Mike Singletary, Troy Smith have shouting match on sideline

The neverending circus that is the 49ers’ quarterback situation has cropped up again in St. Louis.

After throwing an interception to Oshiomogho Atogwe, Troy Smith came back to the bench and got into a screaming match with head coach Mike Singletary. We don’t know what was said, obviously, but we do hope it had something to do with the fact that Atogwe is going to become Singletary’s son-in-law on May 21st. If you’re Singletary, you don’t really want that hanging over your head along with the bill for the nuptials. At one point, Ted Ginn Jr. got between the men and seemed to be trying to give the quarterback some space.

Television cameras cut away from the argument to show Alex Smith warming up, which seemed to be an indication that the impulsive Singletary was ready to make his 1,349th quarterback change of the season. Troy Smith remains in the game for now, although anyone who would be surprised by a change simply hasn’t been paying attention to the Niners this season.

The Rams drove for a field goal after Atogwe’s pick and lead the game 15-14 with nine minutes to play in the third quarter.

11 responses to “Mike Singletary, Troy Smith have shouting match on sideline

  1. If I were a 49ers fan, I would be very alarmed by the front office rationale for keeping this clown as coach for as long as they have. He is so obviously in over his head, unable to control his emotions and impulses, and completely and utterly not in control of his team it’s scary.

  2. Singletary kept saying “Settle down.” Ted Ginn walked up and wiped Smith’s face with a towel twice as he was going off. Bizarre scene.

  3. Troy Smith is playing like caca. I’m surprised he hasn’t been benched. There just doesn’t seem to be any urgency. I love the way Troy Smith comes back to the bench when the 9ers have to punt. He’s just led an uninspired series of plays, BUT he be takin’ his helmet off to show his gigantic diamond earring stud to the camera.


    Keep it rrrreeeeeeeeeeeeall, Troy.

  4. remember the pants drop scene and the setting straight of vernon davis?

    all a long time ago. if singletary hadnt shown some faith in troy, he wouldnt be in the nfl.

  5. Troy Smith was the one being the idiot.

    Singletary is the one who should get the blame, though, because his talented team is underperforming, and thus he has lost control of his players, which has resulted in his players losing control of their own emotions.

    Alex Smith and Singletary should get the boot at the end of the season. Troy Smith might want to pack his bags too, just in case.

  6. Singletary is the worst HC since Rod Marinelli. What they both have in common, they fired Mike Martz and revealed the depths of their incompetence once his offense wasn’t around to hide how bad it is. At least Singletary won’t have a 0-16 record on his record, but it’s beyond bad in San Francisco.

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