Ravens’ Sergio Kindle arrested for DUI

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle, a 2010 draft pick who has not played at all because of an off-field injury, has been arrested for drunk driving.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Kindle was arrested at was pulled over at 4:09 a.m.today after an officer observed his vehicle weaving. In addition to the drunk driving charge he was given tickets for speeding and failure to obey traffic control devices. He was released after posting $10,000 bond.

“I just want to apologize to the organization, because I don’t want to bring a negative light to the team,” Kindle told the Baltimore Sun. “It was my mistake. I can’t take it back now. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here.”

Kindle suffered a skull fracture when he fell down a stairwell at a friend’s home a few days before the start of training camp. He still has not been cleared to return to football and said he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to play in 2011.

41 responses to “Ravens’ Sergio Kindle arrested for DUI

  1. In a surprising revelation, Kindle now says that shortly before falling down the stairs at his friend’s house, he now recalls having been tripped by Jets Strength Coach, Sal Alosi.

  2. This is why your dumba$$ fell down the steps! Ozzie you made a mistake with this draft pick….

  3. Bonehead of the week! We have a tie, Sergio Kindle & Terrell Suggs. Way to go !

  4. After his incident during the off season, Sergio vowed never to walk after he had a few too many drinks.

  5. As a Ravens fan, a shame to see Kindle engage in these actions.. I dont feel sorry for him though.. Ozzie and co. took a gamble, and made a rare mistake. Harbaugh won’t let him see the light of day when it comes to playing time, thats if, he even returns next season.

  6. Kaz says:
    Dec 26, 2010 6:54 PM
    Can we finally call him a bust? The great Wizzard of Oz makes mistakes too. Clearly.
    Sure, he has yet to play and likely will not play until at least the 2012 season. But, you can’t be too harsh on Oz for a miss on a mid to lower second round pick especially considering Kindle was only paid a one-year deal by Baltimore.

  7. cornellsteelers says:
    Dec 26, 2010 7:16 PM
    What a steal!
    One of the three linebackers you picked up cleared the waivers and the other two don’t see the field.

  8. When are we going he hear about the sleeping disorder he has that caused him to drive drunk. What a dirtball.

  9. I can’t believe Ozzie Newsome tripped Kindle when he was walking down the stairs at his house that one night. And then last night feeding him all that egg nog at his Christmas party and telling him to drive home. Let’s just blame Ozzie for this one. Seriously though, are you people that dumb? We all know Ozzie is a genius, but he isn’t a damn psychic

  10. What he did WAS Idiotic for sure. He could have killed some Innocent person. But lets be clear on something, if you consider a guy who was maybe college footballs BEST Defensive player his final year at Texas a Bust…BEFORE he has ever even stepped on to a NFL field,,then you all my friends are even BIGGER Idiots then Sergio is!!

  11. he will never wear a Raven jersey – unless he buys one. Hope those drinks were worth it alchy

  12. This is a textbook example of how to screw up a potential NFL career. The + side is that the Ravens didn’t give him a lot of money. He likely got drunk before his fall down the steps and he got drunk and went for a drive. He has zero accountability like many of the “elite” athletes. I am quite thankful the dolphins didn’t draft him because it is looking more and more like he won’t make it

  13. It really is a shame. Kindle was just the right kind of pass rusher the Ravens needed opposite three time pro bowler T-Sizzle. As any G.M., Ozzie has big hits and big misses.. and Kindle was unfotunately of the latter category. Hopefully Terrence Cody will prove his worth in 2011.

  14. Like we need him – we just keep on keepin’ on. Hey Cleveland – we didn’t need him today did we?

  15. A fractured skull can’t be predicted. Narcolepsy, alcoholism, bad knees, and not even being a good pass rusher can.

  16. I knew he was drunk when he fell down a flight of stairs.

    maneuvered the turn and fell down another flights of stairs.

    That sleeping disorder mixed with alcohol is a killer.

  17. @sarahpalinhater
    You are an embarrassment to those of us that are educated. Like I need to explain this, but 52 was NEVER convicted. He will never wear a a uniform because he is demonstrating a pattern. Ray was involved…and I use that word loosely because who really knows…in one criminal act. Do you think murderers and lifetime criminals (like you make 52 out as) murder once and then never get in any trouble ever again? Either he did it and has accomplished one hell of a transformation,…or…he DIDN’T do it…Duh

  18. Lol so Ravens fans bash Kindle and love that Stallworth brings them speed. I mean atleast they are the only NFL team with 2 murderers!

  19. It was not a bad pick. If he didn’t fall down the steps and injure himself, he’d be playing.

    Knowing what we know now, would the Ravens have picked someone else? Of course they would. But no one has crystal balls last time I checked. It was a fluke injury.

    ‘Tis not really a bust, as he never made it on the field due to the non-football related injury. Just really bad luck. No one knows what could have been.

  20. When he gets on the field? How about IF he gets on the field. And even then, he’s not that good of a player. He’s more of a Jarrett Johnson than a Terrell Suggs.

  21. Kindle is a bust, not worthy of being on the team, as to the numbnutz who makes comments about 2 murderers on the team, Here it comes…at least we don’t have a rapist on our team. Great job in the super bowl. Wait till next year! Big Ben will be wearing his face shield.

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