Kyle Shanahan calls McNabb’s agent’s comments “entertaining”

It’s understandable that Donovan McNabb and Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan butted heads this year.  It happens.

It’s inexplicable that the Shanahan camp and the McNabb camp continue to go back-and-forth at each other in public, as if that is going to help matters.  One day after McNabb’s agent took on Kyle Shanahan and Mike Shanahan responded, the younger Shanahan spoke with reporters.

“I called Donovan on the phone, mentioned I wanted to have a conversation with him to find out what this was all about,” Kyle Shanahan said Friday, according to Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.   “And when I talked to Donovan [on Thursday], he said he didn’t say any of that.

“I’m like, ‘Well yeah, your agent did, which to me is you.’ And he said he didn’t agree with any of that, those words didn’t come out of his mouth, he didn’t tell his agent that stuff.  So all I can go off is what Donovan tells me. And we’ve never had a confrontation all year, never had an argument, everything’s been good.”

(So basically McNabb is lying to his agent or Shanahan.  We’ll vote Shanahan.)

McNabb declined to comment Friday with a laugh.  Kyle Shanahan also found humor in McNabb’s agent Fletcher Smith’s suggestion that the Redskins changed the offense for Rex Grossman last week.

“That quote was almost — I mean, it was entertaining,” Shanahan said. “Asking Donovan about that, he nor I remember that conversation. To hear that we had a different offense for Rex is a joke.”

Finally, Shanahan addressed Smith’s implication that he was the source of many leaks during the season deriding McNabb.

“Obviously some people getting leaks out, I think that happens everywhere, but to think that coaches would do that when it only hurts the coaches is entertaining,” Shanahan said.

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  1. So once again, Donny Mac is having things said to the media and then saying ‘it wasn’t me who said that!’ Just like all those times in Philly when ‘sources close to McNabb say he said this or that’ when he would later say ‘I never said that.’ Welcome to Philly’s world for the past 10 years, DC. Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Get off Mcnabbs jock Rosenthal..Nothing more than an extremely average QB that somehow garners huge contracts from 2 teams after being benched…Good work if u can get it..

  3. Exactly. McNabb did the same crapola in Philly. Gossip like a school girl then not have the nads to admit it. Hey, Donovan, your jerseys are now half price (and they are still not selling).

  4. The NFL should do what the NBA does to agents that speak out about how lousy their job is, a la the Blazers and Rudy Fernandez. That is fine the player for their agent saying things negative about the team that involves their client. That would shut the agents up really quickly.

  5. Funny how all these players become dumb when asked face plank about something said. They are brave when texting, facebooking or any comment that get out on the net. Blog is bla bla bla. If McNabb is such the all time professional than be man as well, go face to face with whomever you need to talk to, not third party talk.

  6. If both sides spent as much time working on putting a better team on the feel just maybe they would have a better record. BOth coaches and players spend to much time tell their side of this drama.

  7. Out of McNabb and the two Shanahans, I only respect Donovan anymore.

    I don’t know who McNabb will be playing for next year (the Redskins are lucky if it’s them) but I do know that the Shanahans will be unemployed and giving eachother reach arounds instead of calling plays, this time next year.

  8. Shanahan management skills and coaching are very “unentertaining.”

    Wasted millions of dollars of talent, and poorly dealt with internal concerns. A coaches job is to create a team atmosphere, and consistency moving forward, no matter what the case.

  9. #
    bronco1st says: Dec 24, 2010 5:19 PM

    McNabb is a lying sack of crap. The guy is an overrated loser and a cancer to any team. Cut him and Fat Albert, both are overpaid losers.

    Yes, but McNabb certainly went to the playoffs with the Eagles while McDaniels was busy destroying the Broncos from within…but you did get some draft picks out of it…how cool was all that fist pumping after they beat new England last year?

  10. Once again, McPUKE is playing the “out my mouth” line. Mediocre talent, major league drama. Eagles nation say’s THANKS for Nate Allen & taking the big, slow headache!

  11. Rush Limbaugh was right. And this is what happens when a very mediocre QB is traded to a team without a great defense. Bring on the race card players.

  12. I was driving through DC this past Tuesday and happened to catch some show where Brian Mitchell is the co-host. He, as well as, numerous other actual reporters chimed in on how the play calling was completely different for Grossman. Mitchell even ripped into a fan who tried to make a case that it was different because McNabb couldn’t handle the same play load.

    Either way it was different. Apparently, very different and Rex knew he would be the starter for the tail end of the season for a month.

  13. I used to like Shanahan (the dad). I am amazed how he treats his players. I would love to hear if he acted this way behind the scenes in Denver when John Elway was there. I just don’t believe that you can manage people if you treat them the way The Shanahan’s have treated multiple players. Maybe Dan Snyder should make them take a Dale Carnegie class this off season.

  14. If people only knew that after the career of an NFL player, their agent has gotten more money than they would in 2 career’s…sad but true, in the NFL the agent has way to much pull and free lance to do anything they want.

  15. Kyle needs to learn that Nobody, & I mean NOBODY, appreciates being talked down to by some punk-ass, post-pubescent, silverspoon, inexperienced little puke who has the physique of the ‘pink panther’. If his daddy weren’t the HC, he would have had to earn his way to a job of that prestige the hard way, which would take him at least another 20 years…the way most everybody else does…by paying dues & getting his fingernails dirty.

    What dues has he paid? How does he get a plum job at his age? Is he so talented that he zooms in front of other, more experienced & more qualified candidates? He takes too much for granted. He got that job because of his overrated father (who hasn’t done shyte in more than 10 years…except leave the Broncos in a mess).

    Honestly…isn’t one Shanahan in the NFL enough already? Now we gotta watch Jr go all”Sheriff”because he doesn’t have the skillset to get the most out of Donovan McNabb?

  16. Little Kyle stamped his foot and pouted. With tears welling at the corners of his eyes he shouted, “I’m telling Daddy on you Donovan.” Then he turned and ran towards the house, secretly hoping that Mommy had milk and cookies waiting for him.

  17. Rush was right: the liberal media just need a black QB as a hero, regardless how much of a low life bald faced liar he is. Shanahan would do well to dump his sorry a$$ at the WHite House lawn on Jan 3rd…then he can go work for his marxist fellow Chicagoan next year.

  18. Kyle Shanahan’s career has been pretty entertaining too.

    Screw the Shanahans, I’m with McNabb on this one.

    Dan Snyder has a decision to make…

  19. bubbabart says: Dec 24, 2010 11:14 PM

    Bronco1st AKA Rush Limbaugh

    bubbabart=penis envy of someone who is right on McNabb and the liberal sports media, as well as super successful for 22 yrs with 38 million listeners.

  20. eastsidehunky says:Dec 25, 2010 8:04 AM bubbabart says: Dec 24, 2010 11:14 PM
    Bronco1st AKA Rush Limbaugh

    bubbabart=penis envy of someone who is right on McNabb and the liberal sports media, as well as super successful for 22 yrs with 38 million listeners.

    “Liberal sports media”? Really?

    God, you Republitards sure are paranoid, Lmao!

    Quick, go hide under your covers with your gold and guns, ’cause the spooky black president is gon’ getchya’!

    You morons read like a book. A horrible, awful, poorly written, book.

  21. Bubbabart: Not relevant to the topic at hand, but it is a known fact over 90% of all reporters vote for Democrats. Please name for me the Democrat who is not far, far left politically? The logical conclusion is that most reporters are far left, regardless of whether they cover news or sports. That does not in anyway suggest they’re not good writers when it comes to sports reporting. If wasn’t thoroughly entertaining we’d all click on some other website.

  22. It’s disgusting McNabb is being called a “low life” and people are blaming “liberal media” claiming Rush Limbaugh was correct. McNabb has been nothing more than an outstanding representative for the NFL, The Eagles, and The Redskins. He is being disrespected by being benched by a lesser player in Rex Grossman. Its flat out Little Kyle stirring up trouble, both him and his old man will be fired in 2 seasons when they are betting on Rex Grossman instead of a proven Pro Bowl player in Donovan. McNabb is a great player and the worst fans in the NFL are Philly Fans, they need someone to hate and when Vick stinks it up in the playoffs they will have his head too. Merry Christmas Philly you miserable filthy city…

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