Tony Gonzalez thinking about retirement as playoffs approach

In Tony Gonzalez’s 14 NFL seasons, he has yet to win a playoff game.  But the 35-year-old Falcons tight end can’t help thinking about possibly retiring at the end of this season.  Especially if his team wins a Super Bowl.

“I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I didn’t think about it,” Gonzalez said of retiring to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’d be a fool if I didn’t think about it; just trying to be prepared a little bit. But you think about it and then you detach from it.”

On NFL Network the other night, Matt Millen quoted a scout that said there are two guys in the NFL that have no speed left, but still get open regularly: Hines Ward and Gonzalez.  When Ward heard the comment, he told Millen not to tell anyone his secret.

It’s no secret that Gonzalez has slowed down, but he’s still very productive.   Gonzalez has 62 catches, 591 yards, and five scores on the season.  He could wind up with his lowest numbers since 1998, yet he’s still the second most valuable receiver on the likely No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Gonzalez worries about a possible lockout and his desire to play in 2011.

“Right now, I feel great, though,” Gonzalez said. “I can tell you if it came down to coming back next year, I could do it easily from a physical standpoint.”

17 responses to “Tony Gonzalez thinking about retirement as playoffs approach

  1. Gonzo is still the best, in my opinion.

    He gets it done, year after year, and that’s what separates him from other TE’s.

  2. Gonzo is awesome. He’s not just one of our team leaders, he produces on the field. Also, Hines Ward ain’t so bad himself.

    Matt Millen is an idiot. Seriously, why does anyone listen to his fat ass?

    List of idiots:

    1. Matt Millen
    1(a). Trent Dilfer
    2. Most ESPN analysts.

  3. My nightmare just does not end. Matt Millen is solely responsible for the utter destruction of the Detroit Lions, from top to bottom and every millimeter in between. And I get the feeling that someone, somewhere, thinks he is knowledgeable.

    The Lions will make the playoffs next year. And I’d like to hear Millen describe how it was done.

  4. He could wind up with his lowest numbers since 1998, yet he’s still the second most valuable receiver on the likely No. 1 seed in the NFC.

    Leave Jason Snelling out of this

  5. Matt Millen should be run out of football on a rail. I hate him, my family hates him, everybody hates him and I don’t know why he is allowed to be on tv.

  6. Gonzalez is washed up and he knows it. He is on a 12-2 team headed to the playoff yet this will be his worst year statistically. He needs to retire.

  7. Matt Millen was a good player on championship caliber teams, but his run as CEO and defacto GM of the Lions robbed him of any credibility regarding the evaluation of talent. It is a joke that he got a job as an analyst on TV since his performance with the Lions proved he had no credibility evaluating talent.

  8. Matt Millen had, what, five rings? That gives him the right to announce, I’d say, but yeah… he sure did a number on the Lions.

    As for Gonzo, the one time I met him he was a total dick, but he puts on a good face for the camera. I hope he ends his career the way he started it, dropping a game-winning pass in his last playoff game. (Hopefully a Super Bowl loss to my Chiefs)

    I love Gonzo, but he hasn’t won a playoff game because HE SUCKS IN THE PLAYOFFS.

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