Vikings’ Chris Kluwe tweets game is postponed

Although there’s been no word from the NFL about whether tonight’s Vikings-Eagles game can be played in the Philadelphia blizzard, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe indicated on Twitter that the game is going to be postponed.

“Apparently the threat of the Snowkraken was enough to force a postponement of the game,” Kluwe tweeted.

A few minutes later, Kluwe tweeted again to suggest that he suddenly has some free time on his hands today.

“In related news, is there anything interesting to do in Philly during a blizzard the day after Christmas?” Kluwe tweeted.

Last week, Kluwe went on Twitter to criticize the NFL for moving the Vikings-Bears game to the frozen field at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota. But Kluwe says he doesn’t see any reason tonight’s game couldn’t be played as scheduled.

“The field is fine, lets play football. I never mentioned anything before about weather conditions,” Kluwe wrote. “If Chicago can play in a blizzard, we can play in a blizzard. The field has heating coils and is made for winter play; let’s do this!”

But if Kluwe’s tweet is to be believed, the Eagles and the Vikings won’t be doing this tonight, and the game will be postponed until Monday or Tuesday.