Justin Smith not fined for shoving official

A lot of 49ers fans felt the ejection of 49ers defensive end Justin Smith in last week’s game against the Chargers was somewhat unfair.

Surprisingly, the NFL agreed.   (Or at least they felt his ejection from the game was enough punishment for the crime.)

The league didn’t fine Smith for the incident, according to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Bay Area. Smith admitted after the game a “rule was a rule” and accepted being kicked out.

After watching Smith shove umpire Garth DeFelice on tape, the league must have decided it was unintentional.  In most previous cases, the NFL has fined players for touching officials in addition to ejecting them.

13 responses to “Justin Smith not fined for shoving official

  1. Carl Steward – Oakland Tribune

    “Which Smith should start at quarterback for the 49ers on Sunday? Maybe Mike Singletary should go out with a bang and try Justin Smith for a change.”

  2. The penalty was justified. He pushed him and that is the rule. Now, I think the NFL was wise in making the decision not to fine him. He acted professionally by leaving the game without argument and took responsibility for breaking the rule. Gotta give Smith and the NFL credit on this one.

  3. Steelers gave Godell the finger by not adjusting their play and calling out the Commish. Tomlin played a big part in the defiant attitude the Steelers had.

    The Commish will continue to bust their a$$es all season.

    Harrison, his agent, Tomlinson, players just need to shut up and play the game by the Commish’s rules.

  4. They won’t fine him but they will fine players for wearing socks too high, different colour chin straps or tweeting. The league needs to have some continuity in the crap they pull. I agree with not fining him but seriously they need to be reasonable with all this garbage.

  5. How would you feel if you knew that Garth de felice is from San Diego, played LB at San Diego State and Patrick Henry HS.
    I guess the media didn’t know that because they’re lazy.
    What do you Niner fans think of that.

  6. the real upshot of this is, and we will never find out, is that those two referee’s lied. Watching the video, J. Smith does NOT go towards the ref in any way, menacing or otherwise; secondly, to huddle up together and make that call to throw him out was WRONG also because the ref did say he had discretion on it. To bad the NFL does not let you know about the referee’s being disciplined. To “cup1981”, the penalty was not justified! There was room for just flagging with yards and No need to throw him out.

  7. @bodyrocker42: THE RULE IS SIMPLE, YOU TOUCH THE OFFICIAL YOU’RE EJECTED. What the hell do you mean it wasn’t justified? Even he said it was justified. you’re such a homer.

  8. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea,

    I find it hard to believe that you applaud Goodell this season. Whether you are a Steeler fan or not, you should be appalled at the officiating this year, which is an extension of Goodell. In addition, Goodell’s lack of clarification on helmet to helmet contact is disturbing to actual NFL fans.

    Go PATS!

  9. For the league to admit that it was unintentional which is exactly what it is saying by not fining him then it is fair to say that the player should not have been ejected if he had no intention of having contact with a ref. No different then if he had run over the ref during a play if it’s unintentional how do you eject him?

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