Pick six times two: Cardinals take early lead

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Early in the first quarter against the Dallas Cowboys, the Arizona Cardinals have just five yards on offense. And they lead 14-0.

Both of the Cardinals’ touchdowns have come in the form of interception returns for touchdowns.

On the Cowboys’ first offensive drive, quarterback Jon Kitna threw a pass along the left sideline, intended for receiver Miles Austin. But Austin fell, and Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie grabbed the pass and ran 32 yards to the end zone.

On the Cowboys’ next possession, Kitna went to the right side, to Roy Williams, who got a hand on the ball but couldn’t bring it in. Gregory Toler grabbed it for the Cardinals and ran 66 yards for a touchdown.

Getting to play against Austin and Williams has been a great Christmas present for the Cardinals’ secondary.

UPDATE: At halftime, the Cardinals have extended the lead to 21-10.

14 responses to “Pick six times two: Cardinals take early lead

  1. I’m quite certain the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t beat a High School football team.
    What a joke of a franchise!

  2. “rickah8888 says:
    Dec 25, 2010 8:40 PM
    I’m quite certain the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t beat a High School football team.
    What a joke of a franchise!”

    Guess that makes the Texans, Colts, Lions, Redskins, And Giants nothing but piss poor B- squads.

  3. TANK JOB! Garrett has no chance of keeping this job. Cowboys still can finish low enough to draft a QB OR trade with Denver for Denver’s spot in the draft. TYPICAL ONLY GAME ON NIGHT TV TANK JOB BY HEAVY FAVORITE IN VEGAS!

    Kitna gave this game away on his own. How about that pathetic half whiff by the GREAT DEMARCUS WARE on Skelton? That’s how you tackle? Give me a break!

  4. brandonyer says:
    Dec 25, 2010 9:15 PM
    “Joke of a franchise.” How dare they have a down year…

    More like a fluke last season! Dallas has been largely irrelevant for over a decade!
    So they are actually playing within themselves this season: sub .500

  5. somweone tell the “barbarian”…….your team sucks, and no reason to celebrate a TD, like ya just won the damn superbowl, and ya won’t get a penalty………..what a COMPLETE cowTURD jackASS, he acted as if he won a title, a meaningless game played by two meaningless teams, and yet, this asswipe is dumb enough to get a penalty…………UNreal

  6. LOL, missed extra point by Dallas proves costly!

    Dallas is such a joke of a franchise, they invent new ways to lose!
    What a complete debacle this team has been for over a decade!

  7. That was the best Christmas day game since the Eagles Cowboys game a few years back.

    What makes it even more special is that the Cowboys lost both times.

    Its funny listening to all the Cowboys fans complain about Desean celebrating while there team is the most penalized team in the league for excessive celebrating.

  8. Hey Jerry, how is that pretending to be a GM working out for you? Bring in a real GM and let go your constant need for attention and recognition. That way, you won’t have to get as many facelifts and botox you old fool.

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