Johnathan Joseph is down with the franchise tag

The Bengals have a boatload of prospective unrestricted free agents to address in 2011.  They should be happy that the most valuable player on the list will be happy to stay with the team even without a long-term deal.

Cornerback Johnathan Joseph said he’d be happy to get slapped with a franchise tag next year.

“I’d sign it the first day,” Joseph said laughing, according to’s Geoff Hobson. “Hopefully we can get a deal done before then.”

We’re not even sure there will be a franchise tag in the new collective bargaining agreement.  Assuming there is one, Joseph would make anywhere between $10-13 million on a one-year contract.

The Bengals figure to look a lot different next season, but it sounds safe to expect to Joseph back in the black and orange.

4 responses to “Johnathan Joseph is down with the franchise tag

  1. I never understood why players hated the franchise tag so much. If you can make $8-10 million in a single year, guaranteed, that would set these guys up for life IN A SINGLE YEAR if they played their cards right.

    A lot of these guys, even the middle class ones, wouldn’t make $10million in their LIVES if it were’t for football. Making $150K a year for 50 years nets you $7.5Million. You can live a pretty comfortable life making $150K a year in most places. Not to mention if you took 5 or that 10 million and just stuck it in a bank, you could get 5-8% annually on that pretty easily. Thats an extra $250K in INTEREST ALONE per year.

  2. @bleedgreen:

    Your post is well thought out and reasonable, and your math is accurate, although it is a little unreasonable to expect someone to invest their entire salary. Could you afford to put away every dollar you make next year?

    Unfortunately, your argument leaves out one central point: human nature.

    Simply put- if someone came up to you and said “I’m going to hand you some money- do you want $1 or $5?” Which would you take?

    10 million dollars is a lot of money, and no one would argue differently. But if another CB signs a deal in the offseason with 25 million guaranteed, you’re not being realistic if you expect Joseph not to be unhappy about that.

  3. @bleedgreen
    Listen, stop making sense,this is PFT after all…. you know damn well it doesn’t correlate with the pro athletes of today way of thinking. If they take the franchise tag, it only means “they gonna get paid” for one season, and they won’t be able to piss away as much money as possible. AND, they have to have another good season to get a multi year deal. The mutli year deal means they can relax and dog it, until the last year of the deal, when they step up their game to steal more money….

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