Terrelle Pryor takes big step closer to NFL draft


The question of whether Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor will enter the NFL draft has suddenly gotten a lot clearer.

As explained by John Taylor of CFT, Pryor has been suspended the first five games of the 2011 season for receiving impermissible benefits.

Apparently, Pryor had decided to get into the memorabilia business, selling his 2008 Big Ten title ring, a 2009 Fiesta Bowl championship sportsmanship award, and his 2008 gold pants, which had been a gift from the school.

He must repay $2,500 as a result of those transactions.

Other players have been suspended for varying numbers of games.  All players will be available for the Sugar Bowl, a move that the NCAA has justified by concluding that the players didn’t receive adequate rules education.

The possibility of the Sugar Bowl not attracting a desirable television rating surely had nothing to do with that specific aspect of the ruling.

As to Pryor, a move to the NFL could result in Pryor missing games next year due to a lockout.  But with a guarantee that he’ll miss at least five at Ohio State, he might as well jump.

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  1. “the players didn’t receive adequate rules education.” Um, yes they did but who wants to ruin a good bowl game, right NCAA?

  2. He’s not even a decent COLLEGE qb, so he will make an even worse NFL qb. I wouldn’t waste a 7th rounder on him. Go undrafted, see if you can make the squad as a WR, which won’t happen. I can say this being an Ohio State fan.

  3. What is this???? You can’t sell things that you own? Pay these players already. The NCAA machine is raining with money left and right and none for the players that play the game and risk their health.

    Something needs to change.

  4. How could you be susupended for 5 games next year, but not suspended for the bowl game is beyond me. Some of those guys won’t even be back next year. The ncaa is laughable.

  5. I’d bet money that he knew he was leaving before he sold those items. Once he knew he was leaving, he thumbed his nose at the NCAA rules and sold his items. I don’t follow college football but even I heard about the other kid who was suspended for selling his jersey. Pryor knew what he was doing and good for him. I think all college kids going to the NFL should do the same thing. Sell your game worn jerseys on your way out the door and thumb your nose at the idiotic NCAA rules. Slave masters are what the NCAA is to me, burn them to the ground. (not literally of course)

  6. Pryor is a piece of crap. Cam Newton is what Pryor could be if he cared, but the guy coasts by on talent alone. Good luck with that at the next level. I can’t see anyone giving him a shot at QB. He’s the next Matt Jones. Big, fast college QB who someone will take a shot on at WR just because of his size/speed. Out of the league in two years.

  7. selgaeinla says:
    Dec 23, 2010 1:45 PM
    Wow, a student tries to sell some of his belongings and gets supsended. Ohio State made over $100 million in 2007-2008 from football.


    Are you kidding???? you know what he gets paid? FREE COLLEGE, that is what he gets in return for being a runnung back trying to play qb. He signs a contract NOT to sell stuff, he breaks it, he gets in trouble. Please, i dont want to hear about this poor enttitled athlete who already gets something for free.

  8. Pryor is overrated and his stock will fall once draft scouts start taking a good look at him. And now that we have some off-field issues to throw into the mix, it will bring up lots of questions about his maturity. It shows you how immature some of these kids are. He sold a few things for a couple thousand bucks, and he’s losing playing time and potentially millions if it affects his draft stock. Think ahead!

  9. he might as well go . he is no QB . I Am a die hard but NOT A HOMER Buckeye fan . he is vastly overated IMHO . Go play wide out or tight end in the pros if you even get drafted that is .

  10. As a Michigan fan, I’ve never really been overly impressed with him even if he has beaten us every year which isn’t saying much with the coaching Michigan has had. I hope he’s not another JaMarcus Russell!

  11. It is about time that players did something about this crap. First, Pryor should simply leave Ohio State before the bowl game. What has he got to gain? Nothing? What has he got to lose? A pro career from a career ending injury. The rest of the players are toast as well, so they might as well pack it. I mean its not like they are going to get a degree from Ohio State.

  12. All the hoopla surrounding this guy coming out of high school, #1 rated high school player that year, was unreal. Didn’t he wait until after signing day to pick a school? Goes to show the all these star ratings and recruiting rankings are nearly pointless. Not sure if really lived up to the hype (then again, spearking of hype, neither did Ron Powlus).
    IMO, not sure he’ll make it as QB in the NFL.

    Pay student-athletes stipends, something to live on. That’s enough.

  13. Students are broke. I am out a few years and I am still broke. If he wants to sell something that belongs to him he should have every right. The guy needs to eat and may want to visit friends and family. That is not free. Students get a raw deal, if they want to sell their own property let people bid for it. There are more benefits for people on welfare not even attempting to find a job.

  14. @ cappa

    Good point. Obviously the money-hungry, corrupt NCAA doesn’t want to lose out on all the money if Pryor didn’t play in the bowl game.

    But, I don’t get this. Why can’t he sell these things? They are his, aren’t they? Did the NCAA give his these things with the clause that he must put them on his mantle and cherish forever? I would sell that crap too if I were him. Who cares about the NCAA Big Ten title anway?!? All it means is that you get to play in the meaningless Rose Bowl. Oh, and the Fiesta Bowl Championship sportsmanship award… what a valuable piece that is. Every kid dreams of getting that award. I’d love to know how much he got for that. Probably $100.

  15. He is not even a good college QB. As far as playing another position, he thought he was good enough and wouldn’t do what it took to be a college QB. So it’s doubtful that all of a sudden he will develop humility and a work ethic and learn to play a new position.

  16. What a tool. Sold his stuff and now got suspended.

    He should’ve just taken money from an Agent. Still would be suspended, but at least he’d still have his stuff.

  17. #
    cappa662 says: Dec 23, 2010 1:05 PM

    How could you be susupended for 5 games next year, but not suspended for the bowl game is beyond me. Some of those guys won’t even be back next year. The ncaa is laughable.

    I thought the same thing, and I’m a Buckeyes fan.

  18. Um…WHY is the NCAA fining him for the pants? The definition of a GIFT is that it is now his to do as he pleases. He could urinate on them, and burn ’em as far as I’m concerned. If he wants to sell them, what’s wrong with that?? Point is, once they’re HIS, the NCAA should have no say in what he does with the gold pants.

    The ring is a bit more tricky. He should be penalized for that. The ring represents his school, and a bowl game of the NCAA he won. Keep that as a token of your success.

  19. I’m proud of this guy!!!!

    He stuck it to the NCAA when it deserved it!!!!!!!

    I love how a bunch of stingy, old white geezers want the black man to earn nothing!!!!

    There is evidence of this outside of the rosters: the coaching staff. Who leads it???

    Not a black guy.

  20. rajbais:

    Do that include the “stingy, old white geezers” who own NFL teams, or just the ones in college?

    One more question, do the “stingy, old white geezers” in college want the WHITE players in to earn money?

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