Mike Shanahan responds to Fletcher Smith

As Rosenthal pointed out earlier today, Donovan McNabb’s agent issued a statement regarding the treatment McNabb has experienced with the Redskins.  (Though Fletcher Smith when speaking on behalf of McNabb necessarily is speaking as McNabb, the average fan will be less likely to regard McNabb as a troublemaker if the words aren’t coming out of his mouth.)

The Redskins have now issued a response.

“As I stated earlier, when I traded for Donovan McNabb I had hoped that he would lead us to the playoffs,” coach Mike Shanahan said.  “No one wanted him to be more successful than me.  When the team was 5-8 and mathematically out of the playoffs, I made the decision to evaluate our other two quarterbacks.  This was not personal, but strictly professional.  The decision was made in the best interest of the Washington Redskins and I stand by my decision.  I will attempt to talk to Fletcher Smith directly to clear up every one of his misconceptions.”

Talking to Smith makes sense, but it would also make sense for Shanahan to have a sit-down with McNabb.

Then again, Shanahan doesn’t really care about his relationship with McNabb.  If Shanahan did, it never would have gotten to this point.

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  1. good for mike shanahan. he knows what he is doing, Mcnabb didnt work out this season, his agent is bitter, and thats all this is.

    Mcnabb has been benched before in Philly and the Eagles let him go pretty quickly. Big deal if Mike Shanny is doing the same thing.

    Rex produced more TD’s than Mcnabb did ever this season. Im behind the coach.

    Go skins! cowboys suck

  2. Man, I swear, who names their kid Fletcher?

    Then again, I met a poor white boy named Magnus. That kid is gonna take a beating according to schoolyard rules.

  3. He should have benched McNabb! The Vikings should have been smart enough to bench Favre too. As soon as they were out of the chase they should have played Jackson or more importantly, Webb. Last week was as stupid as stupid gets with letting Favre in.

    Frazier wants the head coaching job but his defense hasnt played well all year.

  4. McNuggets might not be any good…..

    But the Rat needing games to evaluate the RedSkins other two quarterbacks is laughable. They are like the sides of a fan. One side sucks and the other side blows…..

  5. Why respond? This is all being handled via the media…what a circus! There is no better way to solve disputes or to get to the nut of something than face to face. It can be awkward but it leaves no room for interpretation and it’s the honorable way to do things. You imagine Joe Gibbs doing all this crud through the media. Heck no. He’s do it face to face, like a MAN

  6. Standing up for you kid is all well and good. But as a father Shanahan should teaches his son that not being able to work with people you don’t like is a female trait. And before anyone calls me sexist, every woman I know not only agree with this, the BRAG about it. Mike Ditka and Buddy Ryan hated each other, but together built a team that was legendary, not just good. If Kyle can’t work with McNabb because they don’t get alonog,what’s next? How many players is Kyle going to pull the spoiled brat routine with beofre it sinks in that HE’S the problem? If he can’t learn to work with people with whom he has personality clashes, he needs a new line of work. Maybe he should watch some episodes of UGLY BETTY then try being a fashionista.

  7. What do you mean it would never have gotten to this point? Don’t you think if McNabb played like a 14 million dollar QB it would never have gotten to this point? You can’t blame Shanahan for wanting to evaluate what he has for next season before the draft. Any idiot can see what he has now won’t work. Oh yeah, McNabb was disrespected by getting 14 million this year for his piss poor play.

  8. LOL, Shanahan is telling me he signed Grossman without knowing what he can do? Seriously? Then why did he sign him in the first place?

  9. Stop the freaking coddling of Donovan McNabb!

    He has been one of the most overrated QB’s of the modern era.

    And he puked all over himself on the game’s biggest stage.

    He’s done.

    Shanahan is a shell of his former self, too, but on this topic he is
    absolutely right.

    McNabb is done. The team is done. See what the other guys can do.

    Move on.

    More nanny state crap from the whiners.

  10. I always thought mike shanahan was a pretty good coach… Until this year. Obviously he is nothing without Elway.

  11. @desertvike

    You sir have no understanding of football. A coach is suppose to do what it takes for a team to win. Even Chilly as stupid as he was knew Favre gave the Vikings the best chance to win. If you want to evaluate talent, you do it in OTA’s, in preseason and such. You don’t produce a winning team, you lose ticket sales.

    Shanahan has been an idiot for the way he has handled McNabb and anything he does now only makes him look worse.

  12. Why does shanahan continue to do things to ruin mcnabbs trade value. We get it. Mcnabb sucks. You don’t have to keep reminding the entire league that he sucks.

  13. It takes ‘Lil Danny one or two seasons (or less) to change coaches. The Shanahan tenure won’t last must longer.

    Shanahan is already feeling the heat from the midget.

    Next season should be entertaining. Buy your popcorn now!

  14. Shanahan has always been a little brass. However, it seems that when he got to the end of his reign over the Broncos he just went over the deep end. It is one thing to try to get players that work into your system, but you can’t alienate all the big name players on the team. That won’t make free agents want to play with you.

    I say fire the Little General and let’s start Tuna Watch.

  15. Baddest man in DC is the RAT. McNabb is not worth the drama but shanahan is not smart enough to let it rest cause he’s got to protect his little boy. only with the deadskins! Seriously, Mike Brown sits back and laughs at the redskins.

  16. Snyder has made a mess of the Foreskins for years now. Bowlen, get on the phone a.s.a.p. and pucker up! Maybe we can trade Orton for Shanny

  17. McNabb stands to lose the back-end of that bloated $42M deal if he’s cut.

    Fletcher Smith stands to lose 7% of the value of McNabb’s contract if he’s cut.

    Shanahan stands to lose nothing is McNabb is cut.

    Who has more motivation to make stuff up?

    Just sayin’…

  18. I never realized that Coach Shannahan was such a douche. And nepotism is strictly professional? Is he going to re-evaluate is son and his contribution to their 5-8?

  19. The Shanahan Post-Elway Record:

    1999 Broncos – 6-10 (Missed Playoffs)
    2000 Broncos – 21-3 (Lost Wild Card)
    2001 Broncos – 8-8 (Missed Playoffs)
    2002 Broncos – 9-7 (Missed Playoffs)
    2003 Broncos – 10-6 (Lost Wild Card)
    2004 Broncos – 10-6 (Lost Wild Card)
    2005 Broncos – 13-3 (Lost AFC Championship)
    2006 Broncos – 9-7 (Missed Playoffs)
    2007 Broncos – 7-9 (Missed Playoffs)
    2008 Broncos – 8-8 (Missed Playoffs, Fired at end of season)
    2010 Redskins – 5-9 (Missed Playoffs)

    Shanny and his defenders on this board think he’s some type of coaching genius. OK, so since megamind took a team that twice won the Superbowl with John Elway and it took that already-talented team six seasons to achieve their one and only playoff victory, how long do you think it will take Shanny And Son to take this train wreck of a team and be successful with it?

    Once John Elway retired, Shanahan’s teams missed the playoffs for three of the next four seasons.

    Then, for two years in a row, they got into the playoffs as the sixth seed only to lose the Wild Card game by a combined score of 90-34.

    Then, the next year, they won their Division – for the FIRST TIME since Elway retired – and won a playoff game – for the ONLY TIME since Elway retired. And then they hosted the sixth seed team, Pittsburgh, for the AFC Championship game. And Pittsburgh beat Megamind at home by the score of 34-17.

    And then … the Broncos missed the playoffs for the next three seasons.

    Then the Broncos fired Shanny.

    Then Danny hired Shanny. And Shanny hired little Shanny.

    And here we are.

    Question of the day: If Shanahan could not take a twice-Super Bowl winning team and get better results than he did post-Elway (missing the playoffs six times out of ten seasons with Denver) and, given the results to date this year, can anyone seriously expect this man to take this crap pot of a franchise and turn it into anything respectable? In six years? In ten years? Ever?

    (If you think, given Shanny’s track record, that good things are down the road, I’d like to talk to you about a booming new business that you might want to get in on while the getting’s good. It’s called subpime mortgages. Call me at 1-888-IM-NAIVE!)

  20. #
    laffers says: Dec 23, 2010 7:51 PM

    Shanahan is a “Hitlarien” PUTZ!
    Really? Jumping to the Hitler references so soon? BTW, if you’re going with that, it would be Hitlerian, not Hitlarien. Either way, it’s rather ridiculous to compare someone to a madman that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people because they benched a QB. How about just a modicum of common sense here.

  21. mike shanahan is a terrible coach. donovan mcnabb is a fraud of a football player. they are both morons. i cant believe it didnt work out.

  22. @dMan, I swear, who names their kid Fletcher?

    Then again, I met a poor white boy named Magnus. That kid is gonna take a beating according to schoolyard rules…….Unless of course he’s Magnus ver Magnusson..

  23. If Shanahan was smart he would have kept mcnabb in for the final games and traded him to somebody like the panthers for a draft pick, now he isn’t worth anything better than a 6th rd pick

  24. So sick of everytime that someone criticizes Donovan McNab, he feels disrespected and cry like the overrated baby he is..He cried about not having receivers in Philly,he cried when Jeff Garcia replaced him and outplayed him,he cried when the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb…and now after stinking up the joint in Washington he’s crying again,and playing the same old woe is me,abused victim card..

    …..Anybody who has watched this guy choke away playoff games,miss wide open receivers in big games, and bounce pass the ball to guys 10 yards away ,should have finally come to the decision that it only took Mike Shanahan less than 3 months to realize…..this guy is overrated,out of shape,and washed up…

    Not hard to see why the Eagles and Andy Reid had no reservations at all about trading him to a divisional rival..

  25. dccowboy says: Dec 23, 2010 8:40 PM

    LOL, Shanahan is telling me he signed Grossman without knowing what he can do? Seriously? Then why did he sign him in the first place?
    Whoa, slow down.

    When it comes to the Redskins, common sense/logic do not exist.

  26. Shanahan stated McNabb was brought in to lead them to the playoffs. (a) Does McNabb play defense? (b) Does Mcnabb select the offensive line? (c) Does Mcnabb select the field goal kicker(he missed 10 field goals for the year) one cost the Redskins a victory over the Texans and the most recent 2 cost Redskins a victory over the Bucs. Shanahan should be audtioning a kicker .(d) Does Mcnabb decide which defense is going to be played 3-4 or 4-3. Ranked in top ten with 4-3 last year, Ranked in the bottom tier with 3-4. Personnel doesn’t fit 3-4. No he doesn’t Shanahan does.

    However let us address the elephant in the room Mike is throwing Mcnabb under the bus to protect his son . The hier to his head coaching job . I guess Dan Snyder told him to respond to the critics. Shanahan is a proven liar when he benched Mcnabb it was lack of knowledge of two minute playcalling then cardiovascular endurance. Kyle does not like Mcnabb and one has to go who do you think Mike is going to get rid of.

  27. McNabb is a bum. No team would EVER win with that guy as their starting QB. The Eagles were the best team in the League a couple years ago, and McNabb singlehandedly ended their season against the Cardinals with his usual accuracy/inteligence issues.

  28. McNabb needs to bench his agent for the next two games so he can evaluate how to get a contract extension that doesn’t screw you.

    Shanahan is still thinking he’s in Denver, which is why he’s fleecing the Redskins for draft picks still.

  29. The power got to him, and Snyder and Bruce Allen let him run rampant. The coaches goal is to fit the team to the strength of his personnel. He took Haynesworth and put him in the 3–4 and it didnt fit, then he didnt modify the offense so that it fit McNabb’s strengths.

    He may have succeeding in ending any chance Gruden or Cowher have in coming back to coach, since they will control the personnel. it backfired badly. This wasnt Denver, and he didnt adjust accordingly picking feuds and going at it with the media the entire season.

  30. Then again, Shanahan doesn’t really care about his relationship with McNabb. If Shanahan did, it never would have gotten to this point.

    Ummm. no. If Mcnabb hadn’t played like a scrub all year at the QB position it would’ve never gotten to this point. Don’t forget the real reason this is happening is because Mcnabb has played like garbage. If he’d played well, he’d still be the starting QB for the foreseeable future..

  31. If you think about it, McNabbers fits perfectly in the system in Washington. Overpaid, overrated, under-performing has-beens who are lauded prior to the start of the season and then come quickly back down to earth when all those Deadskins fans realize how badly they SUCK.

    McNabb is just another mistake in a long line of Snyder attempts to bring credibility to a franchise that deserves its own comedy show. Anyone remember Adam Archuleta? Anyone remember Haynesworth laying on the ground while Mike Vick danced around him? Jeff George? Jim Zorn? Joe Gibbs part 2? The Steve Spurrier Experiment? It’s just punch line after punch line.

  32. Quit yer CONSTANT bitchin about the Redskins. The team is a WORK IN PROGRESS under Shanny. The media Is atrocious… All they see us what is happening NOW! Lighten up.. There is finally a longer term plan. These are growing pains!!!

  33. This is garbage. If this Donovan-Kyle thing had been going on all season then…


    All for $3.5M? Methinks not.

    Because he thought Mike would fire his son? Methinks not.

    This is 100% spin to make McNabb look like the classy victim being picked on by someone else.

    Donovan and Fletch’s story doesn’t hold water once you realize McNabb was happy enough 6 weeks ago to sign back onto the team long-term.

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