Week 16 early game quick slants

While recognizing that Jed York is not Joe Namath, here are my quick slants from the early Week 16 action from around the league.

1. The Jets’ loss to the Bears has to be sobering for Rex Ryan.  Cornerback Antonio Cromartie was abused and the team didn’t get any pass rush on the Bears of all teams.  Even when the Jets blitz, they don’t get there.  With an inconsistent running game, what is this team’s identity?

2. Chicago, meanwhile, is one win away from clinching a playoff bye.  It’s impressive they can win a shootout despite a poor effort from their defense.  (Although the Bears D stopped the Jets the last quarter and a half.)

Despite Jay Cutler’s pick six, Chicago’s offense is peaking at the right time.   They would absolutely love to end the Packers’ season next week in Green Bay.  (Assuming the Giants don’t end it this week.)

3. I already wrote why Sunday’s loss was a fitting capper to the Mike Singletary era.  (Whether he coaches another game or not, he’s done.)  The 49ers were disorganized, and changing quarterbacks midway through the fourth quarter of a close game just shows how indecisive Singletary was.

4. The Rams were sloppy too on Sunday, but we have to give credit to defensive end Chris Long for a huge strip sack of Alex Smith in the fourth quarter.  No defensive player has meant more to their team than Long.  He’s a legitimate Defensive MVP candidate.

5. Next Sunday’s Rams-Seahawks game will decide the NFC West winner, regardless of what Seattle does against the Bucs.  St. Louis’ offense — especially the line — is having major problems.  Sam Bradford looked better when running the hurry up against San Francisco.   Look for more of that next week.

6. Don’t underrate the importance of Baltimore’s win in Cleveland.  It gets them in the playoffs, but more importantly keeps them alive for a playoff bye and AFC North title.  The Browns made too many mistakes, but they out-gained Baltimore Sunday.  They remain dangerous.

An “A” game from Cleveland could give Pittsburgh problems next week and possibly hand Baltimore a division crown.   (The Ravens host the Bengals.)

7. The Jaguars are not out of the playoff race after their loss, even if the Colts win in Oakland.  The Jaguars could still get in if they win next week against the Texans and the Colts lose to the Titans.

8. With that said, the Jaguars don’t deserve to go to the playoffs.  They have made late season collapses a trend and they’ve played poorly in back-to-back weeks.  There is no excuse for losing to a banged-up team like the Redskins at home.  David Garrard’s overtime interception was the worst decision by a quarterback all day.

9. This is Groundhog day for the Jaguars.  At 8-7, they are barely better than average.  Is Garrard and Jack Del Rio the duo to take them over the top?  I would think both guys are safe next year, but owner Wayne Weaver has tough decisions to make.

10. Rex Grossman averaged under five yards-per-attempt, so let’s hold off with the “Rex proved the Shanahans right!” stuff.

11. Chad Henne is making life easier on Miami’s decisions makers.  They have to get another quarterback in there to try to take his job.  Up 3 late in the game, Henne tried to throw an interception.  The Lions dropped it.  So Henne just threw an interception on the next play.  He lost a fumble the next possession to complete the Dolphins implosion.

12. This loss against the Lions is the type that could cause Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to take a hard look at the entire football operations staff, down to the head coach.

13. Conventional wisdom is that playing at Kansas City would be the easiest road game for a possible AFC Wild Card team.  (As opposed to San Diego or Indianapolis. ) We’re not so sure.  Kansas City’s 34-14 win over Tennessee was yet another reminder the Chiefs are a different team at Arrowhead Stadium.  They are 7-0 at home now and will be the division champ with a win over the Raiders next week.

12 responses to “Week 16 early game quick slants

  1. I thought for sure that KC would have folded by now. And I said as much, predicting the Chargers to take this division. The Chiefs play very well at home. Even if the Chargers come back against the Bengals, the Chiefs are only another home win away from a third seed and a home playoff game.

    Right now, they’d play the Jets. You have to like their chances to move onto the divisional round.

  2. The most important part of the Ravens win is that the Stoolers can’t rest their starters next week like they would have done if the Ravens had lost.
    Colt McCoy can give the Stoolers trouble if he throws the ball to his own guys.

  3. Chris long for dpoy? You must be giving it to anyone has a great
    week. Also the steelers are WAY better than the ravens, no compariason there. Besides that good article rosenthal.

  4. This whole “conventional wisdom” about the Chargers being better than KC is getting to be a joke. But Vegas will probably have them a pick ’em against the Jets.

  5. check out pft all bent out of shape that the redskins won today. probably had a whole series of “how the redskins are a disaster” articles just ready to go.

  6. All I know is the NFL should have allowed the Eagles to play tonight. It is barely a Snow Storm and no where near a blizzard. If the NFL doesnt want teams playing in snow then make them all build domes.

    This could really hurt the Eagles chances of securing a 1st round bye in the playoffs. The Eagles will now be forced to prepare for the Cowboys on an extremely short week which will hinder there performance. The Cowboys are still a formitable team and could beat anyone they face right now. Especially a team that isnt fully prepared.

  7. 13. Conventional wisdom is that playing at Kansas City would be the easiest road game for a possible AFC Wild Card team.

    Ask the seven teams that have lost there so far this season how easy it is.

    FYI the Chiefs have already won the AFC West regardless of what happens next week against Oakland.

  8. Rosenthal you really hate the Redskins don’t you. Did Danny Boy Snyder fire you from one of his media companies ?

  9. I’m not sure that a four point road loss to one of the hottest teams in the NFL qualifies a team as lost (ask the Steelers what they think of the Jets), but since you have picked against the Bears nearly all season, it’s understandable you can’t figure out that they are actually good.

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