16 players fined by NFL this week

The NFL wasn’t in an overly generous mood on this Christmas week.

A total of 16 players were fined by the NFL, including the Antonio Winfield infractions that Florio wrote about earlier.

The biggest remaining fines including Falcons defensive end Kroy Biermann, who was fined $15,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst.  The league also fined Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones $15,000 for a hit on Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

Ravens Ed Reed was fined $10,000 for hitting Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the face. Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher was charged $10,000 for hitting Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe in the neck and head area.  It was Urlacher’s second violation.

The complete list of fines can be seen right here, and one will please Andy Reid.  Giants linebacker Jonathan Goff was fined $7,500 for unnecessary roughness for hitting Philadelphia QB Michael Vick out of bounds.

14 responses to “16 players fined by NFL this week

  1. The players union should order the players to play two hand touch for an entire weekend slate of games, just to piss GODell off. No tackling, no fines, just a friendly game of touch football. Let’s see how popular the NFL is when it resembles a pick up game in the back yard.

  2. Winfield pulled up and avoided hitting Cutler. He should be awarded money; I thought that was the type of behavior they wanted to see.

    What a joke. Can I blame this on Goodell? Cause I’d like to. He sucks.

  3. One of the players fined was Vince Wilfork for a FACEMASK! The penalty occurred as he was being held, and he was still trying to make a ply.

    I’m sorry, but you cannot start fining players for facemask penalties. What’s next? Tripping, which is more intentional than face masking? What about holding? Is that next? Chop blocks?

    Is this where the league wants to go? Really?

  4. I can’t believe that Deven McCourty was fined $10,000 for the helmet-to-helmet hit that was clearly very accidental. If he had been any lower, he would have been going at Andrew Quarless’ ankles. It was not his fault Quarless happened to move at the last moment.

    I would argue this point even for the team I hate the most.

  5. well there you have it, conclusive evidence that the steelers really are the ONLY team who continues to “play dirty” and get disciplined for illegal hits. glad to see NO OTHER teams in the league are having trouble following these CHRYSTAL CLEAR rules that have been “on the books for years”. now if only my team could get through a whole week with no one being fined or disciplined……….

  6. I just don’t watch nearly as much football as I used to. Up until like 8 weeks ago I watched ever game I could watch but I just hate this new NFL, it’s becoming unwatchable. Every hit now your just waiting for a flag, it’s not even football anymore. Hell, their going to try and shove 18 regular season games of this watered down crap down peoples throat. To hell with it. As far as I’m concerned the NFL is on life support and on the verge of just being flat out dead.

  7. Well, well, well… the NFL finally has figured out that it isn’t just the Steelers playing this way…

    Now they really have a problem. If they truly intend to strictly enforce their chaotic and random rules regime they’ll be handing out at least 16 fines per week. They probably woulda-coulda-shoulda handed out at least twice what they already did for this week.

    Just goes to show us Steeler fans who were arguing selective enforcement earlier in the year were correct. Everyone plays this way and if you want to find it and fine it – you can pick fines out of every game played.

    All the tools in the media should be ashamed of themselves for trying to make an example of the Steelers – after the league belatedly realized that they were not fairly enforcing their bizarre standards but merely reacting to anti-Steeler media – lookee what they found.

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