Persistent Saban-to-Dallas rumors are unfounded, for now


Four years ago, we repeatedly were hearing rumors that Nick Saban had enough of the NFL after less than two years as coach of the Dolphins, and that he wanted to get back to the college game.  Eventually, he was tied to Alabama.  Even though he repeatedly, and famously, denied the rumors, he eventually became the Alabama coach.

Now, there are persistent rumors that he could be headed back to the NFL, to coach the Cowboys.  The rumors appear to be unfounded, for several reasons.

First, Saban left the NFL because he couldn’t control an NFL team the way he can control a college team.  A master recruiter, Saban needs only to identify the best players, convince them to come to Tuscaloosa, and then turn them loose on the opposition.  At the NFL level, the talent pool is much flatter, making it harder for a control freak to get his coaching freak on.

Second, and as one source with knowledge of the dynamics observed, there’s no way that Saban and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be able to coexist.  Each man wants to do it his own way, which would set the stage for too many disagreements and friction points.

Third, and most importantly from Jones’ perspective, Saban didn’t exactly thrive as an NFL head coach, among other things picking Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees.

So if/when Saban says he’s not going to be the Dallas coach, he likely will be telling the truth.  For a change.

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  1. No way. Saban is revered in a god-like manner in Alabama. Why would he leave to come work for a man who believes he is God?

    Who is generating this crap?

  2. It sounds like something the idiot Jones would do. After all Saban was great in Miami.

    What a disaster of a franchise.

  3. Jones may hire Coughlin after the Giants fire him for Cowher. This way, both he and Tom can stick it to the Giants twice a year. Also, I believe if the Titans fire Fisher, the Jaguars will make a run at him after they fire JDR. It could end up with two coaches hired by division rivals in the same year.

  4. From where exactly are these “persistent rumors” coming from? I’ve seen this on no other site. Sometimes I think people put clearly idiotic rumors like this out there as a joke to see how many people take it seriously. Saban tried the NFL thing and he hated it. The idea that he would leave Alabama (where he’s worshiped) to work for Jerry Jones has to be someone creating an absurdly ridiculous rumor to see what morons actually believe it.

  5. At least call it how it was. Brees was coming off a injury and was damaged goods. Nobody wanted him. If he went to Miami and never recaptured the magic your story would have been like Saban didn’t set the world on fire, he picked Brees over Culpepper.

  6. Spending Christmas in Tuscaloosa, which is really a very small community in many ways. Speculate all you want, but Saban isn’t going to Dallas or anywhere else. As 8man said, he enjoys godlike status here and is very entrenched in the community.

    Unless he drops dead between now and then, Nick will be leading Bama onto the field when the college season starts next fall.


  7. He traded a second round draft pick for Daunte Culpepper when he could have signed Drew Brees as a free agent. He also drafted Ronnie Brown & Jason Allen in the first round. Enough said.

  8. Well he was revered in Baton Rouge also. . . . so you Alabama fans better sweat it out. The reason he may go back to the NFL? EGO!!!!!!!

  9. I hope that idiot Garrett doesn’t have it locked up. He was part of the problem while Wade was here. Sandbagging it to get Wade out so he could get his resume going was not cool.

    Jerry needs to change his philosophy, only the can this team go forward.

  10. Never going to happen!

    Saban coaches the players he recruits and wants at ‘Bama. Why on Earth would he want to be stuck with a collection of divas he never wanted or asked for?

  11. 8man says:
    Dec 26, 2010 6:35 PM
    No way. Saban is revered in a god-like manner in Alabama. Why would he leave to come work for a man who believes he is God?

    Who is generating this crap?

    Wait until Auburn starts owning Saban’s ass and see how quick he darts to another team!

    It’s not like it would be his first time, right?

  12. In the words of Keyshawn Johnson on ESPN, “COM’ON MAN!!!” There is no way Nick Saban can coach the Cowboys. You see, I’m originally from Bama and currently live in Texas by the way of the military. The only thing I like in Texas is my wife and kids. As far as the rest of the state…well you know what it can do. Matter of fact, I think I’m about to throw up in my mouth just thinking of Saban possibly coaching the Calfboys…I mean Cowboys. If anything, go coach for Denver. The Broncos need it more.


  13. “First, Saban left the NFL because he couldn’t control an NFL team the way he can control a college team. A master recruiter, Saban needs only to identify the best players, convince them to come to Tuscaloosa, and then turn them loose on the opposition. At the NFL level, the talent pool is much flatter”

    You just described Pete Carrol too

  14. Cant see it happening. The guy is a soulless deviant who is mediocre at best in the NFL game where you have to deal with real media, not regional lap dogs who bow down to you.
    Also, the whole coaching thing…..if he talked down to say Mike Jenkins like he probably does a 19yr old kid, there could life loss or at least irreversible damage.

    Saban can’t coach the Cowboys or any other NFL team. Keep that garbage in the South.

  15. no way saban leaves bama for any nfl team and any amount of money! he knows that he is best coaching college,like spurrier is!no way in hell he’ll ever leave college coaching!

  16. @troyaikman8 …

    Your ignorance is showing. But what else is new?

    College and pro coaching are different sides of the same coin. One is not a step up or down from the other. Nick is a brilliant recruiter and strategist. In the NCAA, he’s able to run his whole program–something he wasn’t able to do in the NFL. And yes, in the NCAA, he can help shape young men instead of having to deal with jaded, undisciplined millionaires. But only the local Alabama media would defer to Saban. The national media is just as difficult to deal with for college coaches as pro.

    As for the South keeping him … ROFL … Baby, the “South” in any traditional sense includes Texas. Welcome to the region you scorn.

  17. @bikerhal …

    It’s one thing to ditch LSU. It’s another to ditch Bama. 😎

    @borisbulldog …

    Keep digging, son, just keep digging. It may take one year or five, but the Auburn boosters have started pleading in the FBI probe and sooner or later, your chickens will come home to roost. I doubt Newton is the only player Auburn bought. But he and his cohorts will be rolling in NFL dough when your 2010 wins are stripped. And you’ll be on probation until Nick retires–if you don’t get the death penalty you cowtown blowhards deserve just for being so bloody stupid about the whole thing.

  18. I like a good rumor as much as the next guy but I can’t buy this one. Saban hated his time in the NFL and he’s got a great (and significantly less time consuming/less stressful) gig in Alabama.

    That is not going to happen.

  19. I really hope that Garrett keeps this job. He will ensure that the Cowboys will continue to be a nothing team and franchise

  20. @deb

    Heh heh heh, point taken, but you guys still don’t have a clue about the man’s ego.

    “Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait”

  21. He makes to much money at Alabama to have to be aggravated with Jerry Jones. Who would want to coach for that guy???? The old cowboy days are gone get used to it. Alabama fans and the school thinks Saben is the next Bear Bryant he’s not going anywhere. They got the money to pay him !!!

  22. Last year Saban was leaving for Notre Dame. The first of this year rumor was he was leaving for Michigan. I just read even rumors flying he is going to WVU. The thing is he could go anywhere he wanted. We have been blessed to have had him for the time we have had. Although, I was told by someone close to the team he expects another 5 years at Bama as he has not finished what he hoped to accomplish.
    Whether he leaves or not is rather mute at this point because no coach of today is going to announce that before a bowl game and the closure of present season. No matter what he or anyone says …the truth is that we may or may not know and even if we did know…do we really. It’s not designed that way.
    However, he fully understands the freedom to run his program and all of the fame that has come to him with his Alabama tenure. The guy several posts ahead made good points as well as the guy who wrote the article supporting the why he won’t leave. But if a man or a coach wants to leave or feels the need to leave then no one in their competitive right mind would keep him from it…and he should go. But at the end of the day either way it’s still Alabama football and barring the last 10 years with all the infractions imposed to bama…(as bear would say….) we ain’t been nothing but a winner

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