Horrible call in Jacksonville


With the Redskins leading the Jaguars by three and moving in for another score, Jacksonville defensive back Derek Cox appeared to intercept a pass in the end zone.

The call on the field?  Interception.  The replay evidence suggested otherwise, with Cox clearly failing to get the second foot in bounds.  (It also wasn’t clear whether Cox had control of the ball as he went out of the end zone.)

The Redskins challenged, and the referee inexplicably upheld the call on the field.

The ‘Skins should be livid.  Then again, if they lose they’ll be in better position to draft a quarterback at the top of round one.

14 responses to “Horrible call in Jacksonville

  1. Not surprisingly, this was a Jerome Boger crew gaffe. That guy is easily THE worst referee in the league, and was probably some sort of diversity-related promotion – because there’s no way he could have earned that job on the merits of his work. His games are consistently poorly officiated, week in and week out. I saw one here in the flesh a few weeks ago that was easily the worst-refereed game I’ve seen in years. The NFL really needs to do something about the poor officiating, as well as revamp the entire review process. The NCAA does a far better job with the entire review process and gets it done much faster.

  2. So the Skins are playing for Ryan Mallett? Or is it Cam Newton? They’re certainly not getting Luck.

  3. so a ref gets it wrong… instead of being an incorrect, the racist poster 6250claimer claims it must be because he’s black.. what about the 20 wrong calls weekly by white refs?

  4. Why in the hell does someone need to bring race into the discussion. “diversity” f-you. The man is just a bad official whether he is black, white, Spanish or a horse ass.

    Save your racist comments for your friends and family.

  5. Why doesn’t Jerome Boger get fired? That guy screws up ALL THE TIME. Sure, other refs make mistakes. But I see this guy make RIDICULOUS mistakes, even after seeing a replay.

    Boger’s crew leads the league in Pass Interference calls this year. I’ve seen a bunch of these and I’m like, “Are you kidding me?!”

    And yes, in today’s society, if you ignore race, you’re just being ignorant. Don’t live in fantasyland.

  6. all the refs are blind or stupid this season!
    they missed another one on garrads fumble near the end of the half!

  7. I’m sorry…I don’t condone racism in any form, but 6250claimer wasn’t saying the call was bad because the ref is black….he is saying that he is an NFL official because of some form of diversity-related issues.

  8. Coach48439. I think fair to say far more white people have gotten promoted because of their color than non-whites. But yet, when it happens no one will say its because of their race. The call had nothing to do with race. The comment was totally out of order and there is no way to justify it, itself to say the blogger was putting race where it had no business being implemented. Of course, I’m a young (31) white Westerner and we for the most part try to treat people by their action and not color.

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