Vikings-Eagles postponed to Tuesday Night Football

The Minnesota Vikings will not be playing the Philadelphia Eagles tonight. The game has been moved to Tuesday and will remain on NBC.

The Eagles announced that today’s Philadelphia blizzard will make it impossible for the game to be played as scheduled — mostly because it would be impossible for fans in Philadelphia to get to the game safely.

For the Vikings, it’s the third straight week that their game has been moved because of snow.

Get ready for two more days of discussion about the weather affecting the game — and two more days of speculation about whether the delay will give Brett Favre the opportunity to play.

66 responses to “Vikings-Eagles postponed to Tuesday Night Football

  1. So I have to wait until Tuesday night for Vick to put up 40 points and kill me in my fantasy championship? Darn.

  2. It’s been said before. God doesn’t want Favre to play any more games. I have tickets to next Sunday’s season finale. I wonder what will happen then.

  3. Sad…the wussification of the NFL continues. Fan safety is important but the reason there was not much of a push to play the game is money. It went to Tuesday to avoid paying ESPN. Nobody wants to watch Vick hand the ball off to a RB off tackle. Hard to throw in the snow (unless your name is Brady) and Vick/Jackson can’t generate speed or make cuts on ice/snow. The NFL is concerned with revenue and that is it. Nothing else really matters. Revenue trumps integrity, history, rules, and even safety.

  4. As a season ticket holder who lives an hour away from the stadium and drives an RV, this is good news! Thought they’d play tomorrow, but it is what it is…

  5. Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!Teams/city /NFL needs to man the f— up, snow games are the best games.

  6. Ok, that’s it. Goodell has to go. How do you postpone a meaningless game due to snow just weeks after announcing an outdoor Super Bowl in NYC? By the time Goodell is finished, the league will be reduced to indoor flag football. The idiocy is astounding.

  7. NFL is becoming All Star Rassslin’………..what a joke! The damn game was meant to be played in the elements. They’ve played in worst weather and this is unbelievable. Why would anyone in a cold climate want an enclosed stadium now if the NFL is going to be such wussies and change games becuz of a snowstorm etc.. Football is meant to showcase the optimum talents of any players in optimum conditions, it’s about playing in the mud, the rain, the snow, -40degrees etc. etc. It’s also sinful that teams are allowed to have players sit out just becuz their team is out of the playoffs…..the integrity of the game is no longer.

  8. GREAT!!! Now BSPN is going to turn into the 24/7 Grandpa Favre network for the next 2 days talking about if that 85 year old idiot is going to play!

  9. ITS FOOTBALL Thats why its played in the dam winter Goodell wants all the team to have a dome he needs to step down and let the game be played as it was sutup to be played HARD HITTING IN THE SNOW AND COLD not in some place thats 80 and sunny

  10. great so the Eagles get 4 days to prep for a playoff seed determining game. NFL can go to hell, game should have never been flexed in the first place.

  11. I can’t wait for the day Super Bowl Sunday becomes Super Bowl Monday. At least the poor little poopsies that are Philly fans can avoid that “epic” 10 inch snowfall.

  12. plain and simple goodell is making this game more and more of a joke the game is supposed to be played no matter what. i guess hes afraid vick cant score four touchdowns in the snow

  13. I would like the Eagles to knock the F*** out of Favree so we can stop hearing his non-sense — period!!

  14. NFL = No Fun League. They are all about the almighty dollar. The old NFL would have never postponed

  15. What a joke. Now the NFL cant play because its snowing too much? I get the whole helmet to helmet hits thing and the fines but this is getting ridiculous. The fathers of this great game are turning over in their graves right now.


  17. Calling it off this early does not make sense to me.
    Is this an admission by the NFL that if something similar happens for SB XLVIII will the league give us Super Bowl ‘Monday’?

  18. What a bunch of bull-she-it……

    There is only one reason this game was postponed. Fear that the blizzard would give the Vikes a chance. No doubt head wimp Jeffery Lurie was begging the NFL to cancel the game…..

    Game or no game. Andy Reids sons Garrett and Britt will still be “snow blind” and well fed….

  19. just another sign that we have become a country of wimps…..what happened to us?….postponing a football game because of a little snow?…..DISGRACEFUL!

  20. WOW………………………..Minnesota, Chicago, New England, Denver, Green Bay, Detroit, and Buffalo must be laughing at us right now. Most of the people who are going to the game are already down there. A game cancelled for snow is just not right.

  21. NFL is setting precedent for future games. That’s including post season games. If Patriot 07 type offense will be affected during the playoffs the NFL may reschedule the game.

  22. Man this is absolute BS!! I mean Philly is getting screwed here. Tuesday is a normal off day for ALL NFL players, so their bodies aren’t used to playing then, and are more likely to suffer injuries. Not to mention this gives them what ?…3 days to ready themselves for the Cowboys, who would LOVE to deal them a potential loss that could lose Philly the division title.

    I mean when I was a youngster back east playing Pee-Wee football,,,we played games when the weather was 50 below zero, and a wind chill of minus 80 degrees…and we were 12 years old 🙂 This is JUST about the league not wanting to try and risk national cameras going out, and money! Bottom line is that NO Weather people can say if the weather is going to be better on Tuesday,,,cause ANYTHING can change at a moments notice.

    This game means nothing to Minny,,,,but Philly is getting screwed here.

  23. So how does this affect next week’s game against Dallas? The Eagles would have to play on a short week and the Cowboys played Saturday, so they have a longer rest. This sucks, the Birds are trying to position themselves for the #2 seed and they need to win out & get help from the Bears losing. The Eagles will be at a big disadvantage unless they move next week’s game back.

  24. I will miss tonight’s tailgating and game and would love nothing more than to get out of the house for a while. That being said, I think the NFL did something very wise by placing public safety first and foremost. They also exhibited foresight by calling it early, instead of letting us get up there, just to turn us away.

    Tuesday night’s tailgate and game will be just as great, without the concern about getting home safely. Thanks NFL!

  25. TV now runs the sport, it’s official.

    This is what Empty Suit Goodell was put in this position to do – the bidding of the people who make money off the game.

  26. The Eagles now have to manage the game differently.

    Do you play Vick all 4 quarters?
    Do you rest a lot of your other starters?
    Do you risk injury, knowing that you got a game in 5 days?

    My thinking is that this isn’t fair. You should let them play in the snow. Move the game up to 2 PM. Or move the game to Monday at 4 PM.

    And Kevin Kolb will definitely be seen really soon. I would rest Vick, which will basically take him out of MVP contention.

  27. I can’t believe all the folks on here that are complaining because the game was moved. This isn’t 2-4 inches of snow on the way. This isn’t 4-6 inches or 6-8 or 8-10 inches. Philly is getting hit with 12-20 inches of snow & the bulk of it is coming during the hours leading up to and during the game. You simply cannot fill those lots and that stadium with such a hindrance. It has very little to do with the game or the teams involved.

  28. It’s snowing in Philly. In December. Goodness–no one could have foreseen that when the schedules were set!

    Just think … if Goodell had been around then, football fans would have no “Ice Bowl” to reference. They have postponed the game until everything thawed.

    I’m curious, Commish … since you’ve now decided to play a Super Bowl in the elements, are you also prepared to postpone the world’s biggest sporting event if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your scheduling?

  29. Funny how the other games are being played in the elements and yet not only does the Favrekings game not get moved to Monday, it gets moved to Tuesday so the league can bleed some last exclusive prime time ratings out of Favre. And yet another example of Goodell’s transparent dishonesty about “player safety” is on full display. Favre has already failed one concussion test this week, and yet the league will let him play so they can draw some final revenue out of him.

    Roger Goodell = worst Commissioner in the history of the NFL

  30. Obviously Philadelphia can’t get their sh*t together to get the game going. Look what we did in MN to pull off our outdoor game in a snow filled stadium. East coast < Midwest in brains,manpower and will to play. Losers…

  31. sarahpalinhater says:This game means nothing to Minny,,,,but Philly is getting screwed here.
    You are a know nothing. Maybe if the East Coast could handle weather like us Midwest people the game would be played. Hope Favre starts and kills the whiny birds…

  32. Where’s all the Global Warming? What about the melting polar ice caps and suntanning polar bears?
    What a farce.

  33. For all of your idiots who post and can not read

    The NFL had no other choice as the City of Filthy is closed the city is under a state of emergency
    For those of you who never leave your moms basement
    That means you can not be on the road

    From what I hear the same is true for Charlotte NC and many other East Coast Cities

    So tell me all of you idiots how are the players to get to the game if they are not allowed on the road?

    As yesterday was Christmas and today is sunday I am sure the roads will not be driveable until late tomorrow

  34. When will people start listening to me when I been saying this is the worse commish EVER! Players gettign arrested on Thursday and allowed to play Sunday, player making legal hits get fines, def players breakign players noses and no fines, text messages and pictures and no disciplinary actions taken and now snow on ground and he postpones game until Tuesday? Ready for Super Bowl Wednesday!

  35. Some of you guys are pure idiots. It’s not about the players. It’s about the fans and keeping them off the road in what is expected to be blizzard like conditions. So for anyone thinking it’s about the players not wanting to play in snow, you are an idiot in the purest form. The entire Delaware Valley is on emergency alert and people are instructed not to drive out this evening. So this is about the people and not the players. Get a brain.

  36. The NFL insists on killing the goose who lays the golden egg by making it all about the money!! Can’t play in weather below 60degrees and sunny, players can’t play if they have a hangnail, can’t tackle the QB, can’t defend WR’s until after they catch the ball, defense can’t tackle anyone period or it is a penalty…………….whatever happened to REAL FOOTBALL.???????????????
    No more taxpayer funded stadiums until the NFL brings back real football and quits kissin’ the azz of the networks……..Goodell has got to go as he is ruining the game in so many different ways. The NFL may be the most popular sport and think they are invincible to the fans demands, but seems to me that baseball once was “America’s sport” too.

  37. pervyharvin,

    It snowed before the game and wasn’t snowing heavily during the game. I’m pretty sure if it would have snowed already and not expecting much more the game would be on. Are you really that dumb?

  38. Come on you Iggles, look on the bright side. Now if/when you lose; your foundation for making excuses has been laid.

  39. maybe dog killers and special team midgets can’t run well in the snow?? You were afraid…Eagles begged the NFL to cancel

  40. Where’s all the Global Warming? What about the melting polar ice caps and suntanning polar bears?
    What a farce.


    Don’t show your ignorance. Instead, go do some research. Glaciers ARE melting at a pace not seen before in Earth’s history.

  41. stixzidinia says: Dec 26, 2010 2:33 PM

    Don’t show your ignorance. Instead, go do some research. Glaciers ARE melting at a pace not seen before in Earth’s history.
    It’s YOU that’s ignorant, stixzidinia.

    “Global warming” is just the latest hoax designed to fleece the sheep.

    Bend over and take it, baa, baa.

  42. notthatcj says:
    Dec 26, 2010 12:33 PM
    It’s been said before. God doesn’t want Favre to play any more games. I have tickets to next Sunday’s season finale. I wonder what will happen then.


    Huh? If anything, it seems that God is doing everything in his power to make sure Favre plays as many games as possible. First the Metrodome collapse gave him more time to heal from his shoulder. Now, the blizzard gives him more time to heal from his concussion.

  43. Ohhh it’s snowing and cold. They just keep pushing football into a sissy game. Anyone remember the game the Raiders and Browns played for the shot at the superbowl. Frozen ground and all. Those guys got out there and pounded it out. The better team won that day.

  44. What would these teams do if they had to play outside every week
    no matter snow, cold, or below zero temps?
    This is the NFL where they played the Ice Bowl.
    Its not that tiny bit of snow that postponed the game, it’s the fact
    that no one wants to pay for a little snow removal.
    Come on guys, get out there and earn all that money they are
    paying you.

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