Jets and Bears putting up points in Chicago

Were there an area on this website for us to offer our thoughts on the various over/unders put out by Vegas (for entertainment purposes only, of course), we would have advised taking the under — which was in the neighborhood of 36 points — in the Bears-Jets clash at Soldier Field.

It’s probably a good thing there isn’t such an area. Despite playing in conditions that have been occasionally snowy and persistently blustery, the Jets lead the Bears 24-17 at the half.

Almost as surprising as the overall score has been the play of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. He hasn’t shown much affinity for games in cold weather during his brief NFL career, but he’s figured something out on Soldier Field this Sunday. He’s 13-of-15 for 156 yards through two quarters and would have one more completion if not for a drop by Dustin Keller in the end zone just before the half. Thanks to a pretty inexcusable drop by Tim Jennings, Sanchez also hasn’t turned the ball over.

Jay Cutler has turned it over, an interception that Dwight Lowery returned for a touchdown, and also took a bad sack because of a refusal to throw the ball away. That led to a short Brad Maynard punt into the wind and a LaDainian Tomlinson touchdown for the Jets. Cutler did make a nice throw to Matt Forte to set up his own rushing touchdown to close a 21-10 Jets lead back into a one-score game, however.

The Bears have been the league’s stingiest second half defense. They’ll need to keep it up after giving up 224 yards in the first 30 minutes if they hope to come out of Sunday’s game with a victory.


16 responses to “Jets and Bears putting up points in Chicago

  1. Weren’t these supposed to be the best defenses in the entire world?

    Especially the Jets. I thought you were lucky to score two field goals on that vaunted defense?

  2. @ nyjalleffingday

    Well perhaps you should be playing instead of being on the Internet during a game. Since you guys are down, make a play. Who is this “us” you speak of?

  3. @ nyjalleffingday

    Does it make you feel like part of the team when you say us? With your replica Sanchez jersey,eye black, and a slurpee from 7-11, did you play well today?

  4. @tiffpudgyforever

    We’re also in the playoffs, you can keep your kleenex for when the Ravens stretch your buttholes in the playoffs.


    You’re still going on that? I’m barely even giving you the time of day LOL. Keep trying though buddy.

  5. Cutler haters bite me. Jay played some of the best QB any Bear has played in recent memory in the second half of the Jets game. The NFL should be a little nervous as the Bears oline is finally playing like a good NFL oline. Admittedly the Jets dline is okay not great and the Vikes dline is not smokin line they were last year but both of these dlines are good and the Bears oline handled both of them. For the second time this year the offense bailed out the defense the first time was in Detroit. Go Bears!!!

  6. To nyjalleffingpreseason:
    You’re proud the jets backed into the playoffs?
    “Yeah baby! We lost but another team won so we’re in! Choke on that, losers!”

    NY trash talk=pathetic.

  7. The Bears EARNED their playoff berth. The Jets had theirs GIVEN to them – for the 2nd year in a row. How proud they must be…*eye roll*

    And don’t depend on beating the Bills next week if Rexy rests his starters like he’ talking about doing. BUF is a better team than their record shows.

    Man, NY is full of delusional idiots.

  8. To nyjalleffingpreseason:
    Man, PFT is full of retards.

    Thank you for understanding my point. Maybe there is some small flicker of hope for jets fans after all.

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