49ers-Rams one-liners

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun predicts that 49ers QB Troy Smith’s heated argument with Mike Singletary during Sunday’s 25-17 loss will “probably” end Smith’s NFL career.

The 49ers will enter the 2011 offseason with myriad needs.

The Rams have done a better job of utilizing WR Danny Amendola than the 49ers have WR Michael Crabtree this season.

Crabtree did enjoy the most productive game of his career in Sunday’s defeat.

The Rams went heavy on four-receiver sets against the 49ers, and QB Sam Bradford said he “loved it.”

Bradford broke out of a three-game slump for 292 yards, a touchdown, and no interceptions in Sunday’s win over San Francisco.

Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes that the Rams need to stay aggressive in Week Seventeen against the Seahawks.

The Rams are one win away from climbing back to respectability.

9 responses to “49ers-Rams one-liners

  1. It’ll end Troy Smith’s career? I doubt it. I’m sure a 49ers fan will correct me if I’m way off base, but it sounds like Singletary is the one inducing his players to get into shouting matches and/or generaly getting pissed off. I have to believe someone else will give Troy Smith a chance, especially with so many teams trying to find upgrades at QB.

  2. How does anyone figure that an heated sideline argument between a coach and a player would result in the end of a player’s career? Especially when the coach in question is the volatile Mike Singletary, who, by the way, is no longer in the league. Don’t these sideline arguments happen all the time, mostly with underperforming, under-.500 franchises?

    It isn’t as if Troy Smith threw a punch or did anything besides gesticulate and yell. Singletary always seemed like he enjoyed arguing anyway; he did it all the time. If we were all to measure by Preston’s measuring stick, guys like Steve Smith (Carolina’s), Andre Johnson, Cortland Finnegan, etc etc etc wouldn’t be in the league anymore either. Especially Steve Smith, who likes to bust his teammates’ faces so much he did it twice – that we know about.

    So to say that an argument between a young quarterback and a belligerent coach is going to result in the end of the quarterback’s career is about as insightful as anything that comes out of Jenn Sterger’s mouth. All puns intended.

  3. Man, just read the “story” from the Baltimore Sun.

    Sounds like the writer has a serious issue with Troy Smith. Thats the only thing that’s remotely clear about the “story.” Total waste of space.

  4. I doubt that the sideline argument will end Troy Smith’s career – another example of a sportswriter trying to create controversy over a non-event, like the Derek Anderson incident on the AZ sideline. However, Troy’s on field performance has been sub-par, and being hot-headed won’t help him get a gig with another team next year.

  5. the known text indicates singletary was telling troy to settle down. repeatedly.

    and troy wouldnt.

    the coach has the right to bench players. get used to it. troy. donovan…

  6. Well at least I’m happy that some of the rest of the league gets to see what a total jackass reporter we have to deal with here in Baltimore by the name of Mike Preston. He’s a failed player, wannabe who has a bone to pick with everyone who’s better than him – meaning anyone who ever suited up in the NFL! The better the player, the more Preston wants to criticize…which is why Ed Reed & Ray Lewis are frequent targets of his misguided and uneducated wrath…need I say more!

    I wouldn’t give a word of credence to a word he says. He will literally make stuff up – like suggesting last year that Reed was faking injuries because he’s supposedly lazy – and if you call him on it he just chuckles and says something along the lines of “well I got you talking, so I did my job.” That’s his standard of professional journalism! Whenever I think of Mike Preston my favorite Jason Whitlock characterization ALWAYS comes to mind: he’s an assclown!

  7. Preston is a hack, but Troy Smith is a jackass. The guy won the Heisman and was a low 5th round pick. He has done nothing in the NFL, but walks around as if he were the NFL OPY. He was a jerk in Bmore and was a clubhouse cancer. If he can’t get along with Harbaugh and now Singletary it says something.

    He is a marginal Qb in the NFL. At best he is a good backup. His best asset is the ability to move in the pocket and throw on the run. If you keep him in the pocket he is mediocre at best. He has a strong arm but is wildly inaccurate.

    There were a number of Bmore fans who really wanted this clown to start over Joe Flacco. Shows you how much they know about football. When the Ravens tendered him with a 5th round pick and NOT ONE NFL GM was willing to cough it up, it tells you all you need to know.

    Hope he saved what ever money he made in the NFL because all he is qualified to do is flip burgers at Wendy’s.

  8. @cornerdenizen0 preston used to LOVE troy smith. he was saying he should be starting for the ravens last year. but now preston admits that troy smith cant play in the nfl and has a serious personality problem.

    troy smith thinks he is a top 10 qb in the nfl…

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