David Garrard interception helps hand Jets a playoff spot

You want to be on David Garrard’s Christmas list next year. Why? He got the New York Jets a playoff spot for this year’s holiday.

Garrard made a brilliant run for a 20-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to send the game with the Redskins to overtime and then promptly turned into the goat. On third down, Garrard, under heavy pressure, made a brutal decision to throw a pass sidearm up for grabs deep in his own territory. Kevin Barnes picked off the pass and returned it to the 14-yard-line and Graham Gano kicked a field goal three plays later to give the Redskins a 20-17 road win.

The kick meant the Jets are in the playoffs and it means (with thanks to Dan Graziano of FanHouse) that Gano possesses Rex Ryan’s third favorite foot.

The loss doesn’t eliminate the Jags from playoff contention, however. Even if the Colts beat the Raiders on Sunday, Jacksonville can win the AFC South by beating the Texans and watching the Colts lose to the Titans. It still has to sting, however.

The Jags fell behind 10-0 early thanks to another Garrard interception, fought back to tie the game, fell behind again and then sent the game to overtime on Garrard’s run. Not impressive given the Rex Grossman-quarterbacked opposition, perhaps, but the fight they showed without Maurice Jones-Drew is worthy of some kind of respect. It’s two straight weeks where they couldn’t get a win they really needed, however, and that’s the kind of stuff that erases playoff dreams in a hurry.

13 responses to “David Garrard interception helps hand Jets a playoff spot

  1. The Jags are awful. Is there any team in the South that can at least pretend to push the Colts?

    Hey NFL, you decided to put a team in the swamp instead of Baltimore. How has that worked out?

    Just pathetic. And at home, no less.

  2. Garrard is more valuable to the Jets’ offense than either Sanchez or Schottenheimer.

    I would rather seal my own fate than have another team seal it for me, but that’s me.

    Go PATS!

  3. Once again the Jets can be proud of the way they made it into the playoffs.

    Last year they backed in because the Colts rested their starters and laid down to let the Jets in; this year they get in despite losing again because David Garrard did a terrific Mark Sanchez impression.

    Maybe some day, the Jets can qualify for the playoffs by, you know, winning enough games, like New England does.

  4. So the Jags deserve respect for the fight they showed without MJD? This fool makes no mention of the fact that the Redskins played with a slew of practice squad nobodies on defense. So much for tanking the remainder of the season for a better pick.

    This site’s readership gets progressively dumber every time this doofus posts an entry.

  5. Gene Smith has assembled a great core of young players through the last two drafts and brought in some key free agents to assist in the development of those young players.

    What Gene needs to get off season is a quarterback who can lead the team (without making repeated mistakes) and a head coach who cares. Maybe next year Jags will have that franchise quarterback and HC who cares and can game plan.

  6. @8man

    Ah yes, another Baltimore fan still mad b/c you live in, well Baltimore. Let it go sunshine. The Jags got a team and you have a team. Besides, try not to lose this team ok.

    As far as your comment about pushing the Colts. Yeah the Jags as well as the entire division need to push the Colts more. But he is and will go don’t as arguably the best QB in the history of the game. So while you continute to run over powerhouse teams like Bengals and Browns and that sooooo tough and laughable AFC North just remember the Jags have 3 other good team to fight out the division every year.

  7. Hey nyjalleffingday ! Yes, New England fans sure do have the Jets on their minds. WE enjoy watching a bunch of big mouths that can’t back up what they say. As Rex proclaimed ” We’re the team to beat ” What a joke ! Blustering fools are more like it.

  8. Hard to see what anyone sees in Garrard as a QB you want to win a game..he just doesn’t get it with that flick arm motion.

  9. I find it hard to believe that there still is a troll in Baltimore still whining about Jacksonville getting a team after 17 freaking years !!!! Damn dude let it go man! Classic case of compulsive complaint disorder. The Jags need to draft a franchise QB next year and some help in the secondary and get another pass rusher maybe in free agency to put more constant pressure on opposing QB’s. @8man, You need to seek medical attention soon, You need help.

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