NFL ponders postponement of Philly blizzard game

We’d love to know what the Vikings did to piss off Mother Nature.

For the third straight week, the team that once prided itself on playing in the elements faces another weather-related complication.  On the road in Philadelphia with a blizzard in the forecast, the Vikings may not be playing on Sunday night, after all.

Asked whether the league has decided to postpone the game in the face of potential safety and travel hazards occasioned by a major storm expected to hit Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and other points on the East Coast, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said on his Twitter page, “Not yet.  We’re discussing situation.  Stand by.”

The “stand by” implies that an answer could come sooner rather than later.

The easier question could be whether to play the game on Sunday night.  (Then again, guys like Dave Goldberg already are balking at a postponement, pointing to the Ice Bowl and the AFC title game played in worse-than-dangerous conditions in Cincinnati.)  The tougher question would be when to play it?  ESPN owns the rights to Monday night, and at a minimum they’d want a big chunk of their weekly payment (roughly $65 million) back if NBC simultaneously is carrying a game on network television, even if the start times are staggered.

Another possibility would be to move the Saints-Falcons game to Tuesday night, but that would infringe on the slate of bowl games.  (I know this only because West Virginia will be playing someone in a Tuesday night bowl game, somewhere.)  Also, the Saints and Falcons wouldn’t be happy about having one less day in a week already shortened by the Monday night assignment.

Either way, the Vikings-Eagles game needs to be played on Sunday or on Monday.  The Eagles remain in the thick of the NFC East chase, and they have a very real shot at the No. 2 seed in the conference.

Either way, it’s going to be an interesting day.  Especially since I’m in New York, and the snow finally is starting to fall.

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  1. In other words. At this very moment E-Girls Jeffrie Lurie is wimpering & crying to the NFL that the blizzard might give the Vikes a chance at winning…..

  2. I’ve got an idea. Have Jerry Jones use his power with his fellow owners and shift to the NFC West. He’d probably make the playoffs more frequently. Relocate to LA and get a new stadium designed specifically for football.

    Then he could use that cow palace he build in Dallas for tractor pulls, rodeos and pay-per-view boxing. I’m sure Daniel Snyder would be interested. He loves running amusement parks.

    Just a thought…..

  3. If the NFL postpone a football game because of a blizzard, thsi shows Goodell is a moron! What is he going to do when Super Bowl is in New York in Feb? Postpone it until a Wednesday? NFL played playoffs games on ice, in fog an in snow!

  4. Mike, WHY would you OR the league want to inconvience Falcons fans by moving that game to Tuesday? Play the Eagles game Monday afternoon at 3, OR move the Eagles game to Tuesday, … which would make more sense. Can’t wait til the Super Bowl comes to New York, & see how the league deals with potential blizzard conditions that that game may be played in.

  5. You’ll know who that “someone” is when Russell Wilson and the Wolfpack kick WVU’s ass on Tuesday night

    in all seriousness, should be a good and tough game. looking forward to it.

  6. are u kidding me?? You’re going to delay a football game because of too much snow?? It’s true, this generation is a buncha budget profit girlymen

  7. This is awesome – and its only December. Damn – a little snow and bad weather inhibiting a football game – who would have thunk it?

    Obviously not those ID-10-ts that gave the Super Bowl to New Giants Stadium.

    WOW – if this game is delayed – if will serve as a taste of things to come – a dry run, on a much smaller scale – of the same scenario playing out at the future New Jersey Stupid Bowl.

    Why is canceling this game even a consideration over a little bad snowy “December” weather in the first place? What the….????? It’s not even February (when the New Jersey Stupid Bowl will actually be played).

    Isn’t this the way the game is “supposed to be played” – in the elements, whatever they may be?

    Play on! No matter how deep the snow gets on an elephant’s a$$ – no delays, play today no matter what.

    Is this considered delay because the fans in Philly are not as hearty as those in New Jersey – after all, whats a little snow in December? Is it some how colder in Philly with deeper snow in December than it would be in New Jersey in February?

  8. Going to the game. Disappointed that my Eagles appear to be pushing for cancelation of the game. They are afraid that the snow will change their offense to the point where the Vikings would have the advantage in the game. C’mon and Man up. If you are the better team than you will win regardless of the conditions. Game on!!

  9. Why not play the game Monday afternoon or evening? A 6:00 pm start time would give the west coast a chance to see the 2nd half and would interfere only slightly with the Saints/Falcons game. Maybe a 5:30 start?

  10. this is cutting into my tailgate time

    hurry up and tell me that the game is on so i can get to drinkin in the snow on broad street please

    sec 112 row 14

    bring it snow

  11. Saftey conditions. People are going to have to travel after the game when the storm is at its worst. Staduim workers, concession stand workers, journalists, etc. Would you want your mother driving home in those conditions after the game?

  12. It’s football. Unless there’s lightning, the game should be played. How many other games have been played in rain or snow or ice? It’s not fair to other teams who have an advantage/disadvantage of their surroundings. If guys can still point themselves in the right direction and try and get a ball over a line, the game should be played. The weather is an element of football and always has been.

  13. A guy who works with the Eagles also works with my Mom and she just called him and he told her that they are getting ready to meet the media in 20 minutes to possibily announce that the Eagles Vikings game will be moved up to 1:00 pm today.

    Also that the govenor of Pennsylvania is considering calling a state of emergency at 4:00 pm and he along with the mayor of Philadelphia is pushing the Eagles and the NFL to move the game up to 1:00 so it wont cost the state millions of dollars in lost revenue bc of a cancelation.

  14. This is football isn’t it? Play the game in the elements as it has been forever. This league office says over and over it cares about fans. Now they want to think of moving the game. Wher to sunny California and let the fans pay twice trying to change palns and pay to get to the game. What is up with this NFL league office????

  15. With 2 teams in Championship games, and Vick the QB for both – I say move it to the next available dome!!!!

    Play it Tuesday morning, for all I care.

  16. Great point about the Super Bowl in New York.

    No way in hell they would move it, and they shouldn’t move this one either.

    So what if Vick can’t do crap in the game.

  17. I can’t believe that they are even just thinking about cancelling that game…It would have so amazing, in the blizzard!

  18. heres another question, why is it that the vikings are playing yet another prime time game, ive seen this team play more games then any other team and its awful everytime

  19. The Viking god of weather was/is Freyr. Now who is he mad at? how about we blame it on Bret. Or maybe Coach Childers did some kind of voodoo conjure and all of this is payback. I’m just saying.

  20. The i-tie must have been sittin on it’s poo flinging brain again. The precedent has already been set. The game will be broadcast in home markets only if postponed. Think two weeks ago i-tie. And the rules will not be changed for the Nothing But Crap Network.

  21. Come on everyone. The reason they postpone this game is because of the fans trying to get to the game and the driving conditions. Not to mention the resources needed to maintain the field and game would be diverted away from the rest of the city/area.

  22. Andy Reids sons Garrett and Britt want everyone to know there is no better feeling then being “snow blind”….

    Speaking of Andy Reid. With all his whale- blubber. He wouldnt be cold if they played the game in the South Pole…..

  23. Switching the Vikings game to Tuesday would be a bad idea. Iowa has a bowl game that night and most people who are Vikings fans are Iowa fans and that isn’t going to set right with pretty much everyone. How do you choose which team to watch??
    As a member of AdvoCare, we sponsor the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl and that game is played Monday at 4pm and then they are running ads to watch the Saints game after that since Drew Brees is our National Spokesperson for AdvoCare. Changing that would screw up the whole deal they have been working on with advertisement of the 2 games with the commercials and all. Leave it the way it is and play in the snow. Maybe Minnesota can pull off a win then.

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