The Carolina Panthers are on the clock, will Andrew Luck be there?

The Carolina Panthers are on the clock, and speculation can begin about who they’ll choose with the first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Today’s wins by the Broncos and Bengals ensure that the Panthers will have the worst record in the league this year, and the first overall pick that goes with it. Most league observers believe the Panthers covet Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with that pick.

But it’s no sure thing, just as five years ago it was no sure thing that the Texans would select USC running back Reggie Bush with the first overall pick, despite reports that the Texans had made up their mind to take Bush.

For starters, the Panthers don’t even know who their coach will be in 2011, so it’s premature to talk about what kind of quarterback would be the right fit for that coach’s offense. Luck appears to be a good fit for just about any NFL offense, but perhaps the Panthers’ coach won’t feel that way.

There’s also the question of whether Luck will even declare for the NFL draft. Peter King reported on Football Night in America that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh does not believe Luck is turning pro. Harbaugh says academics are important to Luck, and the current plan is for him to stay in school.

So while Luck looks like the Panthers’ franchise quarterback, he may still surprise most of us and return to Stanford. And even if he does enter the draft, he might no longer be the consensus No. 1 pick in late April that he is now. A lot can happen in four months.

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42 responses to “The Carolina Panthers are on the clock, will Andrew Luck be there?

  1. Academics are important? Fifty million dollars worth important? With fifty million dollars, he could dig up Einstein to teach him physics.

  2. By all accounts there will be a new rookie salary cap put into effect this coming year. Everybody wants it (I guess except the agents) and it’s one of the only things the owners and players union are in agreement on. As such, I would expect a lot more players staying in school to finish out their final year.

    Interesting note: New England owns Carolinas 2nd round pick. Than means it will be the 33rd pick in the draft. That means New England has 3 picks in top 33 and overall they have two 1st rounders, two 2nd rounders and two 3rd rounders.

    They have already turned over the roster with young talent, are the # 1 AFC seed going into the playoffs, and now they have all these high draft picks coming to them in what will likely be the first draft in a rookie salary cap era.

    WOW! I think it’s clear…..nobody manages this business better than New England.

  3. Learn a lesson from Matt Leinart and come out while the money is sitting there for the taking.

  4. He probably would like to wait and see if there will be a lockout or not, kind of pointless to declare pro and then have no 2011 season lol. And if they agree to a new CBA, it very well could include some form of rookie wage scale which would mean his salary would be significantly less than what Bradford got.

  5. Why would Carolina spend yet ANOTHER pick on a QB? They already added Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike in the 2010 draft, so why spend another high pick on that spot?

  6. Before people begin with the “but they drafted Jimmy Clausen” nonsense, they just spent a mid-round 2nd round pick on him. Here’s a list of all the QB’s drafted in the 2nd round over the past 5 years:

    Kellen Clemens
    Tarvaris Jackson
    Kevin Kolb
    John Beck
    Drew Stanton
    Brian Brohm
    Chad Henne
    Pat White
    Jimmy Clausen

    Yeah, I’d say 2nd round QB’s are pretty easily replaceable.


    And, does Carolina have fifty million dollars?

    They would be better off trading the pick down to something more within a spending range they feel comfortable with…

  8. I’d question his decision making if he returns to school. History hasn’t been kind to highly projected juniors that return for their senior season and if Luck passes up on that to take like 8 more classes then that kid might be book smart but he’s bottom of the barrel with common sense.

  9. @profootballwalk….the new CBA most likely will include a rookie scale so probably no more $50 million bonus babies. Luck is in a strong position, come out and strike while the iron’s hot or stay and see how things play out and work to become even more coveted

  10. Hypothetically speaking, if I were the new coach of the Panthers, I would entertain trading down for more picks because the Panthers need more than a quarterback. I remember when rookie quarterbacks were expected to play the way Clausen has.

  11. If Luck is drafted, they need to trade steve smith. He’s getting older and by the time Luck is a stud, he’ll be out of his prime, which isn’t far off. Secondly, get rid of Deangelo Williams as well. Free up some money and get a Receiver and a defender.

  12. Andrew Luck will be the 1st pick in the draft…..

    With Elway going to Denver as team Pres. I wouldnt be surprised if Denver gets Harbaugh and trades up & takes Luck…..

  13. Tebow upset the plans of John Elway and the Broncos ownership today. They were trying to tank for a shot at Luck (and Harbaugh).

    Pat Bowlen has problems with short term memory but he remembers “With a little luck, we will get Elway from Stanford.”. So he was on board when JoeBoy Ellis told him, “With a little Elway, we can get Luck from Stanford.”.

    I wonder if this halt construction on John Elway’s Cars, Steak, and Football, House.

  14. Luck would be a good pick for the Panthers. Carolina is horrible, but went 2-2 against the mighty NFC West – if they were in that division they may not have even had a chance to get the first pick next year.

  15. Um…no!

    Because what the hell would the point of the Panthers having Jimmy Claussen been? The panthers have a Quarterback. They need defense. D’Quar from Clemson would be a great pick..a 2.0 Julius Peppers.

    Either that or Deangelo will leave…so take Lemichael James from Oregon. Luck will become a LEAF if you ask me -_-

    And as for New England: They will pick the following (appx) for the first 2 NFL draft periods.

    #10. #32. #35(trade down….obvious)
    #46. #64. Yep 5 picks on Day 1. We’re reloading

    Thanks Oakland, Carolina and Minnesota!! 🙂

  16. jhorton83 says:
    Dec 26, 2010 8:52 PM
    Yeah, I’d say 2nd round QB’s are pretty easily replaceable.
    But some sixth round QB’s aren’t.

    Go figure…..

  17. please come to washington!best qb in the draft and has potential to be the skins qb the next ten seasons.

  18. The NFL needs to allow for a clause that allows underclassmen to declare early (like in the NBA), prior to obtaining an agent. That way, if there is a lockout, those eligible underclassmen can safely return for another collegiate season.

    Honestly, why the NFL doesn’t already have such a rule is beyond me. I’m sure there’s some rational reason why not.

  19. michaeloptv says:
    Dec 26, 2010 9:37 PM

    Because what the hell would the point of the Panthers having Jimmy Claussen been? The panthers have a Quarterback.

    He was a mid-2nd round pick of a coach and GM that are about to be fired. That doesn’t earn you any job security. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. See list of 2nd round QBs above.

  20. I think any college player whom is projected as a #1 overall pick will declare himself eligible in the NFL Draft. It is the dream of any player who has put on the shoulder pads and laced up the cleats. It is the pinnacle of a college career. Besides, once you reach the top of the mountain you can’t climb any higher but you can always fall down.

    Luck will go to the Panthers.

  21. Luck’s father Oliver was an NFL QB and is the current AD at West Virginia, I don’t the family is hurting for money. If Andrew values an education, so be it, stay at Stanford another year and maybe a better situation than Carolina will be available.

    On a side note, gotta hand it to the Patriots, three picks in the top 33 and six in the first three rounds. And you know BB will trade some of those for even more picks down the road.

  22. Look that staying in school did for Jake Locker. Last year he was projected to be higher than Bradford, but then decided to stay in school for his senior year. Now his stock has plummeted costing him millions.

    With his father also being a former pro (a mediocre one at best), you rest assured Luck will take the money while he can. Besides no one says he can’t continue his degree while he is playing in the NFL.

  23. ~$55 Million dollars guaranteed ? What in college is he going to learn more about then making money and getting paid? I mean, a job is just a job for normal people but first round college draft picks are financially set for the rest of their natural born lives.

    Who in this money driven world would be stupid enough to stay in school besides Tebow ?

  24. I don’t think the money is as huge an issue to Luck as it would be so most of us, as he comes from a wealthy family already. If he really does place that much importance on his education, and his family isn’t starving while waiting for 1st round money, he absolutely should return for his senior season.

  25. So, this is somewhat interesting:

    If the Pats go on to win the SB, they will hold picks 32 and 33. Given the new format of the draft, with the first round first night only, the Pats would own the last pick of the first night and first of the second. Having the 33rd pick is now considered an extra advantage, because teams can wait and see what happens in round 1 and then have a night to shop the pick. In the above scenario, the Pats could just refuse to pick at 32, since they hold 33 as well, and shop both overnight. In fact, knowing BB, it’s pretty clear that it’s exactly what they’d do. There would be no reason not to. You can be sure BB would turn that into 9 more picks, including a 2nd rounder in 2012.

  26. thegonz13 says:
    Dec 26, 2010 8:51 PM
    Why would Carolina spend yet ANOTHER pick on a QB? They already added Jimmy Clausen and Tony Pike in the 2010 draft, so why spend another high pick on that spot?

    That was the thinking in Jacksonville the year after Shack Harris had drafted Byron Leftwich. So instead they drafted WR Reggie Williams and passed on… Ben Rothlisburger.

  27. Why would the Broncos take Luck if they just drafted Tim Tebow last year, and Tim Tebow has proven last night that he can start, throw for 300 yards, and win in the NFL. I would rather have Tebow than Luck anyway.

  28. The Panthers should trade for Kyle Orton,Vince Young or Donovan McNabb and draft another WR to help Steve Smith.

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