Christmas craziness: Cardinals clip Cowboys

If Ebenezer Scrooge were a football fan, he’d sneer “bah, humbug” at a Christmas night offering consisting of mathematically eliminated teams led by third-string quarterbacks.

But in the spirit of the season, we’ll channel Linus in our assessment of tonight’s Cowboys-Cardinals contest and say that it never was such a bad little game.

Sure, it was a 4-10 Cardinals team quarterbacked by John Skelton against a 5-9 Cowboys team quarterbacked by Stephen McGee, who replaced the injured Jon Kitna. But the 27-26 Cardinals win turned out to be entertaining, with a wild beginning (two interceptions returned for touchdowns in the first quarter) and a thrilling ending (Jay Feely booting a 48-yard field goal with five seconds left).

The Cardinals took a 14-0 lead in the first quarter and a 21-3 lead in the second quarter, and it appeared that we were in for a blowout. But the Cowboys scored a touchdown late in the first half and made things very interesting in the second half.

First, David Buehler hit a 53-yard field goal to bring the score to within 21-13. Then Marion Barber scored on a 24yard run, and the score was 21-20.

Feely then hit a 49-yard field goal to give the Cardinals a 24-20 lead, but that’s when McGee went to work, driving the Cowboys down the field and hitting Miles Austin on a 37-yard touchdown pass to make the score 26-24.

Buehler’s extra point attempt, however, was no good, and every Cowboys fan watching had to know that the missed extra point was going to be the latest example of nothing going right for the Cowboys this year.

Sure enough, Skelton marched the Cardinals into field goal range on a drive that included Larry Fitzgerald’s only catch of the game, a 26-yarder on fourth-and-15. Feely’s game winner put the exclamation mark on a much more exciting game than most football fans expected the Cowboys and the Cardinals to give us for Christmas.

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  1. TNewman could’ve grabbed the ball on the kickoff from out of bounds and gotten an illegal procedure call if he knew the rule.

    Would’ve given Dallas the ball at Arizona’s 45 with a chance of at least a Hail Mary or MAYBE even a 7-8 yard out and a miracle FG attempt.

  2. That was a better game that I thought it would, enjoyed it!

    Still, you gotta believe Larry Fitzgerald wants out, he’d be great in New England if were willing to take less money than he’d get elsewhere.

  3. Kitna put 14 points on Arizona’s scoreboard and the kicker purposely missed an easy extra point and the 7 point favorites in Vegas easily lost plus now will draft BEFORE Arizona – yes a very exciting tank job for TV fans!

  4. That was the best Christmas day game since the Eagles Cowboys game a few years back.

    What makes it even more special is that the Cowboys lost both times.

    Its funny listening to all the Cowboys fans complain about Desean celebrating while there team is the most penalized team in the league for excessive celebrations.

  5. Skelton showed some spine.
    Shame on Dallas’ defense for thinking they could stop Skelton rather than trying to contain him.

  6. hard to convince anyone that this game wasn’t fixed. how could they not go for 2 to make it 21-21? how? under what scenario does that make sense? and he missed the extra point on that last cowboy td on purpose. that was deliberate. FIXED.

  7. That has to be the first time an NFL team lost on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas in the same year.

  8. A wild ride. Good for Arizona, and Skelton. And still, even the worst NFL teams are better than the best collegiate teams, so quit yer whining.

  9. Skelton handled himself towards the end of the game. Glad to see he knew what he was doing. Looked like he didnt panic one bit. I love it & I also love that the Cards beat the Cowgirls on X-Mas day. even though we choked up after halftime AGAIN!!!!

    Gaygo 223

  10. I need Millen and Theisman to explain to me one more time how that was a good idea to NOT go for two.

  11. The Cowboys made a HUGE coaching mistake in not going for 2 on their 2nd TD. If they made it they were tied up, but if they missed a field goal could still take the game by 1.

    It would have put a totally different tone on the end of the game if the Boys had tied it up and maybe made a difference in play calling or something that might have let them pull it out.

    So much for the interim head coach staying on.

  12. listening to millen appraise players and coaches talents is a farce in itself. but when he obviously defends his own personal decisions when he was a gm is getting sickening. a few weeks back he called the 0-16 coach of his lions marinelli “a great coach”, yesterday he called his former qb of that same lions 0-16 team “a real pro.” that after kitna giving up 2 pick sixes that cost the cowboys the game and also missing under no pressure a completely wide open miles austin 20 yards downfield on a sure touchdown pass.

    “a great coach”! “a real pro”!

    an announcer who has no credibility!

  13. How about the bonehead action by Marion Barber?
    Is he that stupid or was it a selfish act to get some camera time? Along with all their other penalties, bonehead actions like this reflect the coaching. I guess a coach with balls can’t exist in JeffyWorld

  14. First off, not being a fan of either team, I thought it was a pretty entertaining game to watch on Christmas. Not bad at all, considering some of the real lop-sided stinkers fans have watch on holidays over the years. Interesting to see 2 young QBs trying to get the job done.

    Second, you had to go for 2 points there. Dallas made the wrong decision. The announcers were wrong saying it was the right thing to do. No matter how it would have played out, you had to try for 2 points.

  15. “holeinone09 says:
    Dec 26, 2010 9:29 AM
    First off, not being a fan of either team, I thought it was a pretty entertaining game to watch on Christmas. Not bad at all, considering some of the real lop-sided stinkers fans have watch on holidays over the years. Interesting to see 2 young QBs trying to get the job done.


    Actually, only one young QB out there.

    Kitna is like an old guy like Brett Favre only without the talent.

  16. Dear Jason,

    If you want the full time job as coach of the Dallas Cowboys, why in the hell were they not ready to play?


    A Texans (sorry ass) Fan

  17. OH how sweet it is to watch another melt down by Americas Team…and there owner. Lets pat the new coach some more on the back for bringing that toughness back to Dallas. Maybe he needs to have them wear there pads on the plane, home. How many owners get the press time Jones does during a game???

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