Bears hold off Jets 38-34 in unexpected shootout

Both the Bears and Jets have at least one playoff game to look forward to this season. If they hope to make it more than that, they’ll need a better defensive effort than they got on Sunday.

In a game that everyone expected to be a defensive slugfest, the two offenses exploded for 715 combined yards in a game that turned on some strange third quarter decision making by Rex Ryan. The Jets coach kept Mark Sanchez in the game as the upback in a punt formation on the team’s first possession of the third quarter. The ball was snapped to Sanchez and he made a good throw to Brad Smith, but Smith dropped the ball and the Bears got the ball on the Jets’ 40. Jay Cutler hit Johnny Knox for a touchdown on the next play to tie the game at 24.

Things got even stranger when the Jets decided to let Devin Hester get a chance at returns on a punt and kickoff later in the quarter. He returned the punt 38 yards into Jets territory to set up his own 25-yard touchdown catch. Then, following a Santonio Holmes score, Hester took a kickoff back 40 yards to put the Bears on the right side of the 50 for the third straight drive. And, for the third straight drive, Cutler capitalized by throwing a touchdown pass. It was Knox on the receiving end again this time and the Bears led 38-31.

The two defenses played better in the fourth quarter, but they both need to return to form quickly to make good on the promise they’ve shown this season.  The game ultimately came down to a Jets drive with a minute left and no timeouts available. Mark Sanchez, who played his best cold weather game ever, was intercepted by Chris Harris as he tried to take his team to another last second victory, but the pain of the loss was lessened by the fact that the Jets made the playoffs anyway when the Redskins knocked off the Jaguars.

This victory means that the Bears control their own fate when it comes to the first round bye. A win next week means that they’ll have a week off before opening the playoffs at home while the Packers will possibly be fighting for their own playoff lives and/or a first round rematch with the Bears. It will be interesting to see how the Bears weigh that situation against the desire to be fresh come the playoffs.

19 responses to “Bears hold off Jets 38-34 in unexpected shootout

  1. Jets got into the playoffs through the back door. Looks like they’ll be going to KC. It is very hard to believe that just about every single spot in the AFC playoffs is pretty much locked in.

  2. As Rex said “We’re the team to beat ” AFC Champs ” Another choke job by the Jets. What a bunch of clowns !

  3. The Bears just beat the Yets? Didn’t the Patriots just kick the crap out of the Bears?

    See, Jets fans, THAT’S how you talk up your team….. AFTER they’ve beaten someone, not BEFORE.

  4. are there any more nay sayers in the building …please shut the Fudge cookies up and sit down. What a game by the bears holding on to a close one and they dont have us but #9 in the power rankings. this just in DA BEARS ARE GOOD ….. cant wait to see the rankings this week and the excuses

  5. I love how teams are afraid of Hester.
    The Bears get good field position time after time because everyone is trying to keep the ball out of his hands.

  6. Cutler played great–to bad Rex Ryan and his boneheaded call on 4th down made him the MVP of the game. He can daydream about his wife’s feet any time as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Rex takes another beating…God how he loves being Dominated!…And Humiliated.

    Another jet De Feet..Suck my toes Rex.

  8. there are some blowhard jet fans and rex is loud, but i feel a lot sorrier for the haters who take such joy in their hate. you are small miserable little people. have a good life.

  9. Rudedog has to be talking about the Jets. I can’t remember the last time the Bears have been overrated.

  10. Wow, the Bears gave up 34 points to the Jets….Sanchez sucks, how does that happen?

    Looking like another Lovie meltdown in 3…2…1…what a joke of a team. One and done to New Orleans, Atlanta, or any other real team.

    Even if they make it to the SB the Pats will smack them down.

  11. rudedog36 says:
    Dec 26, 2010 7:19 PM
    Most overrated team ever. They will get smoked next week.

    they’re 10-5. most of you hater bloggers had them at 7-9 “at best”. can’t see where that translates to overrated. oh yeah, they were supposed to start 0-4 also. and since sanchez sucked so much, journeyman at best, they could never score 34 pts on a good defense. i don’t know why i bother

  12. Overrated in that instead of relying on what some random people supposedly said many people are going by what Rex said, and his statements were massively overblown and classless. Here’s how it’s done: you don’t trash talk, you don’t make stupid claims. You wait till after the game then give credit where credit is due, like this: The Jets were supposed to be the team to beat the Patriots, instead they sucked like a Dyson. See? Cause Dyson makes great vacuum cleaners. Get it? Moving on…

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