Donte’ Stallworth wins Baltimore’s Ed Block Courage Award

Ravens receiver Donte’ Stallworth has been rather quiet in his first season back after a one-year league suspension.

He broke his foot before the season started, and returned in Week 10 against the Falcons.  Stallworth has caught passes in four games this season and was a healthy scratch last week against the Saints.

Despite the lack of production, Stallworth has clearly made an impact in the Ravens locker room.   His teammates voted him the team’s Ed Block Courage Award winner of 2010.  The award is given out to a player that exemplifies a “commitment to sportsmanship and courage.”

The honor is reminiscent of when Michael Vick won the award last year in Philadelphia.  Vick’s recognition caused somewhat of an uproar at the time from fans.

But this award isn’t about the fans, and that’s why it’s so unique.  Stallworth is well-liked and respected by many teammates and coaches he’s worked with in his career.  He’s a guy people universally root for.

Stallworth made a huge mistake in life and paid a steep price for it.  The men closest to him respect how he’s handled that adversity, which says a lot.

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  1. @Gregg Rosenthal

    Stallworth made a huge mistake in life and he paid a steep price for it.

    Seriously… He paid a steep price?? Please tell me how so. He killed another person while driving drunk, and served a few days in jail, and was suspended for a year from the league. Michael Vick heads a dogfighting outfit and serves almost two years in prison. Plaxico Burress shoots HIMSELF with a gun and is serving 18 months in prison. And the NFL gives this idiot an award. I don’t care if he is a saint now…

    It was like nothing more was made of him killing someone else while he was drunk, but now he can win an award because he has demonstrated courage for coming back after such a tragedy. An absolute joke……

    If folks are bothered by Michael Vick winning it last year, then why isn’t this bothering people?

    For some reason this article struck a nerve…

  2. Umm haters, no, how about realist. The rather quiet re-entry into the NFL by Stallworth is a rather sad statement regarding the media and society. While what Mike Vick did was horrible, it pales in comparison to what Stallworth did.
    Donte killed a human being, yet he is being forgiven much more easily than Vick killing dogs. Human being dead, dogs dead, interesting set of values we have in this country.

    The media has done very little to criticize what Stallworth did, yet they have spent thousand and thousands of hours crucifying Vick.

    Personally I’d rather forgive and move on from what Vick did. A killer such as Stallworth, really should never have been allowed back in the league.

  3. The Allstate award was retired with Rae Carruth. Stallworth’s car suffered serious injury when that sober person ran into it. The way Donte nursed it back to health would have brought tears to Mother Theresa’s eyes. I now wonder if I kill someone, if the the Ravens will make an honorary 12th man.

  4. But this award isn’t about the fans, and that’s why it’s so unique. Stallworth is well-liked and respected by many teammates and coaches he’s worked with in his career

    And so was Vick. And it wasnt just the fans in a uproar PFT was leading the charge and it shows how big a hypocrites you guys are on this site.

  5. That accident happened half a mile from my house on a road i’ve driven on 2-4 times a day for 4yrs, so i know the terrain. It’s a tradgedy when someone loses their life, no doubt. A tradgedy that it happened at all, no doubt. But an intoxicated guy jay-walking across the macarthur causeway (otherwise known as INTERSTATE 395) who get’s hit by a car at 5am…that’s on the pedestrian in my opinion. You live in miami beach for a while, and you discover a new found disdain from pedestrians who just expect speeding cars to slam on brakes while they get hammered and meander across the road, or INTERSTATE.

  6. Huh??? When did this award turn into the best reclaimation project player???

    Bruschi won this award for coming back from a stroke!

    Vick wins for getting out of jail, Stallworth wins for getting out of jail….I see a pattern here!

    Ed Block must be pissed off that his name is attached to this award???

  7. Kudos to Mr. Stallworth. I suppose his teammates know him best and feel that he is deserving of this award. He seems to be making the most of his second chance.

  8. “Stallworth made a huge mistake in life and he paid a steep price for it”

    30 days in jail for running a guy over while being intoxicated.

    I wish I could pay that steep a price if I ever did something like that.

  9. “The fact that the men closest to him respect how he’s handled that adversity says a lot.”

    Didn’t you guys kill the Eagles players last year for giving the award to mike vick? But hey, Stallworth only killed a man and robbed a woman of her husband and children of their father.

  10. They should just rename the award to the “I Did Time” award….Plaxico has one of these awards in his future if he gets back in the league…Courage, my arse…

  11. I believe Stallworth was hanging with Braylon Edwards that night. Obviously Braylon did not learn. Since then he has got in a bar fight and a few DUI.

  12. Listen, there is no question that people like this guy. But to say that he paid a steep price for what he did is a bit ridiculous. The guy did not deserve the $5 million dollar roster bonus he used to pay these people off. The day after he “earned it” he killed a guy and was effectively useless to the Browns. So to say he paid a steep price when he used money he never earned is silly. And to say spend 30 days in jail for killing someone is not even remotely a steep price. Lets not get carried away.

  13. Really Rosenthal? Last year, YOU were leading the pitchforks against Vick receiving this award. You didn’t personally feel that Vick had done anything to deserve it, even though the spotlight had burned brighter on him for a lesser crime than it has on Stallworth.

    Yet Stallworth wins, and he deserves it? Are you kidding me?

    And a “steep price” isn’t less than 30 days in jail. Nor was it the hush money he paid the victim’s family. Vick paid a “steep price”. Stallworth got a slap on the wrist. That said, I don’t begrudge his teammates giving him the award. Like you said, they know him best. Too bad you didn’t feel that way last year when it was Vick on the receiving end.

  14. @kingjoe1;

    Maybe the differing attitudes between Vick and Stallworth have something to with people’s ability to understand concepts like “intent” and “malice” and their ablility to discern the actions of a careless man acting irresponsibly and a wanton sociopath committing horrendous acts of violence and cruelty for his own amusement.

    Many people can see the difference between a fool and a person who put family pets in a pit bull ring and laughed as the pit bulls tore them apart.

    It’s easier to see things in black and white and avoid more difficult questions about what is in someone’s heart, which I will assume is why you do it.

    That being said, I don’t agree with Stallworth getting this award, which Vick also received. If the league is going to continue giving this out, maybe they need to sit down with the players and reevaluate the criteria.

  15. so serving the punishment for the crime you committed is courageous? going to jail when you deserve it should not count as adversity. this award should be discontinued, it’s sickening to see the types of people who receive it. with the types of people who populate NFL rosters anymore, it seems best to root for your team on Sunday and ignore them the other six days.

  16. 23 days in prison is a steep price to pay for murdering someone while driving drunk?!

    Holy crap, Rosenthal…

    Meanwhile, Plaxico is still confined behind bars for over a year for hurting no one but himself, and he’s still got almost another year to go

  17. I feel so sorry for Plax. He was totally hung out to dry to be made an example of.

    As for Stallworth, a lot of people see intent in someone knowingly driving after drinking. Had he been sober, it probably wouldn’t have been a crime.

  18. Thanks Bengelsjay….that is a great post. That we give this man an award for overcoming killing someone is wrong.

  19. Donte had a few drinks and ended up hitting a stupid drunk jay-walker at 5am on an interstate highway on his way home.. If any of you have ever had a drink and drove home and come on here blasting this guy then your hypocritical as$ can pound sand. This could have happened to ANYONE. His blood alcohol was .12 for gods sake.

  20. Not defending what Stallworth did but the underlying circumstances in the man’s death is worth noting. He was illegally crossing a 4 lane highway in the dark. Now, go out and play in the middle of a freeway in any major US city and see how long you survive. People are talking about this like Stallworth drove up on a sidewalk and wiped out a completely unaware person.

  21. Apparently there’s a growing trend amongst the players that if your arrested and make a comeback you should get an award. Going out on a limb here but I somewhat sure this rational was not what the EB Foundation had in mind when it speaks of courage!

  22. @RealityPolice – The word intent and accident are used for people who dont want to take responsibility for their actions. Stallworth intentionall got drunk, understands the dangers of drunk driving and intentionally drove his vehicle while intoxicated.
    Your inability to see the difference between humans and pets is disturbing. I am sure you are lost in your own world while enjoying your hamburger, steak or chicken. Of course you also enjoy your mouthwash, leather shoes and other various medicines.
    All of these aforementioned items are from or tested on animals. Though because you agree with the outcome the killing of animals are okay. You place too much emphasis on your personal exceptions, instead of looking at the realities which exist in the world.

  23. Donte and friends celebrated by going out for a drink! His friend, Braylon Edwards, was the designated driver. Unfortunatly, but expectedly, Braylon could not keep his hands on the wheel! All should recover by gametime!

  24. @psizzle03

    You are a moron! Stallworth stated that he saw the man and flashed his headlights at him to warn him not to cross. So, he had time to see him and flash him but not hit the brakes? Know the facts ass-hat before you spout off like an idiot fanatical fan. The guy did not jump in front of his car. The guy probably thought he was flashing him to acknowledge he saw him and that he was going to let him cross. A mis-understanding no doubt, bit stop pretending he did not have a chance to make a decision. He just made a bad one and delayed reaction time due to being drunk no doubt contributed.

  25. @tritan306

    Oh, so now he was a stupid drunk jay-walker? God you people are idiots. No doubt you are ravens fans. The guy was a third shift crane operator on his way home from work He wasn’t drunk you god damned fool. I can only imagine the high level of accountability you have in your own life when you make up stories like this to make you feel better about the “heroes” you have have, like Stallworth.

  26. @jimmy1smith
    Although your points are valid. Do you really expect people to side with a millionaire professional athlete driving a 4800 pound bentley while intoxicated at 5 am, this isn’t some construction worker who stopped by the local tavern after work and had a few beers and has no other way home, this is a multi millionaire who, hell, could have afforded a helicopter ride home. You’re missing the point, yes the guy should not have been walking on a 4 lane highway, and Stallworth should not be driving after drinking. How the hell does Stallworth’s actions equal courage? Is he courageous in the eyes of NFL players cause he gave up a possible large cash settlement to only do 23 days in jail?…Is that what courage is?

  27. NFL
    National Felons League

    I am sure the Blocks are proud to have the name linked to scum who are awarded for the causing suffering to others.

    The new CBA should have a no felon clause if you have done time for a major crime then no football for you

  28. It must mean a lot to Donte’ that his teammates nominated him for this award. Just like Vick, Stallworth will have to deal with the consequences of his crime -mental, physical, emotional, financial- for the rest of his life. To all the hypocrites: sure, both Stallworth and Vick committed heinous crimes. But if I were you I wouldn’t point fingers, because you don’t know what lies ahead of you in your life. For all you know, you could drive drunk or impaired tomorrow, fall asleep at the wheel or otherwise injure or kill someone yourself. The difference between you and these men is that they have had to deal with the repurcussions of their actions in public, for everyone to scrutinize. I would say that that takes courage. Congratulations Donte’.

  29. Stallworth was barely over the limit, hit a guy who couldn’t walk and just ran into the middle of a major highway.. if he had 1 less beer he isn’t in trouble

  30. dallasbaby says:
    Dec 24, 2010 1:04 PM

    if i fall asleep drunk and kill someone in my car tomorrow i bet i’m put away for a long time

    but atleast i don’t have to deal with the public, right?

  31. Rewarding criminal behavior is not a good idea no matter who you are. What courageous acts has he done?

    He goes to work every day and does his job and gets paid alot of money.

    I can understand Employee of the month….but Courage….I don’t think so.

  32. “Stallworth made a huge mistake in life and paid a steep price for it.”

    That may be the dumbest sentence ever strung together by a biped.

  33. The guy Stallworth hit was trying to run across a causeway with a center divider, he had no business being in the road. Darwin’s work is never done…

  34. I fell so sorry for Stallworth. He explained that he flashed his lights before running over the man. What more could he have done? He has certainly shown great courage rebounding from an unjust suspension.

    I suspect the Steelers will make a certain tall QB their man of courage. Then for the overall NFL man of the year the nominees can be Big Ben, Stallworth, and a child abuser to be named at a later date.

  35. tritan306 says:
    Dec 24, 2010 11:40 AM
    Donte had a few drinks and ended up hitting a stupid drunk jay-walker at 5am on an interstate highway on his way home.. If any of you have ever had a drink and drove home and come on here blasting this guy then your hypocritical as$ can pound sand. This could have happened to ANYONE. His blood alcohol was .12 for gods sake.

    To the idiot that wrote this…Yes you are right, ANYONE DRUNK DRIVING SHOULD BE IN JAIL. the rest of have the right to safety. It is against the law. He is rich and famous and did not have to pay for this crime. This man was a hard working man….Donte is out drinking until 5 AM…I hope Donte is not out driving when your family is on the road.

  36. People with common sense its no way you can argue with a Ravens fan. They dont get out of that great city much to see what goes on in the real world. They wear purple camo how smart do you think they really are.

  37. I don’t consider this a “hater” comment, as I happen to like Donte Stallworth a lot. But WTF is up with this award? Last year Vick and this year Stallworth?

    I am not sure what is so courageous about men who make horrible personal decisions and falling from a pampered life who are then able to reclaim that life as though nothing had happened to them. I realize Donte made a bad decision and was affected by poor circumstance, while Vick was just an evil man doing some evil crap to innocent dogs. Vick denied responsibility and lied until he was convicted, where at least Stallworth took responsibility without being forced to.

    I consider Stallworth’s response to his poor judgment to be commendable and forthright. I hardly consider it courageous, let alone worthy of an “award”. These guys need to come out of their bubbles and appreciate what real courage is.

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