnie for part of the running game woes. It will be good to have Addai back if he is ready to rock at all. My beloved Colts will need all the help they can get against the Raiders and the Tennessee Titans.

  7. 8man says:

    They aren’t losing the rest of the way and someone is going to have to face them in Indiana.

    It’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

  8. They are 10-9, playoff games included, since they decided that winning every game is of no importance. Karma hates Quitters.

  9. Raiders fans seem quite confident about stopping the run for a .500 team with a 26th ranked Run Defense.

    The Colts bread and butter is the Passing Offense (which is #1 in the NFL). The Run Game helps set up the Pass through Play Action and Draw plays and takes some of the workload off Peyton like it did last week, but overall the effectiveness of the Pass is the Colts most potent weapon.

    Losing Collie hurts after getting him back for a single half in 2 months, but he’s pretty much missed half the season so they’ve gotten used to it.

  10. After watching Peyton use back up receivers and no running game against the Pats and come very close to beating them, one can never count this team out. In that game he demonstrated an accuracy that was incredible to watch. The players on this team know how to go the whole 60 min. As a Pats fan I wish our team could have a year without playing them and then I could enjoy the skill level they show even more.

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