Sparano sticking with Henne for now

The Dolphins were officially eliminated from playoff contention last week.  In Washington, that was cause for the Redskins to take a look at their backup quarterback to see what they had.

In Miami, coach Tony Sparano will stick with starter Chad Henne.

“I think you’ve got to continue to develop Chad [Henne],” Sparano said this week via Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald.  “We’ll see where we are in these football games. If there’s a point in these football games where you might be able to do something like [play Thigpen], you think about it.  But right now, I think you want to continue to develop Chad as we go forward.”

We stubbornly think Henne can be a solid NFL quarterback, but this season is testing our faith.  He’s thrown 14 touchdowns with 16 interceptions.   Henne’s yards-per-attempt climbed from 6.4 to 6.9, but otherwise his numbers are strikingly similar to 2009.
Like the Dolphins, Henne seems to follow up one good game with a stinker.
“It’s been up and down,” Henne said.  “A tough road. But at times, I felt I improved in a lot of things from last year. Still some things I need to work on, as you know with decision-making and some of them turnovers.”
Henne has two games left to improve his standing with the team.  We’d guess that he hasn’t shown enough to stop Miami from being as aggressive as possible this offseason in bringing in another option.

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  1. Tony didn’t want to be drawn into controversy.

    “Nothing about Hennes or Thigpens. I don’t want to go there. Does it look like I just stepped off the turnip truck?”.

  2. title of your post:
    “Sparano sticking with Thigpen for now”


    In Miami, coach Tony Sparano will stick with starter Chad Henne.

    Are you guys ok? Put down the eggnog, Jesus’s birthday is still 2 days away.

  3. Hopefully we’ll still get to see Ronnie Brown, Thigpen, and all the gang this Christmas.

    I loved the espisode about getting the Christmas tree.

  4. Translation: “Henne was our choice at QB and if we admit our mistake, we pave the way for our exit”

    They’re sticking with him because they have to.

  5. He throws a pretty ball, and has a laser arm, but he makes poor decisions. He said Tebow would never be an NFL quarterback or something like that. What Henne misses is making good decisions is most often more important than throwing a pretty ball or having a laser arm.

  6. They are sticking with him to see what happens when the OC calls some plays longer than 5 yards. Hopefully they let Henne call the 2 minute drill because that garbage Henning tried was absolutely embarassing. Henne looked pretty good last year when he was allowed to throw it around; this year he seems too tentative and it is likely because the coaches are stressing “no mistakes”…that translates very well to “no big plays”

  7. The main problem is Dan henning who will hopefully be retired next year…. But how is it that year after year the dolphins have a quarterback who isn’t going to cut it… I mean beck henne lemon and on and on.. I look around the league and I see Matt Ryan Joe Flacco hell even Bradford, and I can’t help but think “how can we repeatedly fail at getting a franchise QB!?” it’s unacceptable… Remember when we went with Culpepper over Brees!! I mean come on man I don’t want to sit through another season of no offense and drive killing wildcat plays. This team is really close to being a power and if Ireland doesn’t make it happen I’m ready to fire the front office….

    Frustrated Fin Fan

  8. 3 years later, still can’t hit routine passes. Sparano is going to lose his job over this decision. If Thigpen came in and things were much better, he could claim, it’s not us, it’s Henne. Sparano wants Henning back next year, and Henne back next year, and given both a vote of confidence. After regressing in every statistical category over the last two years, and still want to not make changes is assenine. Sparano needs to be fired. Oh Miami is tops in a couple offensive categories: 3 and outs, shorted completion per pass attempt, and pic sixes. Henne sucks! Give Thigpen a fair shot, he deserves it.

  9. I can understand Sparano’s decision to stick with Henne. The coaching staff want to see what direction they need to go in after the season. Whether they need to go after a proven veteran like McNabb or C. Palmer and allow Henne to be a back-up to develop for a couple more seasons or bring in a veteran to compete with Henne for the starting job right from spring OTA’s (if the NFL have them this year).

    The coaching staff must know that Henne poor decision making and turnovers was the result of a low TD total and losing some games. In the next 2 games I would like to see Henne shed the title of “Check down King” and make good throws down the field, that’s why they are paying B. Marshall the big bucks..

  10. Henne has size…and a good arm…seems accurate… and I keep seeing people say he is smart. So… at what point does the attention turn to those developing him? There are other problems of course…a stale play calling scheme…some OL issues…and the lack of a legit deep threat (a major source of embarrassment since the Dolphins have had years to rectify this and can’t get it done). However, there are some things that can be fixed now. For instance…dump that dopey Wildcat. It fools nobody, hasn’t produced anything worth noting in terms of results, and while there is merit to the concept, it is ineffective for the Dolphins because the ‘Cat’ poses no threat to actually throw the ball. Another thing that can be worked on right now…those responsible for developing him could work on his moves in the pocket. How many times does a 6’5″ QB have to get a throw knocked down at the line of scrimmage before this dawns on someone? It would be great to see Henne become the man in Miami, but time is running out to salvage and build on what confidence he has left.

  11. Thinking about the Dolphins really made me realize the dire quarterback situation that exists in so many teams this year. It’s not just Henne in Miami either, but the problem is apparent in so many other franchises that it is just ridiculous. I’m not sure where all these team’s are going to find their quarterback because the draft is only going to give a few quarterbacks at best. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the off-season.

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