Shanahan would welcome McNabb back, as a backup

The indignities keep on coming for Donovan McNabb in D.C.  He says he wants to return to the team next year, and coach Mike Shanahan is willing to take McNabb up on that.

If McNabb is willing to serve as a backup.

I’m not sure he would, which I would understand,” Shanahan said Wednesday, per Jason Reid of the Washington Post.  “But I think that’s why we’re talking about hypothetical situations.  I don’t think that would happen.  But if he was interested in that, obviously, that’d be a possibility.”

But there’s no way the Redskins would pay McNabb a $10 million option bonus in 2011 if he’s the backup.

Meanwhile, the Redskins will have little or no trade leverage in 2011.  Given McNabb’s mediocre performances in 2010, no one will be clamoring to trade for his contract, which pays him more than $12 million next season.

That’s the most bizarre aspect of the events of the past week.  By benching McNabb and now telling the world he won’t be the starter for the Redskins in the future, Mike Shanahan has squandered the ability to replenish either of the draft picks (a second-rounder and a fourth-rounder) that were given to the Eagles on Easter Sunday.

Of course, Shanahan has proven to be sufficiently hardheaded to place an unrealistic price tag on McNabb, to keep him throughout the offseason, training camp, and the preseason until Shanahan gets what he wants, and to cut McNabb on the eve of the regular-season opener.

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  1. Why doesn’t Shanahan just walk up to McNabb every morning and just kick him in the wooblies, and get it over with for the day. Every day is something new w/ this team, WTH?

  2. The circus continues under the mental midget regime. How is this guys still a coach? There should be a moving van in front of his home right now packing up his crap. Washington fans deserve better than this incompetent coach and son.

  3. Mike: was he asked “if McNabb is not your starter next year, would you consider him for the backup role?” Because if that was the question then why would he not give the answer he gave? Or did he volunteer that McNabb would not be the starter, but that he could be the backup?

    The absence of the question in the story leads me to believe it was the former. That is a low-rent reporter trick used to stir up controversy. You guys should be better than that, Mike.

  4. Is this a f ing joke. Shanahan has absolutely no idea what he is doing these days.. How could you have mcnabb as a backup to Grossman. This is just crazy. I can now officially say the Skins have no idea what they are doing and it starts with Snyder. They get Shanahan and they are going backwards

  5. As a Giants fan, I am glad to see this, yet I feel bad for McNabb. I can’t see ANY Free Agent saying “Yeah, I want to play for the Redskins and Mike Shanahan.” I don’t care how much money Danny Boy rolls out, FAs are really going to think long and hard before going there.

  6. Is there anyway Shanahan could be a “back up” coach because he should not be head coach of the bad news bears.he should have a statue of John Elway he could worship every day because that is the ONLY reason he won a super bowl

  7. Ridiculous decision making from Shanahan. The fact is he doesnt want McNabb. It seems to me as if snyder wanted Mcnabb thinking Shanahan would be all for it when he took the reigns. This team gave up a 2nd and condition 3rd or 4th rounder for a player who didnt even finish the season. In todays nfl that is two starters come next year. You would think with all the holes and lack of talent this team has they would try to keep as many picks as possible. And the way the Haynesworth debacle played out you would of thought they would try to get the 4th rounder the Titans were offering. This team needs o-line help, d-line help, a running game, and safety help. Too many holes to fill with not enough picks. As a skins fan i hcan only hope they have a solution for this. Hopefully a page from the Pats playbook as to how to build a team.

  8. The Redskins and the Bengals: They are the 2 worst managed (from top to bottom) teams in the league.

    Must suck to be a fan.

  9. This is clearly the work of T.O. he came up with this plan when he left Philly years ago! Revenge is so sweet.

  10. Merry Christmas Deadskins fans.
    Your weaselly owner deserves the rat!
    Shanahan took a franchise that was struggling and put it firmly in the basement, which is where it will continue to dwell until both the rat and the weasel leave town.

  11. Rats love their cheese. This Rat has a swiss cheese team. Its full of holes and stinks. Just the way he likes it…..

    There is only one way the RedSkins will make it to a Super Bowl with the Rat. If the Rat drives the bus and Snyder buys the super bowl tickets….

  12. That yawn McNabb gave on the sidelines was so telling of his it’s all about me attitude. The guy yawned exactly the same when he was with Philly & they benched him for Kolb against Baltimore. The dude is out of shape. He has gained at least 15 lbs since the beginning of the season. You can see it in his face.

  13. Regardless of their plans with McNabb, advertising this to the entire league is about the dumbest thing you could do.

    They signed him to a 5-year deal meaning they can either Keep Him or Trade Him (or release him which would be even dumber, but it is the Redskins and “dumbass decisions” & Redskins go hand and hand).

    By revealing that he is a backup, it lowers the Trade Value they can expect in return from other teams.

    Lastly, if the Redskins don’t want players like McNabb and Haynesworth then why did they trade (or sign) for them in the first place?

    Haynesworth was Snyders fault… McNabb’s failures appear to be Shannys.

  14. He thinks Grossman should be the starter? Or Beck? Or are they trying to get a QB in the draft?

    Wow. I mean, holy crap. Sucks for Super 5.

  15. Shanarat at his finest!!! On behalf of the rest of the NFL fans we apologize Redskin fans for your tenure under the Rat. Unfortunately it will get much worse before it gets better.
    Thank you Dan Snyder or Schnieder or however the F— you spell it. I would have looked it up but he’s just not worth the time.

  16. wow… i thought the Saints Ditka days were bad, shanahan looks worse than Les “mad hatter” Miles but at least Miles can recruit…REX GROSSMAN, REALLY!?…. Washington, and i dont say this with even a hint of sarcasm, you have my sympathy.

  17. Shanny is a piece of crap………..thank GOD he didn’t get hired as the Bills coach. I would take Chan Gailey any day of the week!! Who the hell would want to play for Mike Shanahan?

  18. Shanahan reminds me of steve carrell think of that the next time you here him talk its hilarious

  19. With out Elway Shanahan would have never won anything . This guy is a jerk now he won;t get anything for McNabb the Redskins are a train wreck and will be as long as he is the coach.

  20. he should have a statue of John Elway he could worship every day because that is the ONLY reason he won a super bowl
    Dear sjoyner56,

    Can you please name one just one super bowl coach who didn’t have any star players on his team. Or better yet name me one who didn’t have a hall of fame player.

    I will wait for your reply.

  21. “Why doesn’t Shanahan just walk up to McNabb every morning and just kick him in the wooblies, and get it over with for the day. Every day is something new w/ this team, WTH?”

    Ya mean when he’s delivering the $3.5 million check?

    What I love is the classic McNabb as professional victim / persecuted person routine (like Sarah Palin) that colors the whole narrative. They are both geniuses at this tired act.

    If Shanahan says he doesn’t want him back, he gets killed for “disrespecting” McNabb.

    If Shanahan says he wants him back in the capacity he’s in now, he gets killed for “disrespecting” McNabb.

    He can’t win!

    So, the only way Shanahan wins is by…

    (1) continuing to start him despite his poor performance…

    (2) and hailing him as one of the best ever, despite that fact that he hasn’t won games…

    (3) while committing to pay him a contract that wildly overpays the 27th ranked passer in the league.

    Anything else is “disrespect”.

    For McNabb and his supporters, he is entitled to the starting job and praise. He doesn’t have to earn any of it, it’s his birthright.

  22. Maybe this franchise’s luck would change if they stopped having a ridiculously racist mascot.

    try going to a bar in Montana and throwing around the word “Redskin”. see how long you last before your head gets kicked in

  23. Oh one more thing, it is not like Elway was winning super bowls before he got there. Saying he only won because of Elway is stupid. I can say the same for:

    Dungy- only won because of Manning.
    Belichick- only won due to Brady.
    Cowher- only won due to Big Ben.
    Walsh- only won due to Montana
    Holmgren- only won with favre.
    Parcells- only won with Taylor

    In the ten years after Elway left Shanahan only had 2 losing years with Denver. So to say he only won because of Elway shows how much you know about football.

  24. @moochzilla

    I agree with everything you’ve said about McNabb (and I like the guy). However…you still don’t look at McNabb, and then look at Rex Grossman, and then say, “I’ll take Grossman”.

    That’s just a stupid move. McNabb may be a pretentious whiny victim, but Rex Grossman (despite his 3 TD’s against Dallas) still just plain sucks.

  25. “They signed him to a 5-year deal meaning they can either Keep Him or Trade Him (or release him which would be even dumber, but it is the Redskins and “dumbass decisions” & Redskins go hand and hand).”

    Actually, this was a one year deal at best. Keep in mind that NFL contracts are really a series of renewable one-year deals plus some guaranteed money upfront.

    The initial re-sign got McNabb $3.5M, while allowing the Skins to either cut him at the end of the season or bring him back for one more year at comparable compensation.

    McNabb’s agent NEVER should have signed this. It gave the Skins all the power. Structurally, this type of deal is what you would sign a C-level young player to…not a fading veteran looking for a final score.

    Fletcher Smith was negligent in agreeing to it. Clearly his only motive was to get something where he could play up the back-end money (that no player ever sees) in order to get another high profile client. That is why he went out and lied about the value to the point where the team had to step in and publicly correct him. Fletch has held a grudge over that smackdown, and you can see it in his shrill comments after the benching.

    In fact, the Skins have until late Summer to cut McNabb. That’s how much leverage Fletch gave them. So if Shanahan cuts Donovan in February, he’s being classy and generous. If he hated McNabb he could leave him hanging all summer.

    Now, the back end money is so out of line – and Shanahan has so diminished McNabb’s value – that a trade is almost certainly out of the question.

    Who would trade for that contract? Who would give the Skins a pick when they can just wait for them to cut the man they’ve made it clear they have no interest in keeping / paying.

    But maybe Mike will keep him / McNabb will stay to spite one another. These two were MADE for one another! They deserve each other.

  26. @gcsuk

    U should wonder if ur team is gonna choke away more 21 point leads with 8 min left in the 4th qtr.

  27. I find nothing wrong with what Shanahan is doing. Redskins fans… here is a question for you: Based on what you have seen out of McNabb this year, what is the absolute BEST your team can do with him as your QB? Be honest. I would say (and I think this is extremely generous) a 2nd round exit in the playoffs.

    That is it. Considering the stacked division you play in, you will never win a divisional title for the rest of McNabb’s “prime”. Even the chances of making the playoffs with him are extremly thin. Shanahan realizes this.

    They must rebuild. Why prolong the rebuilding by keeping McNabb around if it is obvious he can’t take you to your ultimate goal… which I assume is a SB? They won’t keep McNabb next year, so why bother playing him. See if Grossman and Beck deserve roster spots next year. Kick the tires on them. They will be drafting a QB next year in the first round to start. And that is the best thing for the organization.

  28. Before this season I had respect for Shanahan – he seemed to be a level headed coach put together and ran a decent team most of the years he was Denver’s coach.

    This entire debaucle as the Redskin’s head coach has me seriously wondering if the dude has a touch of Alzheimers. He’s been doing and saying things that make NO sense. Benching McNabb the last 2 min. of a game b/c he doesn’t know the 2 min. offense…, wait – b/c he isn’t in shape? And now benching him for – gulp – Rex freakin’ Grossman? Shanny has also just thrown McNabb under the bus repeatedly – a good head football coach doesn’t do that with his players.

    The way he has handled (or not handled) the Fat Albert situation leaves a lot to be desired, too.

    I feel bad for Redskins’ fans – they deserve better. I don’t much like McNabb, but I feel sorry for him, too.

  29. I’d personally would like to know what the question is. Just giving us the answer doesn’t let us know what Shanny is really saying. For instance if someone asked him “would you welcome McNabb back next year?” and he stated something like “yeah I’d welcome him back as a backup if he would do that” is totally different if the question was “would you welcome McNabb back next year if he’s not your starter”. If the latter was the question then Shanny gave the appropriate response that shouldn’t draw any controversy. We need better reporting around here and not just bits and pieces. Give us the entire thing so people can see the actual context and not base a conclusion off one side. Integrity isn’t a priority around here I guess.

  30. little dan’s playbook:

    Create media “excitement” for the upcoming year and sell the advertising, seats, suits, and treats.

    Now that I have the fan’s money……

    create more “excitement” by changing coaches, defensive schemes, offensive schemes, bringing in washed up over priced players, fire some employees, turnover 2/3 of the roster, and sue somebody for fun.

    Repeat for eleven to fifteen seasons then sell the team at a huge profit.

    Not on the list is a commitment to put a quality team on the field.

  31. When McNabb poured fuel on the fire (he’s been disrespected) he elicited a response from Shanny. Remember, Donnie Mac had Hanynesworth’s back!!!! The Haynesworth discipline (right or wrong) was an attempt to right the ship!!

    McNabb was played by Andy Reid and the Eagles………a 2 and 4 and another lost Redskins year!!

    This man will be released…….he signed off on it.

  32. #
    thereisalwaysnextyear says: Dec 23, 2010 4:17 PM

    Isn’t the second pick now a THIRD rounder and not a fourth rounder based on McNabb’s playing time???

    Does it matter? No one will want to play there after this season and after Haynesworth and a lot of other people go off on Shanahan after this season.

    what a disaster. What is cool is Shanahan will still be getting paid by Bowlen AND Snyder after 2011 – he’ll be out with another debacle like this. GUARANTEED. If Kubiak is fired, i would wisely “promote” Kyle to receivers coach, and Kubiak to OC/Assistant coach or maybe even Rick Dennison – Shanahan trusting the wrong people around him.

  33. That is it. Considering the stacked division you play in, you will never win a divisional title for the rest of McNabb’s “prime”. Even the chances of making the playoffs with him are extremly thin. Shanahan realizes this.

    he’s a goddamn idiot. Thats why Belichick could get mileage out of Randy Moss , while Shanhan would alienate him. Not realizing he’s DESTROYING any cred he’d have with the vets you’d need to pull out games down the stretch (the Shaun Ellis’ the Sammy Morris’ wont want to sign here, never mind the class acts like Larry Fitzgerald) – so then theyre forced to throw a lot of money at Vincent Jackson or someone like that – then they repeat the same feuds.

    Shanahan needs to ditch Kyle and fast, vets were furious that this was the main reason McNabb was benched, and he’s a punk. Camp Shanhan doesnt work without vets respecting the leadership and decision making. Off season will be very interesting. Raiders getting last laugh since McNabb “spurned” the Raiders for Washington. i know Andy Reid knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

  34. “I agree with everything you’ve said about McNabb (and I like the guy). However…you still don’t look at McNabb, and then look at Rex Grossman, and then say, “I’ll take Grossman”.”

    Not for a second. At least when he pulled this with Plummer it was for Cutler. I mean, we know what Grossman is. Even if it was for Beck I could see some level of logic, but not a ton.

    Clear to me that what he is doing is tanking the season – which was lost with McNabb at the helm – so he can draft a QB.

    The rumors that he wanted Bradford in the draft and settled for a Synder-led trade for McNabb now seem a likely scenario to me.

  35. I think it becomes a 3rd if he plays 70% of the snaps and they had a winning record. OR if he makes the Pro Bowl.

    Since the first scenario isn’t happening we need to get online and vote for #5 right now!

  36. I can not at all understand this love affair with McNabb. Every time the guy whines somebody rushes in to pamper the washed up turd. Hell, the Foreskins even apologized for cutting the price of his jerseys in half. Any idea why they decided to cut the price, fools?

    Grossman’s not the longtime answer but there’s not a prayer in the world that McNabb would have thrown 4 TDs last week like Rex did. If McNabb is so damn good why were the Eagles so quick to get rid of him? Is there any idiot that thinks McNabb would be starting over Vick had he stayed in Philly?

    Eagles knew he was finished and got rid of him. Redskins needed less than a season to agree with the Eagles’ assessment. The guy sucks. Get over it.

  37. Does everyone forget McNabb’s tenure in Philly? the guy was a top 10 QB that brought his team deep into the playoffs every year with guys like Freddie Mitchell and other crap receivers. The difference between Philly McNabb and Washington McNabb? He has NO time to throw. Any of these great QBs in the league would suck on that team, and you can take that to the bank. His best option is Chris freakin Cooley. You people are ridiculous and clearly not real football fans to forget how good McNabb really was. HOF material? Most certainly not, but top 10 in the league? Definitely. Washington is a mess.

    McNabb will go elsewhere next year, like AZ, MN, or elsewhere, and then light it up like he has for the last decade. Then everyone will be right back on his bandwagon. This year is the exception, not the rule. If GB didn’t have Rodgers, I would be ALL FOR bringing him in. The guy is legit, and you wanna-be football fans that watch 5 games a year of your states home team and think you can formulate your own opinion are fools. How many QBs went to 5 or 6 Championship games in a decade? Please, list them. Also, please list me the WRs he did that with not named TO. Thanks!

  38. “McNabb will go elsewhere next year, like AZ, MN, or elsewhere, and then light it up like he has for the last decade. ”

    Like I was told he would in DC.

    If he goes to AZ and MN and doesn’t get it done, will you finally admit he isn’t as great as you think he is?

    No matter where he goes he ‘needs more weapons’ and is somehow ‘disrespected’. Every time.

  39. Message to “Coach” Shanahan… Just cut McNabb and stop playing these b##ch-a$$ games! Your brief tenure with the Redskins shows why Denver gave up on your a$$! You’re a complete joke!

  40. packerrube said….

    “You people are ridiculous and clearly not real football fans to forget how good McNabb really was.”

    Key word: WAS

    Nobody forgot how good he WAS. There is just some debate as to how good he IS… NOW. This guy might be good enough to get a team back to the playoffs, and maybe even win a game in the playoffs. But, at this point of his career, there is no way he is good enough to take a team to another championship game.

    And I don’t want to hear all this stuff about how he needs supporting casts, WR help, and a defense behind him. It’s all excuses. We all know this is a QB driven league. Rivers has been winning this year while throwing to guys like Seji Ajbibujtivubv. The Colts have been injured all year and Peyton still has the team on track to make the playoffs. Brady lost his so-called #1 WR and is having an MVP type season. Even Sam Bradford has had an outstanding rookie year with all of his top targets getting hurt.

  41. I bet the broncos would take him back. But it wouldn’t work out for the Broncos this time with Goodell actually penalizing teams for cheating. The Broncos were way over the spending cap when they won their two SBs.

  42. I think the redskins have a basic internal problem and until resolved they will be relegated to the pits of the NFL standings.

    Publicly emabarrasing and disrepecting both Haynesworth and McNabb.

    It speaks for itself.

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