Jerry Jones is “mad as hell”

Though it’s unclear whether he’ll continue to take it anymore, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has borrowed half of a classic cinema quote in the wake of a loss to the team that lost a week ago to the Panthers.

I’m mad as hell,” Jones said after the Christmas Night last-second loss to the Cardinals, “and I know all of our fans are.”

Jones wouldn’t comment on whether the loss impacts the status of interim coach Jason Garrett.  But the team is 5-10, and Garrett has had a direct hand in every single game.

“Our expectations were so high,” Jones said. “And then to be sitting here with only five wins is really beyond anything I could have imagined.”

When the Cowboys turned things around after Jones fired Wade Phillips and promoted Garrett, it appeared that Jones would continue to hold most of the power and employ a coach — likely Garrett — who would be happy to be the coach and who wouldn’t infringe on the owner’s jurisdiction.  Now the question becomes whether Jones has bottomed out, and whether he’ll be willing to cede a large chunk of authority to a head coach who will want to tears things down in the hopes of building them back up.

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  1. Too many huge coaching names out there for Jones a man who wants nothing but the best. Garrett never had a chance to be the next Cowboys head coach.

    If Packers slaughter Coughlin’s Giants today, Jones will be competing with the Giants for Cowher.

  2. I love how Jason Garretts name was specifically brought up, but none of those quitter players are getting called out. This goes for the Vikings also. way too much talent on these teams to suck so bad. I would be embarrassed to cash my paycheck, plus I’d be fired with the the type of performance they’ve displayed this year.

  3. How bout dem cowboys! LOL! Jerry needs to hire a general manager and get out of the way. His football knowledge could fit double spaced on a matchbook cover. Jerry is only marginally better than Little Danny in D.C. both treat their teams like a real-life fantasy football team.

  4. Great game. Loved the back-to-back pick 6s to open the game, nice touch. And shanking the PAT was brilliant.

    Merry Christmas, indeed. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.

  5. AS a fan you had to enjoy watching the game last night when NFL channel kept showing Jones reaction with help of the officials to extend there last drive. Then they get the touchdown and he is all up, then no shot of him when they lost. He has been much of the problem bosting they would play Super Bowl at there stadium. He put a whole lot of pressure on this team as well as coaching staff. Sometimes you get what you deserve…another nice draft choice.

  6. Wonder if Phillips is sitting at home laughing his a– off. I think so. Jones looks like he was drunk on nfl last night or sssssssoooooooooo
    old. Time to hang it up Jerry.

  7. Jones (aka Satan) said in a pre-game interview he is not giving up power. He made it quite clear he would still be picking the players, despite decades of evidence that he can’t evaluate talent worth a darn.

  8. Tell jerry jones I feel the same way because the cowboys game gets aired every week and the commentators always seem to be troy aikman and joe buck who acts like he has a man crush on aikman

  9. Oh well. He shouldnt buy into the media hype every year and just face the fact that you need more than talent alone to win. On the bright side he will get a high draft pick and should draft a QB

  10. Jerry Jones is mad, so WHAT! He’s the dump ass elitistist that put that team together. I was glad to see Feeley kick that game winning field goal last night on Christmas night.

    The nfl does everything in its power to put the cowboys on top. Look out, I can see another 15 player deal coming up for the cowboys. Just when the cowboys sucked it up at 1 win, then they the nfl allowed the cowboys to trade Hershel Walker for half a team and a bunch of draft picks. No more back door deals NFL!

  11. Is this the first team to lose on Thanksgiving Day & Christmas in the same year? Probably not, since Christmas sometimes falls on Sunday.

  12. Who cares about Jerry Jones? The guy bought an NFL team so he can be on tv and yell “look at me”. That is why he has face lifts and uses botox, because he is a drama queen.

  13. LOL!
    Let me get this straight, the ringleader of this circus known as the Dallas Cowboys is “mad as hell”….because what?? His ego is too big that he’ll only hiring puppets for the head coaching position?
    What a total joke of an organization!!
    It’s pretty simple math: 2 Superbowls under Landry, 2* Superbowls under Johnson.

    *Everyone knows Switzer inherited JJ’s team.

    So as a Philly fan, JERRAH keep hiring spineless “yes-men” to run your team!


  14. enough of the cowboys “America’s team” if America was a bunch of rednecks who still wave the confederate flag. Go watch college football hillbilly

  15. Garrett deserves the opportunity to coach the team as he was considered the heir apparent for several years. There is a big difference in being the offensive coordinator and the head coach who runs the show. Obviously the team had a head coach with a different philosophy and when Garrett was given control he immediately started to change to the way he feels the team should be coached. The team responded and he needs the opportunity to take the team from training camp to the. regular season. Or another team will give him the opportunity and the Cowboys will regret it.

  16. Mike – maybe the Cards arent who we thought they were… but neither are the Cowboys.

    Phillips was clueless, period, but for JJ to act out like he had NOTHING to do with putting this team on the field is ridiculous and foolish.

    Everyone in football knows JJ has had his hand in the cookie jar ever year since Jimmy Johnson cried UNCLE and went into broadcasting.

    Shame on you too Jerry. This proves you should hire an experienced coach with balls and power.
    Be the OWNER, stay in the box on game days, draft days, and during 4th quarters. Be the man upstairs, for the Cowboys sake.

  17. This all begs a question…

    Is Jones being dramatic because he a coach in mind to take the reins after season is over, and that coach is Garrett?

    I mean is Jerry just being dramatic for the press and the fans, so he can have an out in decision not to with Garrett?

  18. He’s mad ,I’m glad! LALA,LALA,LALA!Hey ,Coach Jones, when you want something done right do it yourself! Just make sure you put on a good show for the two teams WILL be in your Superbowl party.

  19. “whether he’ll be willing to cede a large chunk of authority to a head coach who will want to tears things down in the hopes of building them back up.”

    Are you kidding me? With HIS ego and arrogance?


    As was said already but which bears reiterating (that means “to say again” Jerry and all you Cowboy yokels)… That loss was the greatest Christmas gift ever. To watch the shots of Jones celebrating in the owner’s box when he thought they had it won only to watch the self-appointed “America’s Team” drop another one was joyful beyond belief!

    Oh Jerry, keep on, keeping on you good old boy!

  21. Dear Jerry,
    You blew it when your ego ran off Jimmy Johnson, or you might have won five SBs in a row. You’re lucky the team leaders decided to win in spite of coach Switzer in year two.

  22. “JSpicoli says:
    Dec 26, 2010 10:41 AM
    I want the explanantion as to why there was no 10 second run-off for the illegal formation penaslty.”

    There is only a 10 second runoff if the offensive penalty haults play and stops the clock. Illegal formation doesn’t stop the play from continuing. Therefore, no 10 second runoff.

  23. daytonaken says: He blames everyone except himself. Sounds a little like AL Davis.

    As a long suffering Raider fan. At least Jerra never said “JaMarcus is a great playaa. Get ovah it”. At least Jerra doesnt force use of an ancient outdated, vanilla man to man, no blitz single safty deep scheme on D that was 1st written in Hieroglyphics. Clueless Al is our owner/GM/head of player personell/head of scouting/part time DC. Suks to be us…..

  24. Is it Jason Garrett’s fault that his kicker clanked an extra point?

    Is it Jason Garrett’s fault that Miles Austin slipped and Kitna’s pass was picked off for a touchdown?

    Is it Jason Garrett’s fault that Roy Williams clanked a perfectly catchable pass and it turned into a Pick Six?

    The point being that if anyone should be fired, Jerry Jones should fire himself!

  25. JJ certainly knows how to make money but as a General Manager and team owner he’s become a punchline in NFL circles. Of course he can do whatever he pleases with the team he owns, but if he truly wants a winner he has got to get out of the way and take his “village idiot” son with him.

  26. I’ve got an idea. Have Jerry Jones use his power with his fellow owners and shift to the NFC West. He’d probably make the playoffs more frequently. Relocate to LA and get a new stadium designed specifically for football.

    Then he could use that cow palace he build in Dallas for tractor pulls, rodeos and pay-per-view boxing. I’m sure Daniel Snyder would be interested. He loves running amusement parks.

    Just a thought…..

  27. Daytonaken

    We never hear anything from Al Davis, except what the media tells us to think he is saying.

    gulping the koolaid in daytona ken?

  28. All I heard before the season was how thwe Cowboys were gonna be the first team to play in the Super Bowl they are hosting. Well, they were half right.

  29. Now that Coughlin has been fired by the Giants and have hired Cowher to take over as head coach in 2011, the Cowgirls will need to stick with Garrett.

  30. Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank will break their necks to get their ugly mugs in front of any live camera. 2 most arrogant owners in the NFL. Brokeback Mountain Boys are a weak embarrassment.

  31. Hey Jerry BLAME YOURSELF YOU POMPOUS A$$! You are the owner with a new stadium and YOU CAN’T WIN! The NFL needs to start treating you like a 5 win team next season, 1 Sunday night game and 1 Monday night game!

  32. JJ needs to chill out. He keeps talking about what the fans wanted, and what the fans deserved. Do Cowboys fans (or any fans for that matter) really even care when their already-out-of-playoff-contention team loses a game? Maybe if they could have hurt a rival teams chances at the playoffs, like the Eagles or Giants. But, why would they be so crushed in losing to the Cardinals? If I were a Cowboys fan I would be happy that they lost. That might be the difference in picking 7th in the draft or picking 12th in the draft.

    Furthermore, I thought this was the best TEAM effort the Cowboys have had all year. They had two fluke pick-6s, still battled back with a 3rd string QB, and nearly won it. JJ should be applauding his squad for this effort.

    That being said, I agree with nadermayoub. JJ is planting the seeds to get rid of Garrett. And it starts with this “huge” loss to the Cardinals. He certainly shouldn’t be “mad as hell”.

  33. Credit to the Arizona Cardinals, for a near-miraculous win on Christmas Day. That organization needed this boost.

    And to botox, for keeping Jerry Jones almost-presentable.

    (OT, but did anyone notice the slippery surfaces the two Cowboys skated across after running out-of-bounds? There will be some talk of that after Jerry’s latest round of massive, inconsolable butt-hurt subsides a bit. )

  34. A diva by any other name (or gender) is Jerry Jones. You can put lipstick on him but he’s still a diva…whatever.

    Have another scotch, JJ, and maybe several dozen more. Keep your posse hanging around the post-mortem in your plush Bohemian suite and see if your spittle and drooling has any effect on their reporting.

    It’s you that went around stuffing hundreds and fifties into player’s cleats in the LR. You allowed the laundry list of drugs and groupies to enter the hallowed den of iniquity where players changed. You bought off every bar and restaurant in town so that your “boys” could be large and in person all over Big D. You owned the Dallas PD and magistrates so that when your bad “boys” got caught whoring, snorting, and other public displays of drunken depravity they got past the “misdemeanors” and the NFL, too. Irvin had more chances than a raffle at a Fireman’s Fair.

    Jones is the personification of all that is wrong in sports. It must be the water in Dallas because the frontmen of the Mavs and Stars aren’t all that bright or moral either. It can’t crumble fast enough for this guy. Push FF on your “The Story of the Cowboys” and see if $1B of drug and profiteering money can implode like the Metrodome under a snow attack.

  35. Say what you want…whether you love or hate the Cowboys,…the Cowboys will never have a championship team with Jones remaining as General Manager and Garrrett as head coach. PERIOD!!! The Cowboys need a “COACH”…not a front-office puppet that merely exists as a “yes-man” to Jones which is exactly what Garrett is. If Jones cares as much for the fans as he says, he’ll step down as General Manager and hire someone like Cowher that can Coach, control the talent, and institute some accountability for players like Jenkins that only want to play when the mood strikes them!

  36. “Garrett deserves the opportunity to coach the team as he was considered the heir apparent for several years…”

    Are you serious? Deserve??? So coaches are picked now on the basis of what they “deserve”??? How about on the basis of what they “deliver”? Garrett has run the offense on every play the Cowboys have run this year. So tell me again how he “deserves” to be the Head Coach!

  37. I am a cowboy fan and have been for 50 years but not any longer. I am ashamed and embarrassed. Had a stroke on Christmas eve in 2009 the cowboys was my desire to get well so I could go see them but no longer. Anyone who lives in Carlsbad is welcome to all of my cowboy hats, shirts, etc…for it is all in the dumpster.

  38. There is plenty of blame to share, Jerry Jones. First, let’s start with you. Let your ego take a rest and hire a hardass coach: a combination of Jimmy Johnson and Parcells would be a start. I couldn’t watch it on the NFL Network, but listened to it on the radio. Quaint. I don’t understand how you can have a backup QB on the roster (McGee) who lacks the basic preparation to assume the qb role in a pinch. (UT Austin had the same problem when McCoy was injured in the national title game and Gilbert had to play with hardly any prep.) Kitna is trying his darndest under the cirucmstances. I don’t know what the future holds for Garrett, but fans are fed up… with the team and with megaegomaniac Jones.

  39. I can recall after Jones messed with Jimmie and JJ took the money and walked… Jones said any of 500 coaches in USA could coach Da Boys.. It would seem Jones has not found any of that

    I know, fire the GM, Throw you non producing ass out of office..

    And during the off season, get another face lift.. This one is showing the stain of loosing…

  40. Gotta love it when the crygirls lose. I love seeing the look on badass jones face. When he comes to the sidelines like he is going to scare them into winning that’s really funny. You can tell it really burns his ass up. The team can’t help it though. They just suck.

  41. Mr. Jones, then stop interfering with the team. You chased Jimmy Johnson away. By the way that was the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl. You are a money expert. Not a football expert. Either bring back J. J. back. Higher Bill Cowher, or give Jason Garrett a chance. The problem is you (Mr. Jones). When you stop meddling, we’ll get back to winning.

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