Early signs point towards Mark Sanchez sitting next week

As the clip at the bottom of this post shows, Rex Ryan and the Jets learned they were in the playoffs in unusual fashion.

Now they can consider how best to take advantage of their good fortune.  Ryan indicated he’d like to use next week’s game against the Bills as a quasi bye week, according to ESPNNewYork.com’s Rich Cimini.

That means they will likely rest quarterback Mark Sanchez because of his injured shoulder.

“We’ll take it day-by-day and play it by ear,” Sanchez said after Sunday’s loss. “But I’m with coach, whatever he thinks is best for me and the team, we’ll handle it that way.”

Sanchez put together an impressive overall effort against the Bears with 269 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

The Jets could potentially change their playoff seed from six to five (if the Steelers lost and Ravens won), but that’s not a difference worth fighting for.

(UPDATE: From Neil Best of Newsday: “Saw Sanchez sitting by his locker after game rotating his right shoulder and wincing. No chance he plays vs. Buffalo.”

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24 responses to “Early signs point towards Mark Sanchez sitting next week

  1. “The Jets could potentially change their playoff seed from six to five (if the Steelers lost and Ravens won), but that’s not a difference worth fighting for.”

    I realize they’re undefeated at home, but I’d much rather play KC than Indy.

  2. Jets in the playoffs again, great job to Rex, Tanny, Schotty.

    I think Jets can go on another run, I expect them to pull out a win vs. KC in 1st round. But I do not think anyone is beating the Pats this year unfortunately.

    Sanchez is definitely coming of age, stats were better as a sophmore not easy to accomplish.

  3. The seeding is a difference worth fighting for if it’s the difference between a dome in Indy or outdoors in January in KC.

  4. No Markie..You’ll take it day by day…and toe by toe.

    Never seen a coach or team so happy to back their way into playoffs…jets threw up all over themselves in December…as usual.

    Fear not jet fans…you got 1 foot in the door….Now help Rexy out, and let him get 1 more dose of being Dominated & Humiliated…w/a little touch of fisting.

  5. Is there anything more pathetic than a team behaving like that after backing into the playoffs for a second straight year?

    Actually this season is worst. At least they won the two games to qualify for the Wild Card.

  6. @cowboys4life

    You realize that for that to happen the Colts would have to beat Baltimore and then NE and Pitt(not necessarily in that order) on the road for that to happen, right?

  7. Funny how people here say we backed into the playoffs and the seasons not even over yet. Scary how much hate there is. But continue what you do best and make fun of Rex’s foot fetish…that’s about all you have. (and that he’s fat of course)
    The Jets can throw up all they want in December but as long as we win in January we’ll be just fine. I don’t post that often but i do read the comments here, and u really never have anything bright to say. Just some mindless gibberish.
    “Actually this season is worst. At least they won the two games to qualify for the Wild Card.”
    Nothing more. You are who we thought you were!!(dumbass)

  8. I realize most of you are just haters, but you don’t back into the playoffs in anything but week 17. Steelers didn’t back in last week when they lost but still qualified. Jets could have still won next week at home and made it. I’m sure the Giants, Dolphins and all other loser teams would love to be in the Jets position right now.

    And the jets didn’t back in last year! They were extremely lucky Manning didn’t play and the Dolphins choked it away. I’ll be the first to admit the jets have gotten huge breaks the last two years but that’s football, susan.

  9. RexCanCoach says: Jets in the playoffs again, great job to Rex, Tanny, Schotty.

    Last year they backed into the playoffs when the Colts took a knee for the entire game

    This year the Jets tiptoed in.

    Nothing wrong with that but when a bombasic coach declares himself the best team in football and has to rely on other teams losing to make the post season, you might want to reassess your screen name.

    Rex Ryan is already the punch line of a few hundred jokes… imagine how bad it will be when his “Soon to be Champs” promise on the ESPN bus goes down in history as “Soon to be Chumps”

  10. I believe the Ravens clinched the fifth seed with their win yesterday, so with the Jets losing, they can only be seeded sixth, so it would make sense to rest a lot of players next week and have them ready for the playoff game.

  11. @wallyhorse:

    You are right and wrong. The Ravens clinched the fifth seed as the worst case scenario. If they win next week and the Steelers lose(highly unlikely, but still a possibility), the Ravens win the AFC North, get the #2 seed and a bye, the Steelers fall to either #5(if the Jets lose vs Bills next week) or #6(if the Jets win vs Bills due to h2h tiebreaker).

  12. Jets are much better off the field (winning the super bowl, better than the Pats, will kick the Bears) vs. on the field. It’s a shame they have to play every week and can’t count the off the field victories.

  13. Ahhh, you know it’s a fun season when the jets fans are calling people “haters”.

    Yes, the jets are in the playoffs, and yes, they backed in. Sorry, it’s true.

    Theoretically the jets can make the Super Bowl, a couple of teams have won three on the road to get there, but the jets have lost 3 of their last 4, and after next week maybe 4 of 5. Sound like a team making a statement? Yes it does, if that statement is “average team”.

    Quit crowing, jets fans and see it for what it is.

    F E E T feet, feet, feet!

  14. @ steelers6pack;

    I would’nt be talking about other teams and sexual offenses if I were a Steeler fan. Enough said.

  15. @ mistrezzrachael;

    They didnt “back up” into the playoffs…they qualified …Just like the Steelers did even though they lost last week. There is no “backing in” until after week 17 anyway….genius
    And why are you saying things like”Domination&Humiliation w/a litte touch of fisting”….Do you know anything about football or did you wander in here from an adult web site?

  16. Funny how we’re hearing so much talk from all the Jets fans here, now that the Redskins put the Yets into a playoff picture that the Yets couldn’t put themselves into!

    Couple of weeks ago, after the 45-3 Patriots beat-down, you had a better chance of finding Bin Laden than finding a Jets fan here, and it was the same the next week after a loss to Miami.

    Rex Ryan’s Yets have YET to gain a playoff berth on the strength of their own wins, like “true” Super Bowl champions do, so I don’t know what all the Yets fans are flapping their lips about.

    Wake up the rest of the NFL when your team’s a$$es finally cash a check that their mouths wrote, would you?

  17. Well well well. After all of Rexy’s bragging jets fans are crowing because after losing 3 out of 4 games they “qualify” for the playoffs.

    They backed in.

    At least last year they actually had to win the games the other teams threw.

    Do you jets fans know why there are so many “haters”? Because you have a coach who brags, runs his mouth, makes threats, all without being able to back it up. How good a year did “Sanchise” have?
    Anyone who proclaims themselves champions before a single game deserves all the ridicule.

    And then there’s all the low rent scandals. Foot fetishes and swinging, sexual harassment, drunk driving, bush league cheating, what an identity Rexy forged for them. Undisciplined braggarts.

    F E E T feet feet feet!

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